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Miss California -- More Pics to Come?

5/13/2009 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Biblically correct" Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was just on "Today" -- where she said there could definitely be more racy photos on the way, as long as there are more photographers out there "willing to make an extra buck."

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
She also tried explaining the whole "windy day" excuse a bit more -- even dropping the dreaded Janet Jackson term "wardrobe malfunction." Oh Lawd.


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1933 days ago


"She is what this country needs"??? So this country needs a LIAR, someone who breaks promises, and a stripper? Man.....standards are crap these days.

1933 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Hey #46, are you talking about Obama?

1933 days ago

Angry CPU    

These women need a real job, end of story.

1933 days ago


I think Carrie must have turned Harry down for a date or something.
That or he's dating Perez Hilton.
Are you TMZ people really this mentally unbalanced?
Either way, you lost.
Take your azz whupping and shut up.

1933 days ago


Hey 46, go back to your mothers basement and pound yourself to your fathers old playboys (or playgirls).

1933 days ago

Illinois person    

Newname: we'll jump when you do. Gay Nazi's, TMZ losers, chumps and jumping off of bridges aren't silly comments? Practice what you're preaching (Cali junior) or shut the hell up and state some facts. Just like Cali, you want your say all while trying to silence others too.

1933 days ago


I expect this trash from Perez Hilton but I thought TMZ was a little more classy, clearly I am wrong. I am in favor of gay marriage but I'm also in favour of people being allowed to express their opinion without fear of harassment, but it seems this only applies if you say something that the media agrees with. Oh, or if you are the President of the USA who has repeatedly expressed the same opinion - why aren't you going after him? Pathetic, TMZ.

1933 days ago


I am just sick of her. We may share some of the same opinions and we may not but I am tired of the fame treain this girl is riding. She lets her ignorance out every time she opens her mouth. Go away and let the real Miss USA be seen.

1933 days ago


Hey #48. Your political agenda is showing.

Obama and Clinton agree with her on gay marriage. That's not the problem. Her going on the media tour screaming about it, and joining up with NOM was just stupid. If she would have just STFU, this would have been over weeks ago. Instead, she continues to pick at that scab.

I absolutely believe in free speech, but you can't expect those that disagree with you to not exercise THEIR right to free speech when you are screaming from the rooftops. She's getting exactly what she WANTS. She's an attention whore.

1933 days ago


This girl needs to be slapped for all of the lies she has told.You can not be holier than thou and pose nude at the same time the 2 just dont go hand in hand.Its not the point of her posing for the pics but lying about their existence to everyone including Miss California pageant She has her own beliefs yes but to say that it is not right for someone to marry one they love is another thing. People should be able to marry whoever they want to marry gay straight Bi Black white Pink it doesnt matter but keep your opinions to yourself if they are so one sided Ms. Carrie Prejean"dirty" Bible Queen

1933 days ago


Hery, Illinois person, I'm just giving you and others a taste of your own medicine. Doesn't feel good, does it? I know people who are homosexual and I couldn't care less what they do. They aren't vile and hateful like you and others. Carrie Prejean politelty voiced her opinion when asked a question. And how do some people respond? By acting like fools.

1933 days ago

Cry us a river    

She gets to keep her crown. AH HA!

1933 days ago


I can't even remember who the real winner is.
this gal is getting so much press
MISS CHRISTIAN and her good wholesome morals
she has posed half nude before and you can tell by her tap dancing on Matt Lauer's show that she is lying.
THe wind blew it off
PLEASE so full of BS
this gal is full of crap - she is totally plastic and looks like a gazillion gals in LA
but the point is she is a liar
It has nothing to do with her comments on gay marriage now - it is about her being a hypocrite and a liar
and remember California paid for her boobs
JEsus would not be happy about that
she is a liar

1933 days ago


Once again this site lies. Not once did she say that there are more racy photos to come. The word "racy" was your choice - and not the truth. Why do you "lie" and in the same blog, accuse her of "lying"? The photos released so far, and likely to surface, may ONLY be modeling shots, where the photoshoot process resulted in an occasional "oops" shot that was NEVER intended to be used. Racy photos are quite something else. The pose and shot was intended to be "racy", even if a picture was not intended to be released. If Carrie did nude modeling, intending to create nude shots; then you might have a case. But so far, all you have to show for your efforts are lies, misrepresentations, slander, and controversy based on your personal hatred of anyone who stands on this particular side of a "gay" issue. Too bad the debate can't stay intelligent.

1933 days ago
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