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Van Gogh's Severed Ear -- Bloody Cover-Up?

5/5/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Van Gogh cover upQuestion: What do you call a snail who cut off his own ear?

The answer used to be Escar Van Gogh -- (get it?) -- but according to a new report on the painter's legendary ear, the joke may no longer be accurate (still funny though)!

Some art historians claim Van Gogh may not have cut off his own ear with a razor -- as the stories go -- but instead his ear was sliced off by another man ... another famous painter!

Two German historians claim there is enough evidence to support their claim that Paul Gauguin, a post-impressionist painter who happened to be a fencing badass, most likely cut off V.G.'s ear during a sword fight. Ze Germans also claim the two men decided it would be in their best interest to cover up the truth.

According to reports, the curators at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam are still backing the legendary self-mutilation story -- but one fact remains ... a snail that has to pee will still be known as Escar Gotta Go.


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Hahahaha....hilarious piece TMZ...hilarious! I'm definitely appreciating the wit and humor from bit.

1996 days ago



1997 days ago

artie help    

this same thing happened to TOOSOFTFORYOU, and his landlord when rent was due.

1997 days ago


I actually found this to be very witty and intelligent. Wow TMZ - impressive!

1997 days ago

mellon bruse N    

Either way it hurts like helly nuts to have your ear cutoff.My left ear was cut off and cut in two.But it was sitched back on no cover up here,my right upper lip was also cut face was switch bladed.My toes were cut off and my left fingers were slammed off in a car door.But all got stiched bac k on and somewhat work.Arrow in left side of brain and two bullets plus about 12 shots to the legs and arms 2 in the back and burned.EBS DBS and six week on a breathing tube in my neck.Also rib cage crushed and gutted stabbed and cut to spit.I love to paint also but I`ll never be known for who I really AM a hidden hughes child.Lets play keep away kill off says KILROY ss.I would bet his ear was cut off not by his own hand-it would hurt too much I know the had the bad health but needles would be used to drain infections like a brain stint.Sooner or later the wounds kill you rebuild them or not.SON OF A SON OF A GUN howard hughes JR`s KID

1997 days ago


So I'm mentally ill and cut off my own bodypart would have been a better story/cover than we were screwing around with swords and somebody got hurt? Doesn't seem very likely.

1997 days ago

mellon bruse N    

he was`nt a mental case it was a bad INTER-EAR but they don`t know about things like that back then,They did a study on his body and found the inefected inter ear years ago.DAMAGEs to the ears and brain do changed the persona and brainwave.Most artistes are bipolar and that isn`t a problem unless there is a total imblance and about 70% of all people have a bipolar alphawave.I can`t I ony have about 60 % of a brainwave mostly on my upper front.Bullet to the left rear and 22 to the left front and arrow in left mid brain lodged-no stint and left ear has been cut off,TRY living with that-it AN`t easy I still want to find those A-holes after 40 years.We got some of them they got some of us and some are still walk N about.

1997 days ago

mellon bruse N    

Thats 38 to the right rear...22 to the left front and arrow broken off in left mid brain.Plus trown down steps on concrete left front impaction.Also brick to right top of skull phyics fund raiser on swingset taking on the killroys 200 dollars a stone to try to stone the hughes`s kid to death.ALEXANDRIA NE 1968 raised 200,000 to keep the school base ball feild and gym forever fund after school was closed down-it`s still intack.It`s about phyically impossible to hit someone moveing on a swingset as the astro phyics departments found.Odds are less the 200-300 million at a hit.

1997 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

if your ear offends you?.

1997 days ago

vile comments    

there's a captivating book by irving stone about the tragic life of vincent van gogh.... but trashy tmz refers to "jokes" about vincent van gogh. no empathy!

1997 days ago

Conspiracy Idiots    

Never really liked either of these artists. Especially Gauguin. My cat could paint nicer stuff. If the sword story is true then someone should have told Gauguin that red and ginger do not go well together.

1997 days ago


maybe I'm not getting the joke here, but I'm pretty sure his name is Vincent Willem van Gogh. Where did Escar come from???

1997 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Tony&BIG "L" outa newYORK must have put the hit on he for the G man like they did the that HUGHES`s KID and than CBS 60 mins showed BIG L pardened while they spent his trillions.GIG L is still free and so is the thug that killed SAL MILO it all seem to paint a picture in blood.They hid him in safe house to safe house and changed his name every few years.Howard just could`nt kill all the bad thugs try N to kill him even though he founded the CIA.

1997 days ago

mellon bruse N    

if your cat could paint better you would`nt be on a TMZ site running your mug.TMZ will never make as much money as one ear wonder did,,,they suck as bad as satellite buggy kill mis me mis me ha ha ha.hollywood hordsterSS cluster MUCKs on little kids at least they tryed to on me when I was a baby so now we have a left wing movement ha ha ha.

1997 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

TMZ will never even make as much money as a BACON NUDE and no one cares who bacon screwed.contrair HARVEY.. sex isn`t main stream art it`s porno and ART is ART and does`nt happen on TMZ and rarely happens in hollywood.MONEY SEX DRUGs AND ROCK N ROLL is hollywood.

1997 days ago
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