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WWE --

Nuggets Tried to Put

Words in Our Mouth

5/21/2009 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like the only person who doesn't know Vince McMahon hates the owner of the Denver Nuggets is the owner of the Denver Nuggets -- and the proof is in an unreleased press release we just got our mitts on.

Vince McMahon Click to view!
Before a deal had been made regarding the stadium dispute, the unreleased draft was written by Kroenke Sports and submitted to the WWE for their approval to send out to the media. It contained the following pre-written, butt-kissing, "quote" from Vince McMahon -- a quote Vince claims he never, ever said: 

"By all accounts, Mr. Kroenke is one of the most respected professional sports team owners in the world, and the professional way he and his staff good-naturedly handled this conflict gives further testament to the type of business leader he is. We look forward to Sunday's WWE event and future events at the Pepsi Center."

We all know Vince had different things to say about Kroenke.

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Man this is getting flippin crazy, so glad I'm not a rich sports owner.

1980 days ago

Max Arroyo, Cincinnati, OH    

duh - are you guys really that stupid? - most press releases contain these type of quotes - everyone knows no one actually made the statement, but by signing off on the content of the release the person making the quote is giving their blessing for the release of the quote...

Let me know if you need any more help with this...

1980 days ago


What kind of a owner schedules any of event on any potential playoff game date??? I would be clamoring to string the man up in the streets of Denver for such blatant disregard to his OWN team and City.

Vince McMahon vs. Kroenke... in L.A. Monday night. I want to see it.

1980 days ago


I'm no Stan the Man Fan either, but give this crap a rest. WHO KNEW when the WWE was booked back in 2008 that the ButtNuggets were going to be in the playoffs AND have home-court advantage Monday!

1980 days ago


you're right....no one could've known back in August 2008 (when WWE booked the arena) that the Nuggets would actually make the playoffs. However, WWE confirmed the site in March 2009 and signed the contract for the RAW event in mid April 2009.....by that time everyone knew the Nuggets had a playoff chance. Mr. Kroenke I would think would've known this and a smart man wouldn't have signed a contract for someone else to use the Nuggets venue knowing it was playoff time. I would think common sense would tell you to hold open the dates for your venue if you have a shot at the playoffs!

1980 days ago

who dat    

Wrestling fans are the largest group of low IQ, white-trash idiots alive. When the camera pans the audience and they are pumping their fists with their tongues sticking out, you will never see so many blank stares.

1980 days ago


I'm very proud to say I don't have a low IQ (nor am I white or trash) and I still watch WWE. It's a damn TV show, get over your biases and move the hell on. Why do you (The Truth) feel so strongly about people liking something you obviously have no interest in?

Anyways, this situation (although unfortunate and a logistical hassle) is gold for McMahon. He loves free publicity, lol, and he is milking every drop of it

1980 days ago


Vince should just send The Undertaker to the NBA game to clear all the basketball players from the court so they can set the ring up and have the wrestling show as scheduled.

I think The Undertaker vs. 2 full NBA Teams is a pretty even match, I mean some of them might be able to run away while The Undertaker is choke-slamming away. They might not ALL die.

1980 days ago


The balls on that owner. Hopefully his team can try and do something with the lakers but I doubt it.

1980 days ago


The Truth, look where you're posting right now. Enough said.

1980 days ago


@ The Truth

For one, nobody deserves to be called white trach. That's completely tastless. Also, have you ever watched a movie? I guess you believe those are real right? Anyways I've been a wrestling fan all my life and will continue to watch. Your probably a Nuggets fan bitter over the fact that the Nuggets choked in game 1.

1980 days ago


Nice typo in the quote from Vince. Heads should roll... go get them WWE!!!

1980 days ago

Arthur B    

Someone forgot that WWE had an event in Loveland, CO on Sunday May 24th. So I don't know how this would have happened. Also, USA network wouldn't have liked this either. Stan "You're not the man" Kroneke I have 2 words for you...

1979 days ago


Hey Truth, I make more money a year than you can probably dream of, graduated college with a high gpa and am white. I am also an avid WWE fan and have been since I was 8 years old. Don't make any judgments on something you know nothing about nor understand. Watching American Idol (which you probably do) or any "reality" show can garner the same criticism as watching wwe. Its all entertainment, grow up. I can't believe I wasted 2 minutes of my life posting on this web site, but your comment ticked me off.

1979 days ago


Did no one notice Vince said World Wrestling Federation at the beginning?

1979 days ago
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