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Victoria Principal -- My Maid From Hell

5/5/2009 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria Principal has just filed a lawsuit, admitting she did pull a gun on her former maid, but only after the maid threatened her, injured her dog and went on a wild tear.

The maid, Maribel Banegas, sued Principal yesterday, over the whole gun thing. But in Principal's lawsuit, the actress says on December 26, 2008, the maid was told she was fired and flew into a rage and "repeatedly slammed the back door with such force that...the door frame itself was damaged."

The suit claims the maid struck and injured another maid in the house, then grabbed Victoria's small dog and left the house.

An hour later, Victoria called the maid on the cell phone, demanding the return of the dog. A short time later, the large maid (6 feet tall, 160ish) returned "dragging Principal's dog into the kitchen on such a taunt [sic] leash that the dog's front paws were lifted off the ground and so roughly that the dog was coughing and wheezing and its eyes bulging."

The suit claims the maid was screaming, "Give me money."

The suit claims Victoria was so terrified, she went upstairs to her bedroom and retrieved a handgun, came down and told the maid to leave. The maid allegedly started pounding the kitchen counter and began shouting. She walked toward Victoria, who then "cocked the handgun and told Banegas to leave." That did the trick. Kinda. The maid ran in the guest house, locked herself in and Sheriff's deputies had to come and remove her.

The next day, Victoria found her 16 pound dog "writhing in pain." The vet said the dog was suffering from "stress-induced gastritis."

Victoria is suing for unspecified damages.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. tells us the maid contacted them on January 9, 2009, claiming Principal had assaulted her. The matter was investigated, sent to the L.A. County D.A., and the case was rejected based on "insufficient evidence."


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Total support for Victoria - what the hell is any self respecting hollywood millionare celeb meant to do when faced by vulgar , violent working class maids demanding their salary, surely one must reach for one's gun and then hire a slick and expensive lawyer to win your case !!!!!!

1951 days ago


Good for you Victoria! Im proud of you!

1961 days ago



You go Girl!!

1961 days ago


sounds like she had time to make up her excuses....but there is no excuse for her to pull a gun on anyone.......this bitch is really pathetic! shes always been a bitch and i guess will always remain one.

1961 days ago

artie help    

i've known her for years great kid who, is extremely generous with her time and money. Clearly the cleaning lady is in the wrong.

1961 days ago

tuna marie    

vicky should sue her plastic surgeon, she looks hideous. too bad vicky can't grow old gracefully like linda gray.

1961 days ago

grossed out    

Okay, this story sounds right. The maids story yesterday sounded untrue. Sounds like the maid wanted to distort some money from Victoria.

1961 days ago


Laying it kinda thick; don't you think Victoria.

You paid millions for a house and its door frames can't take a hit.

She ran off with your dog after freaking out and you didn't call the cops?

I don't believe her for a second. Just too contrived.

1961 days ago


She hurt that dog! Damn bitch. Good for you Victoria. Sue the hell out of that monster!

1961 days ago

tuna marie    

in that picture vicky looks like nadya suleman, do they have the same surgeon?

1961 days ago


Why, oh why, wasn't the picture used that appeared on the Yahoo story? Now that one was worthy of a plastic surgeon lawsuit! She does look horrible...

1961 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I think that story doesn't pass the smell test. If someone's damaging your property, assaulting another employee and THEN takes your pet away angrily, you call the police. If you don't have the sense to do that in the heat of the moment, then surely the person being assaulted would. If there had been a call made to the police, that would be mentioned in her counter-suit. Sounds like B.S. to me.

1961 days ago


That's what you get from illegals.....

1961 days ago


Her husband is a plastic surgeon. I am sure he does Victoria's face.

1961 days ago

grossed out    

Anyone hurting an innocent animal should have their ass kicked.

1961 days ago
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