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'Dallas' Star Sued Over Dog, Poop, Gun

5/4/2009 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

VIctoria PrincipalVictoria Principal apparently has taken her role on "Dallas" a little too seriously -- she's been sued for allegedly pulling a gun on a maid.

The woman who played Pamela Ewing is being sued by Maribel Banegas, the former maid at Victoria's Malibu home. Banegas claims she had taken the dog for a walk -- when she returned home to an enraged Victoria who couldn't understand why it took so long.

Banegas explained the dog wouldn't poop, but Victoria wasn't pickin' up what the maid was puttin' down. According to the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Victoria fired Maribel on the spot. Maribel asked for her final check and Victoria went upstairs, allegedly only to come down with a gun, "which she then pointed and aimed" at the maid.

The suit claims Victoria "verbally threatened to kill plaintiff"... and asked another housekeeper who was present "to stand aside in order that she could kill the plaintiff."

The maid claims assault, false imprisonment and emotional distress. She wants unspecified damages.

Oh, by the way, the dog's name is Mei-Ling, and we're told it looks like a Shih Tzu ... seriously.


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She's hormonal, it happens when you're going through "the change". Becoming an old hag can be traumatic.

1999 days ago


#15 - are you on drugs? Your comments make no sense. This story did not mention the race of the employee involved - you're assuming something that hasn't been disclosed making an ass out of yourself with your comments. Speaking of racism, why don't you hire Hispanics?

1999 days ago

Linda Mott    

Maids have been being mistreated by a lot of celebrities, lately. Maybe they should carry guns or at least a stun gun.

1999 days ago


15. Do you catch the real drift here? Celebrities and other rich people: STOP hiring hispanic people! I am not rich nor famous, however, I never hire hispanics to clean my home. I hire caucasian, English-language, mid-west USA citizens, or legal immigrants from Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Germany, or Ukraine. I never have to deal with arguments. By the way, Victoria did not owe black women special treatment for their skin. What the heck are you insinuating besides racism?

Posted at 6:43PM on May 4th 2009 by Chicky


Of course you do, dear. Either your Mom is calling you for dinner, or you are sitting in your trailer home eating. I hope it is the former!

1999 days ago

allen antrim    

Now I really know who shot JR

1999 days ago


This is crazy. I was thinking someone made a gun that shot out dog poop. That would have been awesome. Especially if it was my neighbors dog's poop that mysteriously end up in my freakin yard. That I have to clean up so that my kids can play... How about you keep your stupid dog in your own yard lady. Plus your dog is a pitbull with big pitbull poop lady How about you move lady.... how about you and your dog go to mexico and get the pig flu. you and your dog act like nasty pigs anyway. How about you let your dog poop in that broken down car that makes the neighborhood look like poop. yeah do that lady. you are poop and your dog is poop. and another thing. you suck

1999 days ago


She can pull a gun on me anytime

1999 days ago


Every day

1999 days ago


Well, at least her skin care line doesn't say for "whites" like blacks do as they are the ones that always have their own "black" things, as white people want no part of them anyway or their things. I guess you want what whites have as I can see everyday.

1999 days ago



1999 days ago

Lola Falanna    

I would NEVER hire a white person to clean my home!! You can not trust them. They think everything is owed to them because they are white and they do not clean very well, very lazy.

1999 days ago



1999 days ago


#15 - Chicky...........It's time for your meds, pean brain. And don't assume that Maribel Banegas is Hispannic. She maybe not. Funny you mentioned Germany or Ukraine and said that you don't want to deal with arguments. These Germans and Ukrainians you're talking about prodbably do not speak English very well. Educated Germans or Ukrainians will not clean houses for a living. You ask about racisim, retard --- you're the one who's a racist. Maybe you don't even have someone to clean your house. Retard, you have a mobile home, so you can clean it up yourself.

1999 days ago


Poor Victoria. It is very difficult to have live-in help and have them constantly meet up with your expectations. Complacency is a poison. I am sure Victoria had been kept waiting one time too many while this "maid" was napping on the job. I'm sure that with expectations more clear now this will not happen again.

1998 days ago


Remember in grade school how the teacher would give
you three unrelated words and you would have to make
up a sentence using them. Parents, remember, dog, poop,
gun just in case your kid has to make up a sentence with
these words. Bookmark this story!!!

1998 days ago
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