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Hasselhoff Too Much Drinky, But Just Fine

5/4/2009 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David HasselhoffDavid Hasselhoff had way too much to drink yesterday, but sources tell us stories that he was severely poisoned by booze have been greatly exaggerated.

Here's what we know... The Hoff got drunk yesterday but is at home today, regretting what he did but otherwise perfectly fine. His rep, Judy Katz, tells us David "is fine and well and happy and is celebrating his father, Joe Hasselhoff's 80th birthday tonight at dinner... along with his girlfriend, Kimberly."

The Hoff's mega-lawyer, Mel Goldsman, is pissed, claiming Pamela Bach, the ex who never goes away, is behind the story and "in violation of the court's order precluding contacting the media regarding her ex husband."

Goldsman vows to go after Pam in court.

But The Hoff is fine.


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His father died. How is he having dinner with him?

1997 days ago


Please leave the man alone, he has been through a lot.

1997 days ago


AMEN Sandy! Re: Please have some compassion, Alchoholism is a terrible affliction. You fall, then get up and fall again. It takes many times and trust me David is suffering too.

Obviously he has a problem and dealing with it is difficult enough but to have to live with it in front of everyone watching his every move sure isn't going to help. I do pray that this will be the last time he falls!

1997 days ago


Mr. H is far from fine. He may have enough Ativan or Librium in him (administered by the hospital to avoid withdrawal seizures) to get him through the day, espcially with regular vodka shots for maintenance. If his BAL was indeed .39 last night, as reported, he will need to drink / self-medicate in order to keep himself from going into severe shakes or a seizure.

Alcoholism kills. Please don't be so critical. If you have a family member or friend with this affliction, you will understand.

1997 days ago


Better be glad he did not pass out in front of me..i would've stuck him in the you-know-what. Nothing worse than waking up with a sore butthole and you don't know what happened.

1997 days ago


First!!! or at least the first douchebag to post an annoying "first!!"

1997 days ago


To do this to your children over and over is totally irresponsible.
They love him and care for him.
Someday they will find him dead.
They will.

1997 days ago


Bull Hockey. It's reported he had a .39 blood alcohol level. He's lucky to be ALIVE once again. How DISGUSTING that he blames his wife for telling people and/or the media what HE did, AGAIN. Their traumatized child called her mother, after finding him unconscious. WHAT A CREEP THIS GUY IS. He's trying to cover up once again his CHRONIC alcoholism. His problem IS NOT this problem, being reported, it's him being a CHRONIC ALCOHOLIC.

1997 days ago


It really sad that TMZ is running this guy's PR statement to cover up what actually happened. You would have been laughed at if you did that for Chris Brown. Why not make Hoff come clean with how many times he has ended up in the emergency room for alcohol poisoning? This is not just an isolated incident, it's a PATTERN of chronic alcoholism.

1997 days ago

SoCal Razzles    


1997 days ago


why do you care, double standard?

1997 days ago


Why do I care? Because there's a double standard being applied here. Hoff is a powerful and wealthy celeb who can put out a press release like this WITHOUT ANY SUPPORTING FACTS, and TMZ prints it like it's gospel. They would not do this for Chris Brown, Lohan, Winehouse, or any other LESS POWERFUL celeb. Let Hoff put the facts out on the table. Let's see what his blood alcohol level was at admission. I'll bet the other site's reporting of .39 is accurate, and that's why he's trying this PATHETIC coverup of the facts. I've also never heard of a RAGING ALCOHOLIC like this getting custody like he did of his kids. That is unconscionable, as is what he is putting them through with his non treated disease.

1997 days ago

420 GIRL    

Why wasn't he taken 5 minutes away to Encino Hospital?

1997 days ago


he's just a guy like you and me, how would you like it if the media followed you around all the time and posted every private thing about you? just lay off.

1997 days ago


He won't make it to his own 80th, I mean 60th birthday party if someone doesn't save him from himself. I think he aouldmake a good candidate for Celebrity Rehab.

1997 days ago
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