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Sam Lutfi Won't Go Down Without a Fight

4/30/2009 1:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've just learned Sam Lutfi has officially filed an appeal against the permanent restraining order that was just granted ordering him to stay clear of Britney Spears.

Britney Spears and Sam Lutfi: Click to view docs

Lutfi lawyer, Bryan Freedman, told us "Never before in the history of the world has a restraining order been granted as a result of someone answering someone else's cries for help."

Freedman added, "The evidence showed it was Britney Spears reaching out to Mr. Lutfi and all he did was help her get a lawyer."

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I personally am beginning to think that Brit's dad is using her as his own personel cash cow. How long does he get to tell her what she can and can't do? And he gets PAID a ridiculous amount for being in charge of her conservatorship? She's an adult last I checked. No?

Do you remember how crazy she was acting when she was under Lutfi's hold? Not to mention she was hospitalized TWICE. The freak was drugging her, disabling her cars, emotionally abusing her and doing other terrible things. Her mom even wrote and swore in a statement the extent of things he had done when she was around. God knows what him and that creep Adnan done to her when she was sleeping. If her dad didn't intervene, she'd probably be dead. Under her dad's guardianship, she has released a successful album, has the best selling tour of the year, looks great, doesn't look crazy anymore, has her kids almost always, is rarely photographed and is acting normal. Sure, she might be an adult but if she has a problem, there's no reason for her PARENTS to intervene. She was so messed up she couldn't have helped her. I don't know about you but I don't hear about Jamie Spears out shopping all the time, pissing money away. That sounds more like Sam to me.

Ugh, you're probably Sam's manly sister. You make me sick, get a life.

1948 days ago


*NOT intervene

1948 days ago


Dude. Leave her alone already.

1948 days ago


I love that all of you know what Sam did or did not do. I am not disagreeing that something seems sleazy but Britney did contact him through someone else to "get help". It does seem crazy that he has three years but a man could beat his wife and only get weeks or months. If you're rich........

1948 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Talk all the crap you wanna talk, but this is the type of douche she wishes to associate with. I say let the two swine roll around in the mud together!

1948 days ago

I hate k fed    

I simply cannot believe... not a soul has come forward to help this woman. She had a breakdown over a divorce and child custody suit. Would any of you break down over a pot smoking unemployed loser asking for custody of your infant sons after you already divorced him and paid him MILLIONS for an agreed custody arrangement? Do any of you, know someone who acted strangely, EVEN CRAZY, during a similar situation? Oh yes. I see. Why is Britney Spears being treated this way? Till 2012? Are you kidding me? She has harmed, NO ONE. Owen Wilson SLIT his WRISTS, and he is FREE. (now THAT, was CRAZY) Oh yeah, he's a guy. Robert Downey Jr, drug addict repeat criminal, he's FREE! Etc...MEN!
Why is Britney Spears denied basic human rights, her civil rights AS AN AMERICAN? She has no civil rights? Why? She got a divorce? oh good DARE our pop princess get divorced! Did she piss off a judge that BADLY? Whats a JUDGE? A dude that went to lawschool. OH! Thanks that someone can tell us all, what we may and may not do, in every moment of our lives henceforth, now that we request a legal divorce! SHE HAD A PRENUP!
Britney is, A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF OUR SOCIETY making millions of dollars that she CANNOT spend, but CAN spend, HER, EARNED MONEY to leeches, (Daddy, Mommy, KEVIN and his lifestyle, Lawyers, ETC.) VIA a COURT decision. She's CONVICTED OF NO CRIME, but lives, worse than ANY CRIMINAL on Parole? Oh yeah, don't answer. Not allowed to have a PHONE? Is this REAL? Is this AMERICA? She should go live in the the middle east for all the freedom she enjoys here, WHERE SHE PAYS UBER TAXES!!!! On the income, SHE EARNS!
Harvey, you say DAILY, " I'M A LAWYER"? Prove it. This Britney Spears situation is OUTRAGEOUS to ANY human being with even one OUNCE of Compassion. She is a slave for you alright. Makes me SICK. Maybe Greta will help her. I hate, all of you, who hate Britney Spears. Godless freaks to not see FACTS.

1948 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

The difference is she's selfish and stupid! All of this bad crap happens to her because she thought the rules never applied to her! Look what it got that mush brained dolt. A nice gilded cage and about as much freedom as a 12 year-old on heavy restriction!

1948 days ago

i love the 80    

gosh dude , will you just let it go an get a dang job already!! leave her alone cant you see shes doing better. get a grip. why dont the just have this roach dealt with!

1948 days ago


I don't know, but I think something is REALLY wrong here. At her concerts she yells out weird things like Merry Christmas and hello to the wrong city. She has a vacant look about her too. She is probably really mentally ill and dad likes making money and keeping her busy. Everyone knows that all the circus acts around her are the ones really working. If I could bet a huge amount of money, I would bet that she will be under dad's control her whole life.

1948 days ago

Me in DC    

Sam Lufti is wasting the courts time and the taxpayers money. He has no chance of winning anything concerning Britney Spears! He just needs to give up and go back to where he came from (under a large rock!).

1947 days ago


Why would you want to be by this freak of a woman anyway. I don't care how much money the ugly skank has.

1947 days ago
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