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Miss Cali -- The A-Rod of Pageantry?

4/30/2009 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez isn't the only star making news for a performance enhanced chest -- Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean thought a new rack would help her win the crown!

Shanna Moakler: Click to watch
Miss California Exec. Director Shanna Moakler admits the organization paid for Prejean's boob job -- but while unnatural growth may get you punished in baseball, a fake chest is no reason to lose a pageant.

Homophobia however ...


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LOL...I so love this bad@ss byotch!!! expose the skank RULE!!!

2004 days ago


#25, LOL..truth hurts b!tch! Lost control there didnt ya, you hateful b!tch. And she is not preaching about God. When dumb people like yourself ask dumb questions, she responds. You dont want a response then shut the F*ck up b!tch.

Dont worry I wont stoop down to your level and cuss your parents. Self-proclaimed champions of diversity and tolerance like yourself are the most intolerant and hateful. F*ckin hypocrite. You call someone a skank for voicing her opinion? Are you even american?

2004 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Posted at 1:23PM on Apr 30th 2009 by F*ck this SKANK!!


Perez? Is that you? It must be time to take your meds, you're getting all worked up and not making sense again.

2004 days ago


#30 B!TCH PLEASE!!! LMAO what truth exactly? go suck a d!ck b!tch...but first take it outta your mom's mouth. :-)

the b!tch lost and I couldn't be happier, LOL and I call her a skank because she IS one and has no right to judge other people for how they live, this b!tch needs to shut the f*ck up when her opinion gets in the way of other people's RIGHTS,..she can shove her opinion up her overused C*nt hole.

2004 days ago


I find this whole fiasco of the Miss California a total FARCE it has turned ugly trying to make her look bad...Big deal she had a breast job why was this even brought up and who let this information leak people who are trying to make her look bad? Shame on you! Just because she expressed her beliefs by a unreasonable and unfair question even asked! Seems really unfair. I personally live in CA and I am very PROUD of our Miss California. When proposition 8 was on the ballot and lost that tells you A LOT of Californians agree with her just not so publicly. I personally feel we are all equal in every way and it really doesn't bother me if gays or lesbians marry but to make a point of using the Miss America pagaent as a soap box pisses me off especially having Perez Hilton as there spokeperson not gonna help change minds! Just because she doesn't agree with you makes her a b*tch Perez it makes her have her rights just like you say you are fighting for the gays & lesbians so you are just a big baby and a Heterophobic!!!!

2004 days ago


Team Two Sticks

nope not Perez...but I love him :-) specially after he cost this skank her precious crown, LMAO!!!

2004 days ago


F*ck this skank ~ Bless your heart! Did mommie love you to much? Stop spewing names at someone you do NOT know because they voiced their opinion! You are doing exactly what you are accusing her of doing................being a bigot!

2004 days ago


C'mon TMZ, homophobic because she doesn't believe in gay "marriage"? She said nothing about hating gay people. It's possible to be opposed to something but not hold it's supporters in disdain, unlike the far-left fascists. Funny how liberals are so into diversity as long as it's liberal ideology...anything DIVERGENT is hate speech...just like in 1984, Cuba, Venezuela, and every other socialist country.


2004 days ago


I am woman, hear me roar!

actually I am a woman too...and my mommy and daddy both loved me just enough...they're still married in a loving relationship, and so am a man...have been for 7 years. and I too was just expressing MY OPINION about what I think of this skank...but apparently I can't do that unless I'm bashing gays or expressing an opinion that they should not have the same rights as I do. I will call her any name I want...just like she can open her trashy mouth and judge an entire sector of society. thank you!

2004 days ago


Get a life, Shanna.
This girl was treated poorly by Perez -- she's allowed to have an opinion about gay marriage.

You may as well call the Miss California Pageant a training ground for neo-Natzis.

Don't ram your lifestyle choices down our throats, Shanna. Enough is enough.

2004 days ago


Shanna Moakler is a bitch

2004 days ago


The "liberal" president believes the same thing Carrie Prejean does! Why isn't Hilton bashing him? Oh, I forgot, he is te saviour. Right!

2004 days ago


First of all, Miss Calf has a right to her opinion. We all do, but we also have the face the fact that we can't just say our personal opinions in a public forum and then get upset when other people express theirs. Miss Calf had the right to say she doesn't support gay marriage, and in turn the gay community had the right to say she's a stupid bit**. Both are personal opinions.
Second, why is this an issue when we're debating what came out of the mouth of a beauty pageant contestant. Anyone with common sense knows that Miss Calf was going to do everything she could to win the contest at any cost ... she did have a boob job before the pageant, which I don't think qualifies as God's design or meets the qualifications as being "natural law".... she only said what she thought would be the answer to give her the highest score. Granted she was answering a gay judge's question, which doesn't make her brave or "Christian", it just means she thought the best answer was a conservative, middle America answer.
Third, all the rednecks are crying "freedom of speech" and the gay community is unfairly attacking her. Well, no one has said she should have been censured or denied her freedom to express her opinions. But the fact is, in America you can freely express your opininos, but in doing so you need to let the offended express theirs as well.

2004 days ago

She is hot    

F*ck this SKANK

Thank you for being the perfect representation of a liberal, tolerant, "non-racist", bigot Obama voter. I feel thankful that your hatefilled a** is not my wife! Poor man must have broken a window and had 7 years bad luck married to your hateful self.

2004 days ago


You f*cktard # 46 skank, Carrie said what she had to because she was ASKED a question by your savior (Perez). DO you get that b!tch?

And did anybody ever stop you from expressing your worthless opinion on TMZ? You were the one who started posting here and spewing your BS about Carrie and since this is a public forum, we responded in kind to your worthless ass.

And you are a woman? Shame on you, you disgusting liar.

2004 days ago
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