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Oprah to Fans: I Don't Wear a Weave!

4/25/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah is setting the record straight on her locks -- she's weave free. Apparently this is a hot topic for O worshipers, so she addressed it on her show yesterday by releasing a picture of her natural hair -- before it's straightened.

Oprah: Click to watch!

The picture may explain her non-weave, but where the hell did her eyelashes go?


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This whole topic is unbelievable - Who Cares?? There is disease, starvation, abuse, financial disaster,etc., all around the world. If she wishes to have weaves or wigs or shave her head - she is the same person. It shouldn't affect anyone's opinion of her one way or the other. If you like or respect her it should have nothing to do with how she looks. LET'S GET REAL.

1977 days ago


I don't think she wears a wig. I never have. But like someone else, I do believe she accentuates her own her with very well picked pieces to add fullness or change up the style every once in a while. However, if you don't know how black hair works, you wouldn't necessarily notice it.

Hey, I'm African-American, and it took me months (back in the 80s) to figure out that Whitney Houston wore wigs. Sometimes a good hairpiece can be really hard to spot.

So essentially, Oprah didn't lie: she doesn't wear a wig. Wigs cover your whole head. She wears partials. Good try though O ;)

1977 days ago


Oprah does help white people. 99% of her audience is white and she's always giving them stuff. If I showed up at the studio, I probably wouldn't even get through the door. Reminds me that some years back I e-mailed Oprah and she never bothered to respond...or even have her lackeys do so. No big deal. I haven't watched Oprah since the 80s, her man-voice and ass kissing gets on my nerves.

1977 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Wow, I didn't know Oprah's hair was so important! lol

1977 days ago


She "looks like she's in her 30s." Bull sh*t! Oprah looks like my Grandmother without her makeup, and I'm in my 40s.

1977 days ago

Just Noticing    

I believe it's her hair. Why would she go out of her way to say it is if not? Most celebs wear weaves, so it wouldn't have been a big deal if she did too. But I always noticed her healthy, thick hair.

1977 days ago


Please don't insult Edward Cullen aka Rob Pattinson by saying that. Thems fighting words. HE'S MINE!!!

1977 days ago



1977 days ago

You Wait And See    

It took about a good six years for Oprah's hair to grow out that long. I remember seeing her get dressed for one of her shows and she was showing her hair before the whole make-up and wardrobe and her hair stylist was taking down cornrows on her head and her hair was very very short. Oprah did wear wigs to cover her hair for six years to wait for her hair to grow out. Yes, she wore wigs and weaves. Only about a year ago did we witness Oprah with cornrows in her head again on her and Gayle's road trip. It appeared to have grown a bit longer, but it was only at the base of her neck. Yes another year later and she has a good 6 to 7 inches now so this would be her hair. Yes, she had it pressed out. Sheesh, she makes it seem as if she'd never worn a wig or weave in her life or that her hair was never short by only addressing a person when they erroneously calls out this time (as I'm sure they claimed she wore wigs and weaves in the past and she never adressed them) that she has a nice weave on.

1977 days ago


All I have to say is wow! I'm in the hair extension business and I never would have thought those perfect locks are real! What a shocking surprise, but good for you girlfriend! LOL

1977 days ago

really now    

Oprah's hair looks so much better when its all curly. I think straight and long looks terriable on her . ; ( Why hasn't she ever married Stedman ? Does anyone know ?

1976 days ago


Personally I think she's beautiful without makeup. I wear little to no makeup myself since I feel it just masks natural beauty. As you get older it seems to be a necessary evil though >_

1976 days ago


Don't you know about dr. miricle? i had very short hair, falling out, and bald spots about 5 years ago, then i stopped putting heat in my hair and used dr. miricle..shampoo, nape cream and leave in conditioners and kept the heat out of my hair for almost 5 years and my hair grew...i mean grew about 5 or 6 inches and it's still growing, weaves and wigs pull out your hair..look at fergie's part down the middle before she gets her extensions...she is bald headed without those no, i believe that is oprah's hair...her hair was too damn big in the 80s for it to be a wig...that hair is coming out of her shut up haters...take it from someone who used to be damn near bald from weaves and extensions, glue and all that crap.

1976 days ago


Uh...yes, Oprah. We are all REALLY concerned whether your hair is fake. Let me tell you something: WHO CARES?!!?? We are pretty much SICK OF YOU by now. Pluh-eeeeze!!!

1976 days ago


Why so critical? She looks completely normal to me. She's a great personality. And by the way: I LOVE her hair like that!

1976 days ago
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