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'Mad Max' in Aisle Four

5/4/2009 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Somewhere between the king of Malibu merlot and the sugar t**s chardonnay, Mel Gibson -- and his ecstatic face -- were spotted in a Malibu supermarket this weekend.


The divorcing rehabbed 53-year-old traditionalist Catholic's new Russian girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was nowhere in sight.


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Exactly how does one define "sugar t*ts"????

1976 days ago


Way to go Mel, you deserve a happy life just like everyone else. Let those self righteous critics go **** themselves. The only reason Hollyweird is giving you a ration on this is because you dared to go out with one of those "yucky girls". If it was Perez Hilton or one of his limp wristed little booty boys you would have been paraded around Hollywodd as a "role model". But dare you date someone from the opposite sex, and they are all over you. Good job being a heterosexual!!!

1976 days ago


Hey uhh Thetan Mapother

You got quite specific there, wondering about Mel's love life, seems to me u are bitter bc he aint banging ur gross as*, how about u go take some meds for ur craziness and maybe, MAYBE, go get laid for real, quit hating on mel, BTW, that '' whore'' didn't break it up, they have been seperated, sometimes shi* just doesn't work, HELLOOOO it isn;'t as tho he is the first person to get a divorce, geez, Maybe his wife was using all their money on male escorts, or maybe she quit pleasing him, or maybe she was abusive to their kids, u never know lol

1976 days ago


Okay, if he was a woman he'd be given a ration of crap...called something stupid like a cougar...I'll just call him a fool. I hope his wife takes the money and has a blast. She deserves it for putting up with this moron.

1976 days ago

Over It Already    

Wow - these posters are AMAZING! You know Mel Gibson well enough to comment on everything about him, eh? Leave the guy alone - he's been through enough sh*t the past few years, as I'm sure all of the rest of you have been. Unfortunately (or most likely fortunately), we can't see your crap piles because TMZ isn't following you around daily. I like Mel - so what about his divorce and where he happens to be... you all won't care in 6 months anyway. People get divorced, or haven't you heard?

1976 days ago


Ashley the Great, you're a great big idiot

1976 days ago


georgia you are a retard, LOL oh btw explain why im an idiot? HUh

1976 days ago


Don't you just hate those paps? They are so obsequious. Their butt kissing makes me cringe. Yuck!

As for Mel, seems he's been nothing but a man-slut all his life. Hope his Russian tart ends up giving birth to another seven children.

1976 days ago


You're an great big idiot*

1976 days ago


Mel Gibson is someone I would like to party with.

1976 days ago


I don't know why you're an idiot Ashley. I guess you were born that way.

1976 days ago


aw, because I am not sitting here bashing him? You are a man hater, it's sad. Maybe you could pay somebody to '' love'' you and stop being on here hating people and being rather bitter because we don't agree with it. Ohwell LOL gave me quite the chuckle, now run along back to your 8 children and keep feeding them meatballs out of a can.

1976 days ago


And I sniff butt. I want to sniff Mel's butt so bad I am getting hot

1976 days ago


OY ! Mel... after all of the other ladies you finally seek a divorce? Get over yourself.. will your religion save you now? JERK!!!!

1976 days ago

Ice Water    

Jesus Christ, that man is CRAZY. Spooky crazy.

1976 days ago
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