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Lindsay Lohan -- You Gotta Give Her Credit ...

5/2/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan possesses the power to turn nothing ... into bling!


With more free time on her hands than a grandmother in Boca Raton, LiLo was spotted out shopping for jewelry yesterday in Bev Hills with her sister Ali.

Considering she never works and complains of constant money problems -- where does she find the money to go on these vacations to Hawaii and trips to the jewelry store?


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I love Lindsay - she is soooo young and a bit fragile - give her a break, she just broke up with her girlfriend. I just wish she had SOMEONE in her life that was a good role model and would offer her good psychological as well true GENUINE support in her life and endeavors.

2007 days ago


I think shes a hotty, and a good actress. everyone hates on her for no reason. who cares what she does with her personla life. she parties but she also worked her A off to get wehre shes at- and everyone talks S about her Mom, you know how many other teens and other young adults whose lives are F'd up. people need to kick back and stop hating

2007 days ago


#37 Summer,

I was not a mean girl in high school at all, I was very much well liked and by all the different clicks oddly enough which served me well in my professional life in getting along with so many different types of personalities in the workforce. I worked 26 years with the federal gov't before you ask. I absolutely loved high school and ended up graduating with honors. I was also lucky enough to only have to go to school a 1/2 day my senior year and got to work the other 1/2 of the day. I do not need anger management and I find that funny that you feel you have the need to insinuate I do simply by some posts. Did I make you that angry? "Our girl" hmm, are you a personal friend of hers? Are you her mom, reading these comments, because I do know she reads them and gets very angry when people do not say nice things about her. If so, you're not doing a very good job with her. I realize she's an adult and therefore, allowed to make her own decisions, but she's been in need of help for a long time now. Ugh, if you're the mom, HELP HER, take legal action, declare her a threat to herself, something. You can't ruin her career more than it's already ruined. And what about all the other negative comments posted on this site about her? Don't just read mine, or read this one article, read all of them posted on her, there is always more negative ones than good ones. People actually say they hope she dies. I have never, nor would I ever say something like that about any person -- to wish them death.

I do not hate her, I do not like her, I'm very tired of her being in the media. Do not tell me to not come to TMZ, I don't live in a Communist society (whoever you are) and because of being the so called celeb that she is and the media attention that she perpetrates I have every right to comment on her (PERIOD).

She is an alcoholic, she is a drug user, she is a skeleton (that is not the body of just a skinny female, that is the body of bulimic or anorexic or just a plain ole drug user that doesn't eat), the exposed ribs do not lie (thats called emaciated -- like a starved animal has), the flesh hanging from her arms to see the outline of her bones (again emaciated - from starving, not eating or excessive drug use), her entire body is the picture of a starved human (or excessive drug user). For her height, five foot five, she should weigh 113 pounds. She probably weighs maybe 90 pounds, maybe 95 on a good day but I think that would be with clothes, shoes, makeup on. 113 too fat for her liking, ok, settle for 102-105.

Sure, the brouhaha may have died down with catching her in the act of drinking or hasn't caught her per say using drugs but I am not stupid by any means. Handlers and personal security are hired and made to sign confidentiality clauses for a reason -- to keep their clients secrets and those associated with their clients. Club owners I'm sure are paid to keep their mouths closed when clients sneak off to the back dimly lit room(s), or the bathroom, or the roof, the VIP lounge, etc., and the drugs are brought out, sniffed, smoked, toked etc. and the booze flows for hours and the platnium cards get charged and the entourage rolls out as unnoticed (or noticed) as they rolled in. Ugh, you think Lindsay's not partaking in all that activity and especially spending all that time with Sam in and on the club scene. C'mon now. Someone needs to get real about her and it surely isn't me. She is not innocent and has not been for a long, long time.

2007 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a great actress. You go girl and don't listen to those haters. They are just jealous of your success.

2007 days ago


That's not a good sign when the upper arms are thinner than the lower something!

2007 days ago


Looks like Terri figured out how to post just once finally! Good for you! :)

2007 days ago

really now    

Terri please have someone ''help'' you the next time you feel the need to post your comment . You gave me a headache !

2007 days ago


Love her or hate her..say what you will...but someone needs to step up and be a real friend or parent or whatever to this girl because if not..soon we will be commenting on her obituary. She is talented...but has just made some wrong choices in life and is paying for it dearly. It's pathetic to me that sites like this will exploit someone's weaknesses and push them even further to the edge than they already are. Yes she is a celebrity and a millionaire and blah blah blah..but under it all..she is a human being and needs that love she is missing in her life. especially for herself...stay strong Lindsay.

2007 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


2007 days ago


TERRI - you are the most anoying judge(mental) patient / person on this board! The more you post multiple post,s the less relevant you become. I don't want to read your life story - boring!

In schools, there are no "clicks" - the word is cliques.

Go for a run, hit the gym, play softball, ride a bike, read a book.........anything to keep your mind and body in balance.

Please stop making LiLo the center of your universe.

2007 days ago


Sad Hollywood story. She needs medical attention. She's way too thin.

2007 days ago


She must not be eating. What a mess this poor girl is.

2007 days ago


She swapped legs with a spider and lost her ass in the deal.

2007 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Don't feel sorry for me, she's having a better time than you all might be dreaming up about her. She only cares about herself, just like 98.9% of the other celebrities. You think the paps "just found her by chance" in that store? Welcome to H-Wood Celebrity World and PR 101 you greenies: her PR PEOPLE CALL THE PAPS TO LET THEM KNOW SHE IS THERE BEFOREHAND TO GET A SHOT OF HER. That's how the ball rolls...consider yourselves all enlightened and post accordingly.

Regardless of her personal state, the b!tch needs to eat before she collapses. Her tiny hip purse is more than half the size of her ass. No one is jealous of that accomplishment unless you're on hanging up on display in a science class.

2007 days ago

dr fred    

no appitite if you do blow & who would buy self tanning from aa naturally freckle corpse white skin

2007 days ago
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