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Kiefer's Handiwork -- A Broken Nose

5/8/2009 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget about that scratch you saw designer Jack McCollough sporting post-Kiefer Sutherland headbutt, Kiefer did some real damage -- allegedly.


McCollough's rep tells TMZ Jack suffered a broken nose as a result of Kiefer channeling his inner Jack Bauer early Tuesday morning. He even had to have surgery to fix it.

Launch PhotosAs we first reported, Brooke Shields feels her fall, that set things off between Kiefer and Jack, was more the fault of her 6" heels than the "jostle" from McCollough.


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What is that standing next to him in the picture?

1889 days ago

chris t    

This dude is a Pu$$y! Looks how he is clinging to his looks like he is holding onto her for protection hahaha! LOSER! Can anyone spell..W-U-S-S?

1889 days ago

Been thereDone that    

I agree with the ones who feel he should have black eyes. I, too, suffered a broken nose and as a result both eyes were blackened. Plus the "bandage" he has on his nose should have a metal or plastic brace underneath and should be extended across his cheekbones for support. His looks like a bunch of bandaids secured by scotch tape. Sorry, but I don't buy it.

1889 days ago


WHAAAAT a faker. Having had numerous broken noses,

a) Taping it does nothing. There is not point to that.

b) If it were broken, as pointed out, he'd have two black eyes.

What a drama queen.

1889 days ago


His nose is not broken. I broke my nose when I was 15 and I know other people who have. You end up with 2 black eyes. They don't hurt, but they look really awful with bruises underneath both of them. And it happens within 1-2 days. I think he's a big faker!

1889 days ago


Liar Liar pants on fire.

I had my nose broken in Tae Kwon do. It wasn't a bad break... but I couldn't wear my glasses because it hurt, and I had black eyes.

this dude not only didn't have black eyes, but the last picture of him showed him wearing sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, which would have been painful.

Something tells me this guy is milking it.

I think Kiefer was right. It appeared like whether he pushed her purposely or accidentally, Shields admittedly almost fell. He told the dufas to appologize (which is only right even if it was an accident.) guy didn't.... and whether he pushed Kiefer or not... deserved what he got for being a jack ass!!

Way to go Kiefer!!

1889 days ago

Linda Mott    

Where are the black eyes that are the result of a broken nose?

1889 days ago


WRONG!!! A REAL broken nose leaves you with black eyes.. I KNOW this.

1889 days ago


I don't think he has a broken nose either. He's in it for the cash.

1889 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

He gets himself in the mix then Kiefer sets him straight. Wussyboy cant handle it and friends tell him to dr, make mountain out of molehill then sue sue sue. Jack is NOT A REAL MAN.

1889 days ago


This midget looks like an arrogant little f*#k.

I want to head but him.

Sutherland, good shot on this little sh#t.


1889 days ago


Jack McCrybaby is looking for a quick buck. But remember, no amount of money will make your embarresment go away from getting your butt kicked by a Lost Boy!!! Hahahahaha PANSY!!!

1889 days ago


The dude deserved it He looks like a gremlin and now has a big patch. He shoulda knocked him out

1889 days ago


Thats a lawyer bandage... Make book on it.

1889 days ago


Chuckles. Did we not expect this? That the designer was going to come out saying he has more than a scratched ego, oh I mean nose. I certainly did. Puts him in the news for how many more days? Makes Kiefer look bad for how many more days? And makes Kiefer look even worse to his parole officer. As for the comment, if he had a broken nose he'd have black eyes. Really? I have no idea, never had mine broke, in a fight or otherwise. But if he's had to now go have a doctor rebreak it (allegedly) hmm, would that too cause black eyes? Doesn't look like he has any black eyes to me, or is he so vain he has make up on? Hmm, I dont think so, he'd want the media to see the alleged damnage from Keifer, than again, it's just been a few days hasn't it, maybe the bruises haven't surfaced yet? Lastly, for a gay man, he's nice to look at, but, than, so many of them are. I'd never even heard of him before all this happened. And ugh, why the hell would Brooke Shields need to be wearing 6 inch heels, she's a freakin giant as it is already. Oh yes, Kiefer, get ready to shell out some bucks (not butts, LMAO) to Jack-o, you know he wants your cash after this.

1889 days ago
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