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Sen. Schumer -- The Battle for Maple Syrup

5/13/2009 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY) is on a one man maple syrup crusade -- indirectly waging war on Vermont because he believes the sugary sap from his state is better than anywhere else.

Charles Schumer: Click to watch
Schumer fired off a letter to the CEO of IHOP, pleading for the restaurants in his state to serve maple syrup from New York with their Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruities -- an idea he got from the good people of VT.

As for his scientific evidence behind the claim that syrup in the Empire State rules supreme: "It's more mapley than any other."

UPDATE: It's about to get sticky because Senator Patrick Leahy (D, VT) just gave TMZ this statement--
"If Senator Schumer can convince restaurants in his state to use New York syrup, more power to him. Just so long as they're ready to lose market share to restaurants that use the real thing from Vermont."


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1953 days ago

arte help    

I want Sen Schumer to lick maple syrup off my bloated hairy body.

1953 days ago


As if.... you want good maple syrup, the best of the best is from Quebec, Canada.

1953 days ago

Lenn K.    

This is what liberals do, demand you let the government control your life just like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. This is America and we don't need the government running our lives. Although, this is what the liberals elected Obama to do for them.

1953 days ago


This man has nothing better to do?? There is no common sense left in Washington. Why doesnt this senile old windbag STFU already and retire for the sake of all. He is making a complete fool of himself AGAIN. Please elect him OUT of office once and for all.

1953 days ago


Thank you Ashley.

You beat me to it.

The very best maple syrup is indeed from the cold province of Quebec.

1953 days ago

mellon bruse N    

is in your pants crawing up your yaho.& I only lick myself after I eat myself OUT.

1953 days ago


Presidential Obama told a car company they can only spend half the money they want to on advertising. I guess Shmoemer whats to get in on it. We are now socialists. Next stop communism!

1953 days ago

mellon bruse N    

HIGH CRICK CRICK is drag queen davie morrissey& johhny titts HOME`O sport?.

1953 days ago


Schumer has one of the most annoying and whiny voices of any politician. Probably got the s--t kicked out of him in school on a daily basis. He is a good advocate for NY though. As a resident of both NY and VT I can say that people in both states should stop consuming maple syrup because there are just too many fatties in both states. Try some upstate NY apples instead.

1953 days ago

artie help    

TOOSOFTFORYOU., you really are a lil bitch. Hell hath no fury, like a bored unemployed lil bitch scorned.

1953 days ago


And people wonder why politicians are held in low esteem? Chuck, go do something important. Shilling for maple syrup is really below a US Senator.

1953 days ago


Thirding Quebec over anywhere else.

1953 days ago


Two wars going on, worst economy since Carter, thousands of people losing their jobs by the month, and this is what this crook is worried about? Typical liberal. Worthless and damaging to the country but yet very self-severing.

1953 days ago


this Guy is the biggest rooty tootie fresh and FRUITY ScHMUCK out there.

1953 days ago
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