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911 Calls -- Real Life 'Dallas' for Pamela Ewing

5/13/2009 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vicrtoria Principal Click to listen!Depending on whose 911 call you believe, either Victoria Principal or her maid is an outlaw.

Victoria claims the maid is trying to rob her. The hysterical maid says Vickie P. was trying to shoot her.

Listen and judge for yourself.

BTW, both are now suing each other.


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Carrys F.    

Yeah. I'm sorry. I really don't care about this over the hill plasti-face and her dumb maid. I really, really don't.

1987 days ago

artie help    

beat it bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRST.

1987 days ago


I know this is really sad, and like, get a life and all, but can some technically-minded geek please explain to me how when you put a comment on, and its at number three, say, how it then has jumped to slot number six when you visit the page later? I've always wondered this. I know, I know, get a life blah blah blah, but could somebody else without a life please explain it to me?

1986 days ago

lost in lalaland    

#2 & #3: I really pride myself on trying to put myself in someone else's shoes when I don't really get them. But, it's not working for you and your other "FIRST!" buddies. Really? When you go to bed at night this is what you note as your accomplishment for the day? Is this how you measure your worth? It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring to the rest of us, we really wish you'd make an intelligent comment instead. Proving you are hovering over a gossip site for your big accomplishment of the day is pretty sad. Perhaps a career playing competitive Ms. Pac Man is a more honorable endeaver. Think about it. It's like the guy that thinks he's a man because he can push his right toe down and rev the engine. He thinks it impresses the girls, but they're really wondering just how small his d*ck must be.

1986 days ago


Lalaland - what are you talking about??? Its just a bit of harmless fun for certain insomniacs. Nice for you that you've had such a fulfilling day that you dont bother going on crappy websites and making comments. Oh, hang just did!!

1986 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

FIRST Bitches! ..
See how stooooopid you look for typing that?

Now.......... I think Victoria Principle should be calling Immigration.
Never mind 911.
Immigration will that bitches send ass back under the fence.

1986 days ago


I believe Victoria Principal before I would believe her slimy housekeeper. you cant even understadn her. If I didnt know how to speak well enought so an emergancy operator can understand me I would take speeh lessons and English. You cant even understand the idiot. She steals from her employer, then trys to play a victim. GO HOME!

1986 days ago


Miss California, why do you think your comment is SO much more intelligent than "First Bitches!!!"? LOL. You're just as much an idiot for thinking that your opinion on some nobody celebrities is SOOOoooo important to share hahaha

1986 days ago


Rednecks and their guns. Think they can pull a gun on anyone. and all you imbeciles on here supporting her just because the maid is spanish. Makes me so proud NOT to be American.

1986 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I was just take N a fudge and the phone rang SORRY bout that nanners

1986 days ago


Being a Dallas fan, I've followed Victoria Principal through the years. At times it seems she thinks she's better than everyone else--one example being that she couldn't get to the Dallas reunion. I question this situation for that reason? Why does she have to call 911 and announce her name? She demands the police get right there, because she is Victoria Principal. Glad I didn't have a bigger emergency in that area at that time!!!!!

1986 days ago

PEPSI Generation    


1986 days ago

Love me some TMZ    

victoria is a liar, u can tell by how defensive and bitchy she was to the 911 operator

1986 days ago


they're both jackasses...

1986 days ago


I agree with MissCaliforniaSucks & ICU812.

Vikki dear, If you had hired a maid that could speak English maybe she would have understood what "Your fired, get out of my house" means.

1986 days ago
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