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Clay Aiken Shreds 'Idol' -- Can't Stand the Posers

5/22/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay AikenYou're not a true ex-"American Idol" contestant unless you bash the show that made you famous.

Clay Aiken took to his personal website (available to view for the low, low price of $29.95/year) to rip "Idol" and its king of glam runner-up Adam Lambert. As Gawker pointed out, despite only hearing Lambert sing once, Aiken claimed he thought his "ears would bleed" when he belted out "Ring of Fire." Pot, perhaps you've met kettle?

Then Aiken played the "it was better back in my day" card and wrote, "The show was different then, and folks made it in seasons 1-3 because they were 'real' people who happened to sing/entertain well. But, somewhere along the way, AI stopped being about real people."

Note to Clay -- real people don't charge other real people $29.95/year to access their website.


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What a douche.

1946 days ago


Ironically being a real person and charging for your website are only logically related here at Too Much Zoloft

1946 days ago


I would only pay 29.95/month to access porn and the visual for this is gross.

1946 days ago

Fire Her    

Who is he kidding? Adam sings circles around this stupid douchebag! BTW, who the hell would pay 30 bucks to visit his website anyways? Oops Clay, your jealousy is showing!!!!

1946 days ago


TMZ you all are such douche bags, did you even go to his website and look? it is 29.99 PER YEAR not month. Every fan club charges that.

Took me two seconds to verify this. i am not a clay fan, but whythe false info?

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1946 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

He heard Adam sing once, and has judged him based on that? Clay is a good singer, but Adam outsings and outshines him anyday. Clay is turning intp an ass.

1946 days ago


Bravo to Clay for telling it like it is. American Idol has jumped the shark in pimping seasoned entertainers rather than raw talent. It's been a complaint all season by many. As for Adam, Ring of Fire made my ears bleed, too. People often judge an artist after only one song. As Clay emphasized--it's a matter of taste and to each their own. He in no way tried to force an opinion on anyone. He is allowed an opinion, Right? People have been picking on Clay for years.

1946 days ago


good ,but Who is he kidding

1946 days ago


YEAH for Clay speaking his mind and saying what millions of us are thinking! Way to go Clay!!!!!!!!!!!!

1946 days ago


"Every fan club charges that." - Excuse me? I've never had to pay to view a celebrity website nor would I. What exactly are you paying for? It's lovely to know that people are actually spending money on something like this, regardless of whether it's for a month or a year. Gimmeabreak.

1946 days ago


Adam didn't win like AI and the judges wanted him too and Clay called them on it! Good for you Clay!!!!

1946 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Harvey!!! How dare you speak ill of some one who is gay. According to you and Peeerez that makes you Homophobic.

1946 days ago


Oh please, Clay Aiken only said what millions of other people are thinking. Idol has become a slick, over hyped, biased "production". And not everyone loves Adam Lambert. Gene Simmon of Kiss said this when asked to help promote Adam Lambert in the rock circles....."Respectfully, I don't think Adam is a rock singer. He sounds much more convincing singing ballads, and Broadway shows. His voice doesn't seem to have a "rock quality." This comes from someone who should know. Sorry Adam fans...he's just not everyones favorite, as America so proudly proclaimed by choosing Kris to win AI this year. Interesting that AI didn't give out the numbers. I think Kris won by a landslide.

1946 days ago


So Clay is a real person? And I suppose real people lie about their lives and sexuality for years until their career tanks and some magazine offers them a ton of money to admit the truth? I suppose real people troll the internet to pick up one night stands? Real people attack other people for no reason? He is just underlining the fact that there is nothing bitchier than a bitter old southern queen.

1946 days ago

Tired of AI    

GOOD FOR YOU AIKEN!! The ratings for the season finale were the second worst in 8 years - anyone with half a brain would see they are doing something wrong. BTW - Lambert made my ears bleed too, and I listened to more than one song. Makes me cringe just thinking about it.

1946 days ago
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