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Cindy Crawford's Hubby Sued for Harassment

5/1/2009 6:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rande GerberRande Gerber, the business mogul husband of Cindy Crawford, is being sued for sexual harassment by a pair of former female employees.

According to a lawsuit filed in March in San Diego County Superior Court, two former waitresses claim they were fired from a restaurant owned by Gerber's company for refusing to give in to the advances of Gerber and other managers where they worked.

On one occasion in 2008, while working at the Moonstone Lounge located in the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, one of the women claims Gerber attempted to kiss her three times during the night, then "put his hand up [her] dress in between her legs in an attempt to fondle her crotch."

The women are suing for unspecified damages.

Gerber's reps tell us, "These allegations were previously investigated and shown to be baseless," adding, "This lawsuit has no merit."

He's married to Cindy Crawford, for cryin' out loud ...


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More wannabes with their hands out. It's insulting to real victims of sexual harassment that these women would use the law to make some money and get some airtime.

1963 days ago


I forgot to address this in my previous post. Mrs Christie aka Mrs Patrick Campbell and who knows what other false aliases you go under. If you truly are female, I shall not call you a whore, I shall call you what in my mind is the most degrading of terms - you are a C U N T and I do not give a damn about your nationality it has not a thing to do with your actions.

1963 days ago


So what if he's married to Cindy Crawford.......look at the loser that was married to Christy Brinkley.....they all crawled out from under the same rock. Ugh.

1963 days ago

my two cents    

another peter cook

1963 days ago


So what the hell does being married to Cindy Crawford have to do with anything? Once A male whore always A male whore.I see women all time that look just as good as her.So what's the point?He is A jask ass like most rich men who all think they are wanted.

1963 days ago


1963 days ago


Haven't you ever heard that looks aren't everything? Cindy has the requisite look, but does that mean she's endlessly fascinating or able to keep his attention? Beauty for the photographers never guaranteed anything. If Cindy were not beautiful, you'd say it's because of that. When she is, what's the reason for it? Maybe looks are not enough, maybe he's bored, or maybe he's the kind who cheats.

That's the explanation why men with "hot" wives cheat.

1963 days ago


Cindy SHOULDN'T put up with this loser's sh!t. Get a D-I-V-O-R-C-E!!

1963 days ago


This isn't the first time these type of allegations have been made about him. Cindy knows full well what he is like, yet she stays with him, and lets him humiliate her like this.

1963 days ago


just because a woman is beautiful has no bearing on why a man cheats ....i know woman who are not good looking but there t husbands don't cheat on them it's all about how you make a man feel about himself when he is with you, if you treat a man bad and he finds someone that makes him feel good he will cheat. people forget why they got together in the first place. just because your married doesn't mean you have to stop doing the things you did in the first place to get the attention of the one your with marriage isn't a slam dunk you have to work on it everyday....

1963 days ago


I heard Paul Newman say..."You can get sick of steak every day."

Maybe spam is good once in a while.

1963 days ago


Men always cheat and sometimes they get caught. I always thought he was a mega cheater from the time I first saw him. All men who own clubs cheat exta - meat is everywhere. And as for beauty? I have been told by men that they cheat more on beautiful women because if they can get that, all the other women are easy. Men want the p*sy - no matter what the face looks like. And men do not ever take their vows seriously, they expect women too - everyone knows that and the more men protest, the more guilty they are...I have had tons of male friends and they say men cheat, but will they admit to their wives, girlfriends? Never - they are the only ones who don't cheat and the women believe them. LOL.

1963 days ago


TMZ dummies wrote: He's married to Cindy Crawford, for cryin' out loud ..

Eric Benet was married to Halle Berry but that didn't stop that fool from cheating on one of the most beautiful women in the world. Whatever, TMZ, ya'll know that doesn't matter.

1963 days ago


There is not excuse for cheating. Everyone gets bored with sex eventually, everyone gets older, everyone wants something different once in a while. It is not your partners job to make you happy so that you don't cheat. Is a man expected to meet women's sexual and emotional needs so that she doesn't cheat? No. Woman are expected to focus their lives on making men happy and not the other way around. If you can't be faithful, don't get married or don't stay married. Cheating men are misogynists who think they should have a wife if they want one and it doesn't matter what she wants them to be. Women can cheat too. Women will always have more opportunities to have sex men than men ever will. Women are less likely to get caught too. So why are men more likely to be cheaters? Because they have been raised to view women as sexual objects who are put on the earth to get married and have children and not as human beings. Women get into relationships because they want to be supported financially and they can't afford to have children by themselves. Women need to stop deluding themselves into believing men are nice people. They need to save their money and get an education if they want to have kids by themselves.

1963 days ago


Men and women cheat on their spouses or significant others for a multiple of reasons. Usually it is because he or she has self-esteem and/or control issues. My former husband cheated when he saw that his ability to control every aspect of my life was starting to diminish. This was probably the best thing that ever happened to me because it showed me and his family that he's a real slime ball.

1962 days ago
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