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Gloria Allred vs. Octomom -- The Mystery Lawsuit

5/4/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom, Gloria AllredOctomom is being sued ... but the person behind the lawsuit is keeping their identity a secret!!!

Mega-mouthpiece Gloria Allred is letting everyone know she has been hired in a secret case against Nadya Suleman, but she won't reveal who her mysterious client is or what she is suing over. That is, not until she holds a press conference today at 11:30 AM PT to give away all the juicy details.

All Gloria will say is that she is doing it "in an attempt to protect Nadya Suleman's children."

Selfless as always.

Oh, we'll bring you the press conference live at 11:30 AM PT. Damn you Gloria, you got us again!


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Allreds so called concern for those children has always been a joke. She is totally destroying her reputation as a feminist lawyer, arguing fo rthe equal rights of women, and her own image as a woman, a civilised person and a conscienable professional. Heartless. No woman in her right mind would attack this mother of 14 or go after her as Allred and her crew have repeatedly tried, even getting into the family home under threat of CPS action. All this action does is totally confirm for the world to witness the true intent of her involvement in this case. She clearly is a lady with many issues of her own. Youd think shed be more sympathetic to hte plight of women and mothers regarding reproduction and child rearing. She got married & pregnant at college and dropped out & went home to her parents when it soon ended in divorce. It was they who looked after her and her child whilst she trained to be a school teacher and in her mid thirties finally managed to qualify in law. She should understand better and be sympathetic to the stresses women suffer to get ahead and have a domestic life. She may have achieved some high profile successes but this case is ridiculous and shows her up to have a lot of issues that have nothing to do with preserving those childrens wellbeing or their family. She should be counter sued for defamation of character, for psychological and emotional injury to the health and future prospects of 14 children and their mother. Poor Nadya, NOBODY is going through the hell America is puting her through. When you just think of the news about murderers, rapists, child abusers, traffickers, and celebrities losing it, that woman is not remotely in their league but a mom trying to make it alone. It is out and out national victimisation of an individual and a clever lawyer should bring in new legislation to protect individuals from trial by media and public opinion. Nobody cares about these children to put them and their mother through hell, constant stress and threat to their family. Nadya is the true feminist icon not Allred so its an interesting clash of womanhood in the 21st century. The woman who wants to mother all her children and have an education and a career all alone versus a woman who could not mother more than one child, divorced, went home to mom and dad, got her education and career late and is now attacking another woman with not dissimilar weaknesses, to tear up her family and harm her career for the future! Very psychologically strange behaviour. Allred should be brought before a legal body panel for her abuse of status and power to victimise a woman who had nothing to do with her, Angels in waiting and Allred forced themselves on this family via Dr Phil with threats about CPS is she did not take up their kind offer. She should never have let them near her babies. I think Allred is only sueing to try to regain face because she was previously crossed and does not like it but this marks her out as one bully bigtime. Talk about Cruella Deville in town. But hey, one observers personal view.

1907 days ago


You appear to have a troll named nondonationsender

1907 days ago


................and Gloria is laughing all the way to the bank!

1907 days ago


wtf they need to leave ottomom alone let her be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1907 days ago

Capt. Howdy    

well, were still waiting. 2 hours past 11:30 PT!!!!

1907 days ago


i'm not surprised its angels in waiting. after all nadia was dumb enough to sign a contract on national T.V. i think we all knew this was coming. everyone wants a piece of octopie. bunch of douches.

1907 days ago


Anyone think it might be the sperm donor that hired her? That would be interesting .... hmmmmmmm

1907 days ago


Gloria Allred is OBSESSED. I thought Octomom was bad but Gloria makes Octomom look normal. GLORIA adopt some kids so you wont have all this time obsessing about being in the news. Damn, you are an attorney, act like it instead of swome tabloid spectical.

1907 days ago


I've lost count how many times ALLRED has tried to get into the spotlight over the octo mom. I bet ya that the group she is hired to bring this stupid lawsuit against the octomom is none other then ANGELS IN WAITING!!! That hole in the wall group had their 15 minutes in the spotlight and now they want that media spotlight back on them and so they go the biggest media whore around Gloria Allred to represent them so they can drum up some business and be put back in the media spotlight YET AGAIN!!

1907 days ago

KIDS AT RISK karen lee    

THANK GOD! *for Gloria Allred.
ONE small step for MANKIND .... one giant LEAP for the OCTUPLETS!

We, as a nation, have been held HOSTAGE by the incessant MEDIA-whoring of OCTO-pig. For the last DECADE, she has SCAMMED THE SYSTEM, being a welfare CHEAT, living off DISABILITY when (clearly) SHE CAN WORK, she's lived off STUDENT LOANS, welfare, food stamps --and anything she could get her SCAMMY claws on.

