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Carrie Prejean -- Not Crazy Like a FOX

5/20/2009 4:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The plot thickens!!! Miss California USA Carrie Prejean wants it so bad, she's gone local.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Carrie was on KUSI, an independent San Diego station. The station's website claims she'll also appear tomorrow. This kind of makes her appearance next week on FOX and Friends a little anti-climatic.

We're guessing, Shanna Moakler isn't the only person Carrie has pissed off recently .....


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STOP!!!! Give it a break already!!!
Maybe if she wasn't so damn pretty, you would leave her alone!!! And who won that night??? You don't write anything about her!!! WHY?????

1984 days ago

Lelsie B.    

HELLO TMZ, Carrie has the same opinion as Obama/Biden and well over half the population in the WORLD! get over it you loose. :)

1984 days ago


PLEASE contact KUSI and tell them what an awful mistake they are making and let them know you will not stand for someone who spreads a message of hate and division stinking up the airwaves! Business that advertise on KUSI should be encouraged to buy time on ANOTHER station- one that actually respects ALL of San Diego!

1984 days ago


You guys are pathetic. Clearly there's not a single REAL journalist on your staff. You cowards bashed her about her Miss CA "contract" that you accused her of breaking, so please, show us where in her FOX contract, if there even is one, that she wasn't supposed to appear on any other news networks? You people are grasping for straws and it makes me smile. Carrie is still kicking your lying asses!!! :)

1984 days ago


Funny how all the liberal quacks on here that support proven LIARS like Nancy Pelosi, and every other elected Democrat, are accusing Carrie of being a liar. Too funny for words!!!

Harvey, you're trying to imply she's pissed off FOX I'm guessing. Since you guys are the master of contract breaches, please show us any proof that she wasn't supposed to make any other appearances before her FOX deal? FOX even has down played it and said it's a one time deal. I seriously doubt they care and I seriously bet you're lying, as usual.

1984 days ago


They don't write anything about the winner because she hasn't got herself in trouble and all people pay attention to is when something is wrong about somebody it really doesn't have much to do with the way she looks. It's like watching a car accident and all you can say I glad it wasn't me which is selfish which is what this girl is. But much humans are like her she just happens to be probed under the spotlight because she brought herself out there of course people will talk.

1984 days ago


17. so she hates gays, Thats her opinion, I dont agree with it but its not about that
Posted at 3:46PM on May 20th 2009 by cochino

Hey, whoa... she never said she hates gays.

1984 days ago


#25 Saying that an entire GROUP of people does not deserve the same rights you have IS HATE- no matter if you preface it with a "not to offend anyone but...."

1984 days ago


Thanks for posting this. Makes me respect her all the more. She's a catch!!!

1984 days ago


People say Donald Trump is only sponsoring her because she looks slightly like on of his ex-wives but my opinion his ex-wife is a natural beauty and was actually close to beautiful and I don't know why some people think this girl is beautiful this girl is fake looking obvious she is plastic you stupid retard men can't see that. I don't find plastic attractive neither bone thin women only curved, natural born beauties YOU PEOPLE THINK ANYTHING'S ATTRACTIVE MAYBE EVEN IF I SHOWED YOU A BARBIE DOLL WHICH IS INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL COMPARED TO ANY LIVING WOMAN EVER

1984 days ago


Harvey, this girl could save every single person in a burning retirement home and you'd still have something negative to say about it. We get it, you hate her because she made you look foolish and quite frankly beat your ass. Get over it. Her career is just starting while yours is...well...have you seen your ratings lately?

Just sayin.....

1984 days ago


She's gotten more press than the winner. I don't even know who the winner was. Why is TMZ still following what this woman does? Is someone there dating perez hilton? Oh, I forgot, he's gay in NAME only.

1984 days ago

Bash a Pap    

I love how she poses naked and then acts all Christian. she is playing the Christian right for fools. This girl is no Sunday school student. Just ask the people she grew up with in SD. We all know the truth. he is a self-centered fame whore.

1984 days ago


Barak Obama has said that he supports civil unions, not gay/lesbian marriage - to state otherwise could be political suicide - sadly there are still alot of haters out there (including Carrie). Baraka Obama did state that he did NOT support prop 8 in California.

1984 days ago


True Christians do not hate - true Christians are not bigots - true Christians believe that everyone should have equal rights. To all of you bigots (haters) out there - if you do not believe in gay/lesbian marriage - then don't marry one. Good Luck.

1984 days ago
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