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Miss Vietnam USA Claims Pageant No Pay Her

5/3/2009 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yen LeCongratulations Miss Vietnam USA -- you've just won $10,000 (which you're not getting) and a new car (which you have to finance yourself).

According to a lawsuit filed earlier this week in Orange County, Yen Le -- who was crowned Miss Vietnam USA in November 2007 -- is suing the pageant organizers because she alleges she was supposed to receive $10,000 and a new Mercedes for winning.

Now get this -- not only does she claim she never got the $10K, but she says the pageant made her lease the car in her own name ... and then they defaulted on the payments.

She's suing for over $50K in damages, plus interest, attorneys' fees and court costs.


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How do you whiny ass boo' hooers even live in this world? How do you even leave your house? You are soooo offended by everything it's ridiculous. You all need a diaper change and a nap. Then, you should spend your "blogging" time on a site that won't offend you so much, like "".


1968 days ago

Hugo Bandi    

WOW! You guys still won't take it down?

1968 days ago

Good Goin'    

Wow, TMZ, that just isn't funny at all. I'm not one of those people that' gets mad over every little thing said, nor am I a pc type of person. But that's just bad! You guys are always calling out different people for being racist, and then you put in a title like that? What hypocracy! You guys need to apologize ASAP and get some better writers/editors.

1968 days ago


TMZ -- Wonder if you'll take potshots at Miley's 'racism' now that you've shown yours.

1968 days ago

Asian Girl    

Incredibly racist headline TMZ. Shame on you.

1968 days ago


I heard it was a direct quote from Yen Le.

"Pageant No Pay Her"

1968 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

she so angry!! she sue you long time!!

1968 days ago


C'mon people IT IS A JOKE. Don't everyone be so PC. There will be no comedy left if everyoe is this uptight.

1968 days ago


One of the co founders, Guy Hua, of this pageant was actually arrested by the FBI for Grand larceny. Poor Yen, she worked hard to win and for nothing.

1968 days ago

Chuck U. Farley    

Wah wah wah.. "that's racist!" quit crying you babies. If you're so concerned about people poking fun, then perhaps you ought to teach your Asian brethren at every local chinese food joint anyone has ever been to, to speak proper english, or at least passable english. And then quit your crying, pissing, and moaning about how this site, or the title of this article is racist. This is the United States, the same place where one of these days you'll probably be rambling about free speech. You have it, so do they. Don't come to the site anymore if you don't wanna see it. Morons.

1967 days ago

Elizabeth Nguyen    

Your title is really rude and offensive. Please change the title.

1967 days ago


This is a really stupid headline. Stooping to racially offensive humor because you can't think of anything better is pretty lame.

1967 days ago


Harvey you are being a jerk on this one for sure.........sounds racist to me.

1967 days ago

Asian child    

#158: Dear Mr. Farley you are just a jerk who knows nothing at all. I wonder why you can live in this world with those stupid thoughts. In the end you are just a racist white man who thinks he can rule the world lol. Imagine you come to other countries and can't speak their language? Look at your dumb face at that time and I bet it's sure funny. And say what??? you need "proper english"??? hey USA is welcoming for everyone, those Asian people can speak at least 2 languages or else, or at least they are better than many language u can speak? so don't just sit in your chair and say about "proper" things before look at yourself, Mr. high quality Farley. Moron.

1967 days ago
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