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Adam Lambert -- Living Under a Rock

5/18/2009 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" finalist Adam Lambert claims he was completely unaware of "biblically correct" Miss California's now infamous gay marriage answer because the "Idol Bubble" blocks him off from the outside world.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
Think he's telling the truth -- or did he just chicken out on the issue before his all-important final vote?


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Still hott.

1962 days ago


Adam Lambert is one of the best vocalists & performers AI has ever seen! He captured my attention weeks ago and has kept me on the edge of my seat through out this whole season. I never really cared much for anyone on Idol until this year with Adam. Kris is sweet and has had a few good performances but he really is kinda boring, just like many average guys who can strum a guitar or play piano in your local corner bar. VOTE ADAM LAMBERT FTW!

1962 days ago



1962 days ago


Adams playing it safe ! HELLO people look at Elton John. George Michael, often gay artist hide who they really are at 1st, afte they make the cash and start to fade away they come out. History repeats it's self. If Adam came out before, Id liked him alot better. BUT he's playing it safe and not talking. All the young girls love gay guys they can't have. plus Adam seems so full of himself.
I vote for Chris. I dont think Chrs is keeping his sexuality under covers.

1962 days ago


American Idol has them under contract and they are not allowed to comment on anything until the competition is over. I also highly doubt the lying, manipulative Ms. Prejean and her narrow minded opinions have been at the top of Adam's worries at this moment in his life.

1962 days ago


And why do you have to ask HIM these Q's?? So stupid. Adam is great, he handled it well like he does everything else. Stop trying to bring him down TMZ! And why does everything have to be about him being gay. Like we all don't know it already. We know, and we don't care. It doesn't matter to us, he is talented and he is the best artist ever to grace the AI stage.

We love you Adam, keep doing what you do and be true to yourself!!

1962 days ago


Adam is a pervert, not just gay, a pervert. I urge everyone to vote for Kris, a real man with talent.

1962 days ago


#20, that makes NO sense. sorry, but NONE. chris, err, kris, is not keeping HIS sexualtiy a secret?! you must be kidding. since when to straight, or people perceived to be straight, have to worry about THEIR sexuality?? it's only when someone is gay, or thought to be gay, that they are harrassed to heck about it! it's NO one's business and no one should be asking such invasive, rude questions. period!
I pray he doesn't have to deal with the same hurtful BS clay aiken did. He grew up in a diff more open place with more open people, and he appears to be ok with things. but that doesn't mean he wants to or has to talk about it!! it's PERSONAL.

1962 days ago

Bipolar is like any other disease she needs medication    

Love you Adam! I can't wait to hear your angelic voice tomorrow night, then vote for you as long as the phone lines are open, left-handed with my landline and right-handed on my cell phone....I may go out and get an AT&T GoPhone tomorrow so I can text as well, they're only $20 with unlimited texting. Your vocal control is BRILLIANT and you are the sweetest, most adorable person EVER on Idol...which to be honest, I never even watched before you...I would watch it if I was flipping through channels, but wow, you really ROCK! Adam for the WIN! Love you Adam!!!!!

1962 days ago

Bipolar is like any other disease she needs medication    

Adam is da BOMB baby! Gay, straight, bi, who cares? The man can sing. He's also the most masculine guy ever on Idol. Or perhaps you prefer Danny Gokey, who man-handles 17 year olds, is that your idea of a real man? Adam is all man, all the way, all the time...haters hate, that's what they do. GO ADAM! Can't WAIT until I see you win Wednesday! Love Kirs, to, by the way, but I'm voting for Adam.

1962 days ago

Bipolar is like any other disease she needs medication    

Why is it so important to keep bugging Adam about being gay? I haven't heard you ask Gokey or Allen their favorite sexual positions. But I guess that would be rude. But it's not rude to pretend you're asking a political question when really you're asking him if he's gay. So, I guess it's ok to be rude to people who you suspect might be gay? I guess 50 years ago you could be rude to black people too, that was fine.

If Adam wants to not talk about his sex life, why can't you respect that? Give it a rest.

ADAM FOR THE WIN! Go Adam, you are hot baby!

1962 days ago

Bipolar is like any other disease she needs medication    

Just to clarify my comment about being rude to black people 50 years ago: I'm making the analogy that before civil rights, people treated blacks badly, the way people treat LGBT people today. I look forward to the day we all just get along and don't be rude to people based on skin color or sexual preference.

AND ADAM FOR THE WIN! Who cares who he sleeps with, he is the DEFINITION OF TALENT! His vocal control is incredible, as was commented on earlier.

1962 days ago

the end of the day    

To reply to the comment "me" left: EXCUSE me, but do you not even read anything?? He is a vocalist and has been on stage for some time now, he was in "The Zodiac Show" and many others showcasing his rather odd, "Elton John-istic" style. Look it up, "me". Google his
past performances...DuH! I personally do not give a $hit who wins,
American Idol was supposed to be a shoe-in for those that may never have had a chance to be discovered, maybe...just maybe...if Adam wins, he, Fantasia, Rueban, and Taylor Hicks can make an album/cd together.

1962 days ago

the end of the day    

go away is right.
i have to agree with them.
Adam will probably be the one that wins and really its not fair. Its like puting Mickey Mouse in a favorite mouse contest with a bunch of other mice, its obvious who the favorite would be.
that Kris kid is a talent too. He deserves a chance. Hope he gets it.
If he does not win, I hope he experiences success like Chris Daughtry did.
Adam stands out because of his stage experience, not because of his ability. He is trained in that area.

1962 days ago

the end of the day    

booo! adam/eve Lambert is a lying a$$ F@g!

1962 days ago
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