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Obsessed 'Twilight' Fans Scalped Over Wardrobe

5/13/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The key to surviving the economic crisis could be as simple as exploiting a "Twilight" fan ... because some obsessed wanna-Bellas are forking over hundreds of dollars for a $59 jacket she wore on the set.


After Kristen Stewart was snapped smoking wearing this Billabong jacket on the set of "New Moon," rabid fans quickly feasted on every last one available in stores across the country. Now, some opportunistic peeps are trying to flip the military-esque outerwear on eBay for upwards of $350 -- and people are actually buying them!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry ladies, but even if you pony up all that cash ... Robert Pattinson still ain't gonna suck your blood.


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Teen girls are stupid, they will buy anything to say the have something a celebrity does.The first movie was garbage, now they are rushing to make a second one which will be even worse.

1958 days ago


Garbage that's making truckloads of cash.

1958 days ago


Haha! TMZ YOUR RIGHT!!! =)

1958 days ago


Women are just plain stupid..............

1958 days ago


it is a she wears it in the movie as for the jacket ha I had one long before the movie maybe I should sell mine to some dumb girl willing to use her parents credit card for 10 grand and claim it is the original hmmmmm.. just messing and mmm mmm mmm Rob is such a hottie

1958 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Americans are braindead sheep
Can you BLAME the Illuminati?

1957 days ago


Kristen Stewart was a complete bore in the first movie. She was terrible as Bella. The woman was painful to watch on screen, she does not captivate the audience. Good thing teen girls are the audience. I met this one young woman who had not read the books, but saw the movie at the theater five times. I read the books, and when I saw the movie on DVD, i wanted the two hours of my life back. The director was recently in Irvine talking about female directors. Twilight the movie was nothing to be proud of....other than making money. As a film is was crap! I hope Stewart and Pattinson took acting lessons between the films, and I hope the new director will know who to direct to get the best performances he can out of his actors. Oh yeah, don't get me started on the terrible make up artist...for the Cullens being the most beautiful people we have ever seen, they looked awful in their make up for Twilight. Ugh......

1957 days ago


I've loved all the Twilight items. The Billabong jacket, the Lucky Brand shirt...even the Hot Topic Limited Edition Jacket !

If people want to dress like Bella - who are we to deny them, Imperial Stormtroopers ?

1957 days ago


I am one of those fans who bought this jacket. I do not have one of stores nearby, so I always turn to Ebay to get my hard to find Twilight items. It's not so much the sellers selling them for outrageous prices, it's the buyers (Twilight Fans) that keep bidding up the auction. I am actually thankful for Ebay for giving us a place to find these items, and if I am willing to pay - why should they Ebay sellers get a bad rap?

1957 days ago


All u twilight haters got off your butts and get a job. Don't u have anything better to do and just sit around and work your little fingers typing comments on other people acting, they have a job and making all this $$$$$$$$$$$$ so what about that.

1957 days ago


i wouldn't buy something just cause she wore it but i must admit it is reallly cute and similar to one i have, but i bought it like a year and a half ago! oh and happy b-day rob!

1957 days ago


its cool looking
but i wouldnt buy it just because an actor has it

looks like some people want to be bella swan and want edward to notice them

its pretty patheitic
what stephanie myer has brought on teen girls.

no wonder why other countries dont like us

we idolizes someone who's not real.

1957 days ago


in canada in vancouver a store named UNDERWORLD has it
on 860 granville street
call them 604 899 8949


1957 days ago


The bedding set from the movie (purple with black) was from Target and about $40-60 and goes on ebay for upwards of $400-500 and more.

1957 days ago

Mariah The Cat    

Wow, teenage girls are really stupid...


1943 days ago

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