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Kobe's Maid Still in the Money

5/9/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Remember the maid who claims Kobe's wife, Vanessa Bryant, was a super-bitch to her, allegedly ordering her to root around a poop-filled trash -- well the State board that handles unemployment claims has just ruled the maid is entitled to collect unemployment insurance.

The Bryant's allegedly forced the lady to quit, then tried to block her from collecting unemployment. They have denied the maid's claims, which include badgering, harassing and humiliating her.

The Unemployment Board concluded the maid "voluntarily left the employment because her immediate supervisor [Vanessa] repeatedly addressed her in a disrespectful and assaulting tone, and required her to perform tasks that were repugnant and demeaning."

The final straw -- the maid ruined a blouse by throwing it in the wash, and Vanessa allegedly made her go in a poop-laden trash can to find the receipt so Vanessa could deduct that amount from her paycheck. That's steamy cold!

UPDATE: Kobe Bryant's lawyer has issued an appeal to the Unemployment board, disputing all allegations and claiming the Bryant's maid quit for her own personal reasons, and not because she was mistreated.


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SoCal Razzles    

Kobe's are guilty...and Vanessa is an ugly bitch!

1993 days ago


# 1, you know this because???

1993 days ago


Im surprised you guys don't have Rihanna's naked pictures....a little slow today?

1993 days ago



You are a beautiful woman in a real position of privilege. What type
of legacy you leave is up to you.

Maybe being young with so much money has gone a little to your head,
as it would with probably most people, but you could be a person who
is admired just as easily as you could be a person who is vilified.
When you get older there will be things about your past that you'll
wish you could change, and this I'm sure will be one of those things
because no matter what, we all hate it when people say bad things
about us. And up until now you have a lot of people that are quick to
testify as to what a nasty personality you have and how you are
disrespectful to others. And is this the type of example you want to
set for your beautiful girls? Don't you want them to grow up well
liked with lots of friends and maybe have a shot at being admired?
Mean people might have friends, but they're not quality friends, and
no one admires mean people. Kids take on the manners of their
parents, and the way things are going, your girls will probably have
your self righteous attitude.

You can do better.

And truthfully, the housekeeper sounds like a troublemaker. I'm sure that the only reason she decided to make a big deal out of this is because she knew she could ride on the coattails of all the other people you've treated badly. It's sort of like Naomi Campbell ... she has such a bad reputation now that no matter who says what everyone always assumes she's guilty because she has such a bad record.

1993 days ago


Kobe... Karma is a Mother....! Hope your team gets blown away by the Houston Rockets tonight. Crack heads don't know how to treat people.

1993 days ago


That just gives more credibility to the maid. Despite their millions, the Bryants are compelled to stoop as petty as trying to block her unemployment compensation (which I'm sure if the maid saved for a year, still probably couldn't buy a blouse like the one Vanessa made her fish through dog poop over).

1993 days ago


Vanessa "Count Chocula" Bryant strikes again!

1993 days ago


O iwonder it the maid was white and kobb ask her to lean over a chair

1993 days ago


sux 2 b nessa and kobes

1993 days ago


Stay in school and get an education so you don't have to hire on as a lowly maid. It will make you resentful and spiteful and moneygrabbingly dishonest.

1993 days ago


Kobe is going to get the b-slap he deserves from LeBron.
The guy is such a tool. No wonder his cosemtics counter
wife married him.

1993 days ago



1993 days ago


Umm okay, So wheres the story, you just said everything you covered before? I don't see whats NEW about the story... I think TMZ needs to hire some college educated writers or journalists.

1993 days ago

new dating    

I wonder if Rihanna went to the same piercer as Cassie lol .

1993 days ago

Michael J. Jackson Fan    

Kudos # 3. Well said..

1993 days ago
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