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Ryan O'Neal Watches 'Farrah' with Farrah

5/16/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan O'Neal showed up at Farrah Fawcett's home yesterday to watch the NBC special, "Farrah's Story."



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May God be with Farrah and her family. She is truly brave to reveal this horrific story to the world.

1983 days ago


my mother had cancer and told no one until she wa hospitalized six weeks b4 she died.for a while we all thought she was selfish should have sought treatment etc...i understand now after 16 yrs.she was the center of our family and we would have fallen apart alot sooner if we had to watch her fight only to lose in the end...i love farrah .i love my prayers are with all who have to deal with this .there is no right answer- my mom wanted time with us without the saddness of sickness hanging over our moments.

1983 days ago


She's a tough woman but she's had a fairytale life already. I feel for those who suffer as she does but who can't run off to Mexico for a vacation or many trips to Germany for the cure da jour. She's seen the mountaintop. The most they will ever hope to see is the top of a gutter. Where was their "Rocky Mountain High"?

1983 days ago


I think what she did was very important, we see death as "hollywood" portrays it, but it is not. It's not a pretty site. My brother in law died of cancer and in his last few days it was the hardest thing ever to watch. the pain is just so unbearable and the act of the "final" act was so horrofic that to this day I see it. Why did we have a War on Cancer under Kennedy and more poeple today are dying from this. What she did was to show the shear truth of this, no script, no happy ending just plain real. I wish she would have gotten a miracle, just like I wished for my brother-in-law and sadly my 11mos old niece who had a brain tumor that was detected 2 wks before she died. She was a beautiful girl, a baby, a sweet baby, something needs to be done. God bless her and all her face this. I wish you didn't have to suffer.

1983 days ago


I wish that I could let Farrah know how much i feel for her even though I don't know her personally. It doesn't matter; this is human to human. Her courage, strength and belief is so moving. I pray for her and I hope that life will give back what she so desires; life. I don't know where she gets her strength from but she does not play the 'victim' in any way. Certainly, anyone who preys on her at such a time just for their own 'gain' is selfish and their behaviour is cruel. There are no words for such predators. TMZ and others, please leave her and those close to her alone. This is not a 'story'. Her story that she CHOSE to share, is courageous and shows how giving she is to allow us in at such a personal, painful and vulnerable time. Thank you Farrah and may G-d bless you.

1983 days ago


hey number 73, did it occur to you that it was a lie?? she is so sedated she didnt know her own son when he came in what makes you think because oneal said she watched it that he is telling the truth? that guy is going and is trying to profit off this. do you think the station that showed it didnt pay money for it???also for you knuckleheads dont you think it is possible that that station paid for all her trips to germany and mexico to have the right to show that film???oneal wants to marry now. for what?? to inherit her money and rights to her marketing her name and her home ??? this jerk has always been a loser and he is still the same. now he is cashing in. sounds rough but you watch and use your logic. when she is gone this idiot will be in court and lined up with attorneys to get everything he can so HE can make money off her. just watch

1983 days ago

Southern gal    

It made me cry, anyone who wasn't touched has no heart. My husband has cancer that is in remission and I pray that he doesn't go through that one day. She is VERY brave, God be with her and comfort her!

1983 days ago


Why did Farrah have to go to Germany for these treatments; why are they not offered here in North America? Millions, no---BILLIONS of dollars are raised for 'cancer research' and people are still suffering in tremendous pain from this terrible disease only to die in the's not right. I pray for Farrah, may she be given the Peace she so greatly deserves, she is truly an angel.

1983 days ago

uh oh    

The show was touching and showed an extremely brave woman. To the people talking about the advantage of her having money...There's not a one of us here, who wouldn't do the same. The woman wants to live and went through hell trying to accomplish that. She worked hard for her fame and has a right to do everything she did. She is lucky to have so much support from friends and family. I hope and pray she gets her miracle before it's too late. No one deserves to go through this.

No one forced this woman to do this. It was what she wanted, in hopes of helping other people. She should be admired and respected. It was extremely courageous. I have always thought she is an extremely beautiful and talented lady. I wish her peace and I pray she has limited pain. If it's her time, then it's God will. She will always be a true angel.

God Bless Farrah and Her Friends and Family. Prayers coming your way.

1983 days ago


Thank you for all the kind, caring comments here, but most of all Thank you to Farrah, for her bravery and strength. May your courage continue to inspire, God Bless.The show deserves the highest reward, it was incredibly well done.

1983 days ago


I saw parts of it and OH MY GOSH...I felt SOOO sorry farrah going through that & for ryan and their son. Yes, hes in a lot of trouble but you have to realize that is her SON......this has got to take a toll on the family and it is so sad to see ANYONE (CELEBRITY OR NOT) GO THROUGH this! I have donated to charities for cancer and plan to do so again. I hope more people do so because it seems a lot tend to donate more to being green or africa. WHY not donate to our own country and make a difference in cancer research...Thanks to the advancements people with cancer can live longer. And i feel grateful to have helped a little bit. Anyone who's lost someone to cancer would know how awful it is. I just hope people don't joke about this or say shes out for money because thats not her motive. She wants to get awareness of this out and show enquirer that she has tried to fight it........and shes just getting to weak. Shame on enquirer...they are sleezebags and i will never buy their magazine again.

1983 days ago

With the bilions of dollars that have been spend on cancer research and finding a cure for cancer, doesn't it seem strange that no cure has been found? President John Adam's daughter died from breast cancer and yet over 200 years later women still die from breast cancer.If a cure for cancer was found tomorrow,think of all the money the American Cancer Society would lose and the drug companies.

1983 days ago


Ryans worst performace ever!

1983 days ago


Her strength and bravery is very admirable, we could all learn from her example. Prayers for Farrah and all who suffer.

1983 days ago


Ryan ONeal....Lifelong drug addict....the son as well....Poor Farrah...too bad she ever met that bum.

1982 days ago
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