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Investigated by Police

Social Services

4/30/2009 10:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0430_octomom_bn_tmz_01-1Child and Family Services and two La Habra police detectives questioned OctoMom Nadya Sulemen yesterday, after a teacher reported her 4-year-old autistic son showed up to school with a black eye and bite marks.

OctoMom's attorney told the AP her 2-year-old twins may have caused the bite marks, and tried to explain the bruising by saying "Poor Aiden, he falls a lot. He jumps at noises and things and bump furniture and walls."

No word if officials will take action. Good luck, Octo.


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La Toya Jackson    

I can't wait to see what happens next .. Stay tuned to OCTO mom.. *next stop jail

2002 days ago


ilove95037 i just have to comment on what you said CPS is there to protect the kids that are abused just because the child had a black eye doesnt mean the mom did it so you are saying that CPS should take everyone's kids away just because they have black eyes? Kids are prone to accidents not on the parents doing. get a life and worry abou the ones that are getting beat to death then those who have one black eye yes she has a lot of kids but come on that senator who has 18 now that is crazy and because god said so omg that is all i got to say pick on her tell her to stop having babies everyone talks about the octo mom cause she is single pick on the one that has 18 and counting that is sick

2002 days ago

mellon bruse N    

where was they when I was a kid?..thier a bad joke.your on your own PHONE someone who cares.Kid`s dieing round the world getto learns to kill or be killed SOS SOP.wakeup this country is getto coast to coast and getting more getto everyday.Teach the kid to hid or fight or move on whatever works there is no right or wrong just those that live and those that don`t.

2002 days ago


OMG - someone please take all these poor children away from this crazy women!

2002 days ago


karma! it going to catch up with her eventually!

2002 days ago

You guys are idiots!    

She will fight tooth and nail to keep every one of these children. They are her paycheque don't forget. However, by the time they are old enough to realize what money is and what can be done with it, she will have spent it all and be back on welfare. Parasite.

2002 days ago

Paris Hilton is a real life Veruca Salt    

Yeah, but he's autistic. Autistic children have a tendency to hit themselves during meltdowns, and it's really almost impossible to calm them down until the meltdown has run its course. I don't like that horrible woman, but give her a break.

2002 days ago

~*☆* ღ Emma ღ*☆* ~    

she makes herself a target by putting herself out there. things like that do happen so the whole fact that she is being investigated is dumb really. kids will be kids

2002 days ago


Mom the point is that if she was any kind of mother she wouldn't have popped out ten more kids after her autistic son. Even if she didn't realize he was autistic prior to the two year old twins being born she still dropped a litter of eight. Someone who has a degree in child development knows full well how much extra attention and support an autistic child requires. Poor Aiden is right, poor kid has a mother who doesn't give a rat's azz about him and was too busy getting manicures, IVF and goodness knows what else instead of spending his disability check on his special needs.

2002 days ago

Paris Hilton is a real life Veruca Salt    

Responsible Mom,

I totally agree, the only thing is that I don't think that she necessarily abused him if he has bruises or a black eye. But I agree that she should have stopped having kids, and spent more time taking care of the ones she already had.

2002 days ago


Do they investigate every bruise and bite mark on kids? Come on, this is stupid.All kids have bruises.So what.

2002 days ago


To Sunflower: People are angry at octomom, not nescarrily that she has 14 children, but that she can not support the ones she had. She was on assistnace and then decided to have 7 more, that is being irresponsible. I could careless if she had 20 children if she could support them and be able to supervise them, but as we have seen in the past she has lost a child and social services has invegated her. The senator probably has never had social services on his door, he can probably support his children and on top of that there is at least 2 of them looking after the children. So if the 2 year olds are biting and a child is showing up with a black eye then, children are not being supervised, if this had happend in a daycare center people would be screaming because of the lack of supervision.

2002 days ago


Seems to me that she is unable or unwilling to take proper care of her children. Being autistic is not a reason or excuse for being abused. If he was bitten and has a black eye then that is abuse, no question about it. I have a 4 yr old autistic grandson and I spend a great deal of time with him. I gurantee if I found bite marks and a black eye on him I would get to the bottom of it. Yes he has melt downs but we all try to minimize any possibility of injury and work with him. I think it is time for the state to step in and demand that this woman properly supervise and care for her children or take them away. Let's not wait for for something more serious to happen and somebody get seriously hurt or worse. She needs help herself and I don't think she has what it takes to properly care for these children. Too self involved to care about anyone else!!!!!

2002 days ago

Cherry Queen    

sunflower you have NO idea what your talking about. You can't really say that 18 kids and counting is anything like Octo Nut.
1) They pay for there children with their own money not tax payers.

2) They have say that God with give them all the kids that he thinks they need. They don't go and have a doctor putting these babies inside of her!

3) They don't ask for hand outs so they can waste everyones money so they can go out and get there nails done, tattoo's and whatever else that gets her out of the house from taking care of the mess she calls a family.

There is a LOT more that I could say that is different between the 2 families but I dont have the time or the space on here!

I think that someone should step in and take over. Im not a big fan of kids being in foster care but HOW ELSE is this problem going to stop. These kids are going to be in and out of jail when they get older because there is NO way that these kids can learn right from wrong when the "mother" doesn't even know!

2002 days ago


2002 days ago
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