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Jon & Kate Plus Denial

5/7/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin were supposed to hit the "Today" show together this morning to present a united front against accusations that Jon is nailin' another woman -- but someone chickened out.

Kate Gosselin: Click to watch!

Kate (and her hair) was left to defend her hubby's actions all by her lonesome -- which she only kinda sorta did. Kate also told Meredith Viera that she and Jon -- who both star on a reality show which documents every minute detail of their lives -- will deal with this situation in private.


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Talk about not having a backbone.

1993 days ago

Make them go away!    

She doesn't care if she sells 1 book??? What a load of crap! Everything this money hungry, child exploiting fame whore does is for the $$$$$! If her kids are her primary concern, then why isn't she home with them? Instead she chooses to gallavant all over the country hawking her books and fleecing churches for $$$$$$ while her kids are being raised by NANNIES!. Let's face it- it's all about the MONEY with Kate Gosselin!!!!Even after everything that's gone on, she's not going to stop the gravy train reality show exploiting her kids for more MONEY.

Stop being a fame whore and go home and be a mother to your babies!

1993 days ago


Her again!!!!go home and take care of your children.....go try to teach them something....people are going to believe what they want, you can't change their minds............stop pimping your kids out......get a job like a normal mother

1993 days ago


"um" "um" "um" "um" "um"... how do you write a book when your vocabulary matches your 4yr olds?

And very hesitant to believe Jon would cheat on her????!?! THAT is the funniest thing I've heard all year. The question is...why wouldn't he? She is a total b*tch and whack job who spunges off her children.

1993 days ago


I have seem their show many times. This is not Kates personality...she comes acrross like ahe is medicated!!!

1993 days ago


she looked so tired and embarassed...anyone who watches the show knows that she is never a "shrinking violet" like meredith viera said this morning...something has got to be up. those kids are sooo screwed.

1993 days ago


She just seems tired...

1993 days ago


I thought they were going to handling this PRIVATELY. But noooooooooooooooooo fame whore Kate is on TV. She should just shut up, the situation is bad enough. The only thing she's sorry about is that Jon might ruin her cash flow.

1993 days ago


oh lord

1993 days ago

Sebastian Stoker    

I do watch that show, and am a fan of sorts. But I am always going to question the common sense of people who have fertility treatments, knowing they could end up with multiple-births - and not just twins but triplets, quads or quints - and are not even going to consider selective termination, particularly when they already have children. Jon and Kate's judgment was a tad suspect from the very beginning.

1993 days ago


Leave the poor woman alone! Talk about a good thing gone wrong! This industry has just destroyed this woman's family!!

1993 days ago


You people are so sad!!!!!!! leave the family alone, i was brought up in a big family and she is doing a fine job! People that call her mean and bossy should maybe put themselves in her place, Trust me with 8 kids you have to be on top of everything......Sad thing is the only bad part of their kids lives are Mean comments. These kids have both their parents, a nice home, good school and love each other, which is more then i can say about most families. So what is she sells books and does appearances, that her job, why would you belittle a person who is making lots of money for her family and being a good parent. guess you need to live off the Govt. and depend on everyone to have a good name. I enjoy this family and think that any person would be lucky to know them and share their people get a life about 90% of this site is crap and is pure entertainment! Take care Kate and Jon we are praying for you!

1993 days ago


omg, you have to wonder if she ever watches herself on their show. she is the biggest bi_ch ever. won't let her kids get dirty, anal retentive out the you know what, and whats up with her bizzare haircut??? i hope he IS cheating on her, cause God knows, she can be as mean as a snake.

1993 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

The saddest part was when Meredith asked if she ever had a thought of giving up the show for her family's privacy. Her answer was really vague, but she never said it entered her mind.
I think she loves the money and fame more than Jon and the kids.
Jon's not perfect, but I think his behavior is a cry for help to Kate to GET THEM THE HELL OFF OF TV!!

1993 days ago


Of course, men are all "dogs" at heart, even the really good ones. For being such a young couple, they have an extraordinary burden to bear raising so many children. I don't think Jon would ever leave Kate, but you can hardly blame him for a little fun and excitment that doesn't involve Kate or the kids! Give him a break...he's a keeper, regardless.

1993 days ago
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