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Barbra Streisand's Receptionist Busted

5/10/2009 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barbra Streisand's receptionist needs people -- like criminal defense lawyer Blair Berk.

We've learned Tina Fortenberry was arrested for allegedly possessing cocaine and methamphetamines. She was also busted for possession of a dangerous weapon and for driving on a suspended license.

It happened Wednesday on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Fortenberry was stopped for expired tags. After Sheriff's deputies stopped her they found the contraband inside her car.

The dangerous weapon in her car was a sap -- similar to nunchakus.

At the time of her arrest Fortenberry was carrying some mail for Babs that she was supposed to take to the post office. Someone who works for Barbara had to go to the Sheriff's department to retrieve it.

No word on who is answering Barbra's phones, but we hear Lily Tomlin needs work.


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Well i'm coming to cali.....i'm coming to clog up and pollute your state within two years! I will take someone's place! I will bring my marlboros and replace some idiot smoker that left and spread my second hand smoke all around also!

1990 days ago


Why would Barbara hire this tough looking Lesbain as an assistant? I don't get it.

1990 days ago

420 GIRL    

Do not go to California.
The Calif. natives (we) will not accept you.

Stay the F out of Cali.

1990 days ago


Good ole Babs and her employee's would of been news 25-30 years ago.
In 2009 I am sure 50% of America does not even know who Babs even is, and who cares who or what her secertary did.

1990 days ago


i feel like she could afford to pay someone more reputable. Possession of narcotics and a dangerous weapon. And driving on a suspended license with expired tags on top of that!!!

1990 days ago


I'll smack all you btches!!!

1990 days ago


wow! um she looks like the biggest rapist ever so ya . but um i guess i should just read the article

1990 days ago


I think the Lili Tomlin remark is a reference to the fact that 2 gigs she had this weekend in Santa Barbara were cancelled because of the fire . . . ?

1990 days ago


she has to supply barbaras huge nose with candy

1990 days ago


In response to #46 Barbra Streisand is the US music industry's #1 best-selling female recording artist. She is second in the all-time charts, ahead of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, exceeded only by Elvis. Streisand remains the only artist to receive an Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe, Cable Ace, and Peabody Awards, and the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award.

The winner of multiple Grammy Awards, Streisand has sold many millions of records, with 50 of them gold and 30 platinum. She is also the only artist to have Billboard #1 albums spanning four decades--the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.

YOU DONT GET TO BE THAT BY DOING CRACK, COKE OR METH... She is the greatest Star of this century. All of you Haters can just TAKE IT!

1990 days ago

Mary Worth    

Barbra Streisand's Tony award was not a competitive award. It was honorary.
If you ever read James Bacon's book, you'd see that he, a movie columnist, was casually given a friend's oscar ballot to fill out. He chose a name at random: Streisand's. And it was mailed in.
Also, Barbra Streisand was allowed to vote in that oscar race. It broke tradition. The normal procedure was to wait at least a year, and to have two sponsors support her application for membership before she could vote.
Streisand had a powerful movie columnist, Sidney Skolsky, campaigning for her in his HOLLYWOOD CITIZEN-NEWS column. He published letter after letter from Streisand's fans in this paper that all the voters probably read.
Regarding the record selling. Mariah Carey has the record for having the most #1 singles. I believe Shania Twain has the record for the biggest selling album by a female.
I'd have to see the source that claims she outsold the Beatles and Elvis Presley. Or even Garth Brooks.
Having a #1 selling album in four decades. That's not all that as a claim to greatness. I believe Cher had #! selling singles in four decades.
Golden Globes, and other awards are not all that great, eitrher.
The American Film Institute Awards. Look at who didn't get that lifetime award while they were alive. MARLON BRANDO and KATHERINE HEPBURN, among two artists who could act circles around Streisand!

1990 days ago

Mary Worth    

# 9;

Please believe me when I claim that

1.- I have hit on non-photogenic (I refuse to call them, ugly) people.

2.- I have talked to, and smiled at homeless people.. It was my privilege!

3.- I may look with concern and even pity on highly obese people; but never with dsgust! And I certainly hope they don't look at me, an average person, with disgust, either.

1990 days ago


I believe the Lily Tomlin remark is in reference to her telephone switchboard operator character (Ernestine) from the Laugh-In days.

Receptionists answer telephones, get it???

1989 days ago


In response to number 50/52. I have no idea who James Bacon is, other than his wikipedia, which paints him as a bit player, who ended up making a living writing about other peoples accomplishments. You can verify album sales with RIAA.
Streisand wins.

The point I was trying to make, is that these people seem to equate Barbra as some meth head or coke user, and that is far from the case.
She is a multi-talented star, and does not deserve to have her name dragged through the mud, because of something an employee did. I am a huge fan, and she has brought a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people, as well as raise and donate millions to causes concerned with improving the environment, women's issues, civil rights and AIDS research.

1989 days ago

Thetan Mapother    


CRIPES O'MIGHTY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1989 days ago
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