Kate Walsh Dogged By Soon-to-be Ex

4/27/2009 6:00 AM PDT

Kate Walsh Dogged By Soon-to-be Ex

They were only a married couple for 14 months, but the nasty divorce between Kate Walsh and Alex Young has just gotten uglier.

We've obtained legal papers filed last Friday by Young, who claims the accounting firm he and Walsh used has turned on him by refusing to ante up a full accounting of joint assets. But wait till you hear what they are arguing over.

London & Co., the accounting firm, filed legal papers earlier this month, essentially asking a judge to tell Young to get lost. The firm wants a protective order against Young, claiming it has given him all the financial info he needs but he keeps making more demands. Now Young's lawyer is fighting the protective order, claiming London & Co. is acting like a P.R. firm for Walsh and that the protective order reads like a "press release to benefit one client, Ms. Walsh."

Young says a month before they got married back in 2007, they bought a multi-million dollar house together and furnished it with expensive stuff, and London & Co. refuses to give him an accounting. But we know what went down -- fact is, Kate made the lion's share of the down payment and the house has gone down in value since they bought it -- so there are no profits to split. Plus, he walked out on Kate, leaving her with a huge mortgage and all the monthly expenses.

So why is Young making such a big stink over assets that are pretty clean? It's a little perplexing. It's not like he needs the dough. We know he makes more than a million bucks a year as a bigwig at FOX. She makes around $3 mil a year on "Private Practice" and other projects.

So let's review. He leaves her, sticks her with the mortgage, he makes a bundle, but he's dragging out the divorce like a remake of "War of the Roses." So, we ask, what's the deal?"