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Miss California Topless -- Oops, She Did It Again

5/13/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean must have a really, really bad memory -- because TMZ uncovered a brand new set of topless photos "biblically correct" Miss California took before she applied for the crown.

Miss California - Photos

These pics were taken just last year -- meaning Carrie was the ripe ol' LEGAL age of 20.

This time, Carrie dropped her top for a professional photo shoot ... another partially nude gig that she forgot to tell the Miss California officials about.

Donald Trump
will decide today whether or not he'll give Carrie the heave ho.

UPDATE: At today's presser, Trump let Carrie keep her crown.

Miss Rhode Island: Click to view


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Karen Ann    

While I don't personally think it's a big thing, other girls in the past got the boot for the same thing. It wouldn't be right to let Carrie get away with this when others lost their crown. I say she should go. What is right for one should be right for all.

1999 days ago


Let's get back to the REAL STORY FREEDOM OF SPEECH! I don't care if she posed in playboy, the point of all this is she said what she believed & is getting trashed to shut her & others up. I would bet there are many out there who have posed nude, cussed, DUI, etc... who believe the same thing. And lets talk about all the child molesters out there that are homosexual. Why is it when a man molest a little boy he is not also identified as a homsexual child molester? I mean that is what he is isn't he? He is male & he molested another male, so does that not make him a homosexual child molester? Maybe because they only want positive publicity. Why not look into the past of the homosexual who asked her the question that really started all of this? Is he off limits? What kind of jounalist are you morons that don't bother to check into every detail of his past? This is not about her Christianity & wether it is real or not, it's about being able to speak your mind & have freedom of speech without being crusified for it, just because someone else did not agree.

1999 days ago

skanky skanks    

shadowwolf sorry to hear you were mollested. get help.

you're right, everything should be when i get on the freeway, i want to drive in the lane specified for "latino senior citizens with diabetes", not the lane assigned for "asian teens with narcolepsy".

the issue is that prejean lied by taking these hooker pictures. you dont see that because you - along with most of the GOP war mongers - enjoy the distraction of tits. if these tits were FOR gay marriage, you would hate her. it's basically the SARAH PALIN SYNDROME (terminal disease in the whole planet EXCEPT THE BIBLE BELT AND RURAL AREAS).


1999 days ago


Lying hypocrite

1999 days ago

roger d. hawkins    

Heck you see that much on the beach, tell all the do gooders to just grow up, this is 2009 not 1939, she won the contest for miss california not miss USA, I say get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1999 days ago


She will burn in Hell for her whoreishness. She is not a Christian but of the devil by showing her womanly parts. Come judgment day she will be spending eternity with the devil in Hell.

1999 days ago


Just take the crown form that racist BITCH!!!

1999 days ago

Belle Blont    

If indeed she is under age then TMZ should be charged that is what is wrong today. Plenty of over age naked girls out there. TMZ shame on you running these shoos I hope the officials come after you. Could those be the direct work of Perez's slander campaign? Me thinks I smell a Drity Rat. Sad Perez looks so gross or I am sure his naked shots could be posted on here. Perez There is a message at your offcie waiting for you. Helled called your front row center seat is waiting and bring sunblock 2000 it gets real warm there.

1999 days ago

Wedding Favors    

Its not the fact that she posed, in fact she looks incredible and I'd love to see more. It is the fact that she has the same holier then thou attitude most christians have. Dont stand up and say your a christian, and you are a holy church person, and then have topless pics surface. Its not her that anyone is mad at its the hypocricy that give her and most bible thumpers a bad name.

1999 days ago

skanky skanks    

feed prejean into a jet engine

1999 days ago


""30. People want to be 'Bibically correct' when it comes to gays & marriage and everything else, they DONT FOLLOW, if your going to be correct be correct in ALL of what the 'Bible says', other wise keep your mouth closed, something she didnt do.
And for all these Bible gay thumping people who get divorced dont forget what else the Bible says, "I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery.” - Matthew 19:9
Thanks ;)

Posted at 3:26AM on May 12th 2009 by ModelCR""


1999 days ago

Aunt PittyPat    

This is not a matter of freedom of speech; it is a matter of breach of contract. That said, I endorse Defense of Marriage; therefore, I look forward for divorce to be made illegal in this country. It is the ease of divorce that is causing the real breakdown in traditional marriage. Surely, it can't be that organizations that incite good people to give them money in order to target gays have missed the fact the divorce rate is 50%, while all the homosexuals in the entire nation constitute only 1% of the population. Can they be that bad at math? Or is there another agenda?
Ya' think?

1999 days ago

skanky skanks    


1999 days ago


""36. All you holier than thou homosexuals who criticize this woman and then turn around and have sex with the first drunk that says why not because they can't see straight after four long Island ice teas, need to get a life. She believes in marriage with a man and any man would love to have a gorgeous body like she has. But since gay men can't appreciate her beauty and all the homely lesbians only dream they could look like her, you choose to trash her out of spite and hate. Typical liberal miserable democrats. She may not be the best christian out there but what do you care. Since you don't believe in God, you're a lot closer to hell than she is. Think of that next time you say "Oh God" when you are taking it up the old mud road.

Posted at 3:43AM on May 12th 2009 by Democrats are evil""

...says the hypocrite bible-thumper.

1999 days ago


No, 'the homos' dont need to give her a break. Sure she has the right to speak her mind, as we all do, but everyone knows speaking your mind has consequences, she is now feeling those consequences. Tough luck.

1999 days ago
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