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David Hasselhoff's Ex -- Over Your Dead Body!

5/11/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Hasselhoff & Pamela BachDavid Hasselhoff's ex, Pamela Bach, wants to make sure ... if David croaks, the spousal support keeps a comin'.

Pamela has asked the judge in their never-ending divorce for an order, requiring David to maintain life insurance, which would pay her support if David dies. There's actually a law in California giving judges the power to make such an order -- seriously!

But David doesn't want to shell out the dough for the life insurance, claiming it wasn't part of their divorce deal.

So until death do us part doesn't really mean that ...who knew?

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Go get a job you no talent Beyoootch!!!!

1956 days ago


He shouldn't have to pay her a penny. Remember that video of him on the floor trying to eat a big mac? Un, did she have anything to do with the airing of that? and she wants child support, what a joke she is. , She didn't care of the welfare of her chikd (children) when they were embarressed of seeing their father like that.. ANY JUDGE who would grant her any money from Him is crazy... Let her go out and get a job and support herself, PLEANTY of kids only get two hundred dollars a month. But she shouldn't even get fifty dollars. HE SHOULD GET FULL CUSTODY OF HIS KIDS

1956 days ago


He will NEVER get Life Insurance. The Undewriting process will see the drug-bozze issues, that are still very current and decline his appliacation. After 3-5 years( depending on the state) of bing clean and sober, he MIGHT be be able to get some company to write a policy, but with a big face amonunt the cost would be VERY LARGE,,,The law may be the law, but you cab't force an insurance conmpany to write a policy
Get a job bitch

1956 days ago



"The children could potential be screwed"? And by "screwed" you mean the children may have to live the life of the 97% of the rest of the children in this Country? Without multimillions of dollars at their disposal? Boo Hoo! Or if by "screwed" you mean the lesser earning spouse may actually have to contribute financially to the rearing of the children? And I always thought that it takes two to make a child meaning both should share in the financial obligations... unless one makes more money, in which case it only takes one and that one should pay for everything.

Posted at 1:31PM on May 11th 2009 by Mike

um, I think you misunderstood....
NO mike the law is made up because if you have two working middle class people - let's even say dad gets to keep the children. Mom has to pay child support to dad but then mom dies. As to not have dad collecting food stamps after mom's death because hey maybe he's maxed at his earning potential and is trying to raise two kids on one income. like I said earlier, this woman is abusing the system using him as a money train and as not to get a job if mr. hasselhoff drinks himself to death.

they are both douche bags.

1956 days ago


Sooo, Gays cant get married our get equal rights but dead people can have court orders against them? Way to go California!

1956 days ago


Ladies - if you are having trouble finding a good guy to marry you, it's not your fault. THIS is the reason. Gold-diggers like Ms ex-Hasseloff, ex-Hogan, and ex-McCarthy, and the LAWS THAT ENABLE THEM, have ruined a great institution for the rest of us honest men and women of the world. Marriage rates have falen by 52% since 1970. That means there are half as many as men getting down on one knee to propose as it did in our parent's generation. We can't blame them. Look at these laws that make men pay alimony to the very women who have divorced them; and to add insult to injury, the judge makes them take out life insurance, so that they continue paying alimony from beyond the grave. It is simply sick and perverted.

1956 days ago

i still hate retards    

she's just a f*cking bitch and that is coming from a woman. i hate women who think being married was the job and they should get paid. live on what you got or get a job!

1956 days ago


23. Sooo, Gays cant get married our get equal rights but dead people can have court orders against them? Way to go California!

Posted at 4:17PM on May 11th 2009 by alli

STFU...if gays want to get married & have equal rights, let them go to the east coast & do it. We don't want that crap here! And I for one am sick of seeing bulldaggers & butt pirates making spectacles out of themselves in public. California may be alot of things, but we don't want to see this behavior or have our children see it!! And excuse you but I happen to love living in California! Just wish they'd close the borders

1956 days ago

F***ing Gold Digga    

OMG She sux ass!!! Poor Hoff!!!

1956 days ago


Alli - How dare you question California's ban on gay marriage? Marriage is between one man, one woman, her adulterous lover, her divorce lawyer, a judge, a social worker who comes to take your kids away, and the cops who come to arrest you after you refuse to make any alimony payments. How dare you intrude in such a sacred institution?!

1956 days ago


*incredulous cough* What? Pamela... get a job.

1956 days ago


Reading between the lines I guess that she's thinking he may croak in the not too distant future. Kinda sad.

1955 days ago


he jus has 2 make sure she dies first - she's such a skank!!!

1955 days ago

the whisper    

O.K -- am i reading these comments correctly !

-- She the realy demon here because she doesn't have a job and stay's home with the children -- and is a drunk .

-- He's the real saint in this issue and the better parnet -- becasue he's only a four staged -- abusive drunk who works and is the bread winner of the family .

1955 days ago


What is wrong with this woman. She is crazy as a loon. The judge needs to put her in her place and slap a restraining order against her MOUTH. She's a real nut job.

1955 days ago
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