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Carrie Prejean -- Twice the Topless Exposure

5/7/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was only a matter of time, but topless photo number 2 of Miss California Carrie Prejean has officially hit the web.

The photo, which Carrie once claimed didn't exist, has been published on -- the same site which published photo number one.

The new photo looks almost exactly like the old one -- pink panties, no top -- except she's posing on the other side, there's less side boob and this time, she's not smiling.

Just days ago, Carrie sent an email to a pageant exec explaining " I shouldnt (sic) have taken the photo of me in my underwear. There are no other photos of me. This was the only one I took."

...pants on fire.


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So much for everyone trying to be "equal" and respectful out there.

Hate is a two way street & no one is better than any other person.

She spoke her faith on TV and is paying for it now; that's too bad everyone has a right to an opinion.

1995 days ago


What a joke. There's more racy photos in a sears catalog. This is just a case of the thought police trying to skewer the poor girl for not being into bologna smuggling. How dare the have an opinion!

1995 days ago

Mike B    

Let this girl alone. Miley Cyrus posed "topless" too. She wasn't thrown under the bus. And she 15.

1995 days ago

Mr. Strat    

But if she had said that she thought queer marriages were OK, this witchhunt for photos wouldn't be happening. Liberals are so transparent.

1995 days ago


This is nothing more than a modern day witch hunt. I think Shanna Mokler is probably behind digging for dirt on this girl.

1995 days ago


I think everyone needs to leave her ALONE! The other girls show just as much skin, boob, etc; on stage while they are wearing their BIKINIS during the pageant! If there's a problem with that, they should skip the swimsuit part!!! Makes no sense!

As far as her answer to the gay marriage question.. you go girl!! She may not have answered it the way some people wanted her to, but she answered it honestly! Perez Hilton can ride back out on the weewee he rode in on!

1995 days ago


People these days or so sensitive it isn't that big of a deal. Seriously I have more of a problem with the pageant agency paying for her boob job compared to these photos. That is just as wrong and in my eyes way worse.

1995 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I see TMZ has jumped on the Peerez train of Hate and bullying. Freedom of speach is a 2 way street. All TMZ and Peerez are doing is make Gays look like Hatefull biggots

1995 days ago


MikeB, Miley Cyrus wasn't "thrown under the bus" for her photos, but she was for disagreeing with Prejean. "One Million Moms," part of American Family Association has denounced her for pro-gay comments. I don't have a problem with Prejean's racy photos. Just with her hypocrisy and bigotry. If she'd said she was pro-gay marriage, I bet you all who are whining about leaving her alone and free speech would be criticizing her instead. She's sure cashing in on being bigoted and inarticulate.

1995 days ago


The is low. Tell them to knock it off.

1995 days ago

Very Interesting    

I am shocked that TMZ has not all of the pics. They are posted on at least 3 other websites already. And she was NOT 17 at the time- she was 18. This is just another lie that she has conquered up.

1995 days ago


it's a shame to see that the liberal media has picked this up and run with it...TMZ, there are more important things out there other than a pretty girl's PRIVATE pictures!!!

1995 days ago


Keep it up, TMZ. Keep trying to destroy a 21-year-old girl's life for voicing her personal opinion in public. You're the worst bunch of hating, bigoted, defaming troglodytes. Is Carrie Prejean perfect? No. Did she ever claim to be? No. You're going after her because she said something you don't like. Here's some advice.

Get over it and move on with your sad, sorry lives.

1995 days ago

Hoosier Girl    

I am a very conservative woman with high morals and I can tell you in all honesty that these pictures are harmless. The pageant pictures of her walking in her bikini are more revealing. However, I believe gays should have rights just like everyone else. To criticize her for her values and beliefs is disgust ling wrong. Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and beliefs. We are not a communist county. In the outcome with these gays attacking her viciously like this makes the whole gay community look very shallow. Maybe I will start to change my views on the gay majority and think they don't deserve any rights if they are going to keep attacking this woman over an honest opinion she made.

1995 days ago


see thats what she gets for doing wrong and trying to be someone she is not. I feel sorry for her but she got what she looked for.

1995 days ago
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