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Save Suri

5/20/2009 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... from the piercing screeches of "American Idol" wannabe Adam Lambert.

Katie Holmes and Suri were in the audience last night -- and after the Glambert performed, this was their reaction.

Maybe it was just too loud ... or they're fans of boring singer Kris Allen.


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Kris for the WIN, he's a much better musical artist than flamebert!

1949 days ago


Does Suri have a black eye? Or do her eyes look like that from lack of sleep or something?

1949 days ago


That photo ...

looks like everyone in the audience...

is at a western hemishphere funeral.

Who died?

1949 days ago


I would have been covering my ears, too......Adam 's skreeches are tpainful !

1949 days ago

Lenn K.    

Adam Lambert is trying so hard to pattern his image after the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley...Let me begin, The white suit and the walk down the stairs, the black hair, all the rings he wears, next thing he will do is wear jumpsuits and kiss all the boys around his audience giving them a scarf..... Sorry Adam, you are not and will never be anything like Elvis Presley....He had class and was just a knock-out,a gorgeous man inside and out.... Elvis gave all he had of himself as does Angelina Jolie. That is why everyone wants to be like them.....Get your own image Adam....

1949 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Smart move! Adams voice can pierce an ear (or a butt-hole). Kris for the win - the kid can sing, play guitar and piano. Adam can sing and play the skin flute.

1949 days ago


this is all xenu's fault..

1949 days ago


The "dark horse" will win this race in the end. Kris has more real talent in his little finger than Adam has in his entire plastic body. Adam is too over the top and needs to scale it down a bit. He has to rely on his acting skills every time he steps out on the stage. Each time he performs he takes on the character of the song. That is what he does, he acts like a singer. He is not a musician... he is an actor who can kind of sort of sing. It is too hard to try to find the real Adam under the flashy clothes and the 10 pounds of make up he wears every time he goes on stage.
Kris on the other hand is a what you see is what you get kind of man. He can sing, play guitar and play piano. He is an amazingly talented musician who deserves to win AI. Adam's abilities are limited to screeching and walking down a stairs without falling.
All of my votes go to the home state boy. Way to go Kris!!!!

1949 days ago


Um why is this small child even there? She has no idea what is going on, celebs always complain about all the attention, then stay home! media whore

1949 days ago


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE WAS THERE??????????????????????????????? I DO NOT RECALL SEEING HER THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK SHE'S A GREAT MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEL, NOT A BETTER MOM THAN ANGELINA JOLIE BUT ALMOST CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1949 days ago


Maybe Tom's gonna be a guest singer next season?

1949 days ago


why is she a bad mom because she let her kid go to AI?
shheeeez do you let your kids watch it on TV?

my 2 and 5yr old like to watch this show.
there isn't any cursing or sex and booze,
im going to ASSume the idiot comments that she is a "bad mom" becuase she was there is from pple with no kids.

1949 days ago


Suri is a pretty little girl...thank GOD the apple fell farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from those 2 trees

1949 days ago


I am so glad that you guys said "screaming Adam"...the "guy" doesn't know how to sing but he definitely knows how to scream!! I am praying that the US was bright enough last night to vote for Kris. Yes Kris was a bit boring..but...I was disgusted the way that AI pretty much gave him the title. "You were great" or "Wow"! and then Paula practically threw herself on him!! I look at Simon and I feel like he just wants to put Paula and Kerri back into reality...Yes, Adam is good..but hes not the next best person that ever set his foot on the AI stage.

Get a grip AI...don't you know that the World, US, whoever votes, loves underdogs...we don't like anyone who thinks they are a god and we don't like when anyone predicts that any particular person is gonna win. You might as well curse yourself?! Remember last week Adam and...crap I forgot his name..were only 1 million votes apart....I don't think those are great odds. And what about when he was in the bottom 2 just a few weeks ago? I mean Adam may win..Kris may win...I guess since there are only 2 left they both have a 50/50 chance...right? Anyway this year has not been a big deal to me. I voted one time and that was for Alison, I was a bit upset when she didn't stay but..ya know what...this is a show, a show, it is not an office of the land. If you think back with all the winners, it seems like the one that came in 2nd sometimes did better or just as well as the winner. Rueben vs. Clay? Now let me think..who did better...uh..CLAY!!!

1949 days ago


While I don't mind Adam's voice, I just can't vote for him. He over sings each song and it's too broadway. My vote is for Kris who is NOT boring. Just because he doesn't use theatrics like Adam doesn't make Kris suck. And to everyone who says people who vote for Kris are homophobes need to get their heads out of their as****! I could care less who is gay, straight, Christian or whatever. This is a singing competition and Kris clearly wins. He changes every songs he sings and makes it his own. The only way Adam makes songs his own is by screaming. Just saying!

1949 days ago
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