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Natalie Cole Receives Used Kidney

5/20/2009 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natalie ColeNatalie Cole is the proud new owner of someone else's kidney.

Cole's publicist just announced that the singer underwent a kidney transplant yesterday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Her rep says the surgery went off without a hitch, but Natalie will have to cancel her summer concert dates to recuperate for 3-4 months.


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wow i thought she had hep c for being a prostitute......guess curing one ailment outta 2 aint bad.did she have to give up some of dat booty for that kidney?

1948 days ago



1948 days ago


Used Kidney!!!!!Someone needs an education in organ donation, being a recipent of a kidney transplant This gift is not taken lightly. It gives a person the gift of LIFE. It shows a caring and sharing person willing to give up an important organ for the survival of another. I praise and thank God for the woman who donated my kidney, The only thing I know is she died suddenly and had requested her organs be donated. I was on dialysis 3 years it is not a vacation or spa treatment, I'm thankful she has one and I truly doubt favoritism was extended. Think before you write maybe there should be a brain transplant offered, you need one.

1948 days ago

papa bear27    

@ kim (#4)

You hate Natalie Cole? Wow. Are you 12 years old... how childish and hateful. When / if you have children you better pray they aren't drug addicted and subsequently in need of an organ. Wow, such hatred. Clearly there's no God in your life. Anyways, her drug usage was back in the 1970's - 1980's. She kicked her drug habit a long time ago... and by the way, she was never a crackhead.

1948 days ago


HAHAHA!!! Nice to see celebs getting something "used"!!!!!!

1948 days ago


Awesome, that didn't take long. Now where were all these donors, and where was all this support when my husbands uncle was on dialysis, and dying, because he needed a kidney. Drug users shouldn't come before people with legitimate medical conditions, ya know, like diabetes. Let this bitch suffer for a while, might teach her, and the rest of the world, a little something about what happens when you needle your drugs. I saw her on TV a few months ago, begging for help in finding a donor.... like someone's gonna shoot themselves in the damn head just so YOU can have a kidney. It pissed me off when I saw it then, and it pisses me off just as much, if not more, now that I see that she actually got one. F*ck you, you rotten b!tch. Quit riding daddy's fame coattails and get a life of your own.

1948 days ago


Why all the hate? Humans make mistakes in their lives. Also, who knows how long she has been waiting? Stop the hate it's so unattractive.

1948 days ago


I was a little put off by her comments on her recent appearance on the Larry King live show that she wouldn't have the time to receive a donor's kidney until after Christmas because she was "too busy touring". Your ungrateful Natalie and you should be ashamed of yourself! What's with the change of heart?!? I have no respect for you and your pompous attitude!!

1948 days ago


a used kidney?? do i just go to savers or goodwill to get one? thrift store? has it been gently worn?

1948 days ago


lolled at "used kidney". Congrats to her...I'll be on that list in a couple more years myself. Maybe there will be "new" kidneys for grabs by then? :P

1948 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I gave one kiddney to dad

1948 days ago


TMZ that headline is absolutely ridiculous. "receives used kidney"...DUH, you can't receive a brand new one.

1948 days ago


Hmmm, so she F's herself up with dirty needles and gets Hep C... so because she is Natalie "COLE" and not Natalie "SMITH" she goes to the top of the list and gets herself a new kidney.. Doesn't seem fair to the thousdans of non-drug users who have been on the list far longer.

1948 days ago


Natalie used less drugs than Elvis so I assume its safe to call him a crack whore too? I wonder if he needed a kidney would the commentary be as devilish?

1948 days ago


Some people are just rude idiots, and the TMZ title is tasteless although not surprising.

God Bless Natalie and may you have a fast recovery!!

1948 days ago
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