ALL at the expense of California & Federal Taxpayers. (THAT, and all that's she raked in THAT COULD HAVE GONE to other MORE worthwhile CAUSES). OCTOfreak is NOT a 'cause' ...SHE is a PANDEMIC (leaching OFF hard working people struggling (just to) SURVIVE in this depression.

She is no more FIT to be a parent than an OCTOPUS. (And I insult Octopii --forgive me squids because we know you only OCCASIONALLY eat your YOUNG).

In the last DECADE, California AND FEDERAL taxpayers have spent MILLIONS to keep this woman in food, clothes and 14 KIDS. WHAT has OCTOpig EVER done for Society? WHAT contribution has she EVER MADE for the betterment of mankind? ZERO. SHE is responsible for her own GLOBAL WARMING micro-cluster.

Every cent she has RAKED IN exploiting those babies has been SQUANDERED by her --on her own personal LUXURY shopping sprees. HOW DO WE KNOW THIS? Because of her incessant MEDIA WHORING, WE simply cannot escape HAVING HER rubbing all our noses in her NARCISSIST shop-a-HOLIC ways. One would think she could (at least) APPEAR somewhat GRATEFUL for all she's RAKED IN (exploiting those kids). BUT NO! SHE is not grateful --she IS ENTITLED. (she thinks)

Those children are in MORTAL DANGER. No one woman (not matter HOW MANY taxpayer-PAID) nurses or IMMIGRANT NANNIES (who don't even speak ENGLISH) can possibly provide the LOVE AND ATTENTION NECESSARY to raise (successfully) over-achieving kids to ADULTHOOD (through college).

HER AIM: PLAY DATES with her kids --so she DOESN'T have to face LIFE or the hard realities that THIS RECESSION has caused EVERY OTHER FAMILY IN America --EXCEPT OCTO=pig.

THANKS DR PHIL for giving this narcissist FREE-LOADING abuser a national platform AND A NEW HOME in a totally UNSUITABLE (already OVER-crowded neighborhood). U should have whatever passes for your medical license REVOKED. You did NOT get her MENTAL HELP -- you just BOOSTED your own ratings and PUT every American at RISK for being UNDULY influenced during your NATIONAL BEG-A-THON.


YOU ARE DOING THE JOB that CPS is either TOO INCOMPETENT --or TOO lazy to do!

1907 days ago


64/65 TZ, you're just as looney as Octokook! This POS used the system from jump street. She had no job, renting from her parents with 6 kids and living on welfare & disability. Then she uses settlement money to have IVF, she knew exaclty how many eggs were implanted & did it anyways. Now she has 14 fatherless children, no job, living off the welfare (Calif Taxpayers), disability and her media money. Paid nanny's, house paid for, while she runs around looking for photo-ops & reality show deals! Oh, let's not forget the plastic surgery! This POS is thinking about Nadya and Nadya only. Those innocent children are her meal ticket and she will exploit them anytime she wants. She wants her people in there, signing confidentiality agreements so she can control it all, without the outside world knowing what's really going on. The only problem is we see her more outside the home, chasing paps and self-gratifying herself, than we do at her home taking care of her 14 kids. 2 kids ok, anymore than that is pushing it. Her uneducated, scamming ass had 14 without a thought to their needs, everything is about what she wants...but doesn't have the means & never will. She and her litter are now the California taxpayers burden!!! Being a single, working, woman with no children (by choice), I am outraged that I am forced to take care of yet another lazy ass welfare queen and her 14 kids!!! The State of California Welfare department ought to be brought up on charges as well as Nadya!! But I guess, when one is uneducated and an immigrant, the subsidies are endless!! I hope Ms Allred goes for the juglar and wipes the courtroom floor with this POS!!!!!!!!!!!!

1907 days ago


65. Gloria needs to mind her own business; she is just doing this for publicity and for revenge. Why should Ms Suleman have to spend money needed to care for her children to defend herself against the bad escuse for an attorney.

Posted at 3:51PM on May 4th 2009 by Millie

Why should taxpayers have to spend our money, that we go out and work hard everyday for? To take care of someone else's family? Hey if she's got the money, I'd rather see it eaten up in attorney fees than injected in her fish lips & joker smile!

1907 days ago

Ihma Khunt    

I cant stand this bagel eating OLD JAP.

1907 days ago

not a fan    

Way to go - protect those children - she needs to have them taken away - at the very least if they get a show - though i can't imagine anyone watching it - have the kids money managed by someone other than her - she'll spend it on having more kids.

she is disgusting - hope they take the kids away from her soon.....

1907 days ago


The octuplets are "incidental" to Suleman's ability to secure media deals etc. according to her attorney. Now that should hold up well in court........................HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and the chicken's come home to roost Ms. Trout Pout Suleman.

1907 days ago
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