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Clay Aiken Shreds 'Idol' -- Can't Stand the Posers

5/22/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay AikenYou're not a true ex-"American Idol" contestant unless you bash the show that made you famous.

Clay Aiken took to his personal website (available to view for the low, low price of $29.95/year) to rip "Idol" and its king of glam runner-up Adam Lambert. As Gawker pointed out, despite only hearing Lambert sing once, Aiken claimed he thought his "ears would bleed" when he belted out "Ring of Fire." Pot, perhaps you've met kettle?

Then Aiken played the "it was better back in my day" card and wrote, "The show was different then, and folks made it in seasons 1-3 because they were 'real' people who happened to sing/entertain well. But, somewhere along the way, AI stopped being about real people."

Note to Clay -- real people don't charge other real people $29.95/year to access their website.


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if Kelly Clarkson was sayint this, I may think it was true... but c'mon!!!! thats a joke! ha ha ha

1944 days ago


Many kudos for Clay and he's actually right. Not even a fan of his but I agree and respect his comments. Just like how Survior was a badass and REAL show during its first couple of seasons, same with AI. The more people watch it and see what works from what doesn't, the more prepared they can be and create chaaracters for themselves, just like how Adam did.

And as far as charging to see his site, it's called Capitalism Harvey. The same system that allowed you to get rich off a BS show that only attacks and makes fun of people. Are your "sponsors" advertising for free? Didn't think so, douche!!

1944 days ago


how can you take pits of something someone said and just turn it into the story you WANT it to be? ugh.
anyway. clay has a right to his opinion on any of the contrestants and even the show. i loved adam on ai, butttt, i know a lot of people who could not stand his screaming! also, none of you have evern just heard someone sing once and think, oh,, i don't care for that.. for that style or type of voice, etc.?? sorry, but i do that all the time. i know right away if i like someone! clay is not a rock fan and has said in the past he can't relate to that kind of music and screaming only reminds him of his childhood.. not sure if that last bit was a joke or not. and the whole pt of his blog was how AI has lost touch with finding the nest RAW undiscovered talent.. the boy/girl next door who would not have had a chance otherwise.. how they went from an amateur talent show to an over the top BMA wanna be show!! it's ridiculous and sad and i agree with clay. i want the early days of AI!! i still like adam, but to each their own. also, ring of fire? not so good. ;)

1944 days ago


So Aiken expressed an opinion, one that is shared by many, and he gets clobbered? What's really funny is that 6 years ago, you wouldn't catch either Kiss or Queen on the same production lot as AI. Now they want to be on the show?

1944 days ago


Bravo Clay Aiken for saying the truth. Idol is a waste of time.

1944 days ago

Tired of AI    

Sara, you're wrong. Lots of artists charge for their OFFICIAL fan clubs. Kelly Clarkson charges A LOT MORE for her fan club than Aiken does - $45 per year. wow.

You go with your bad self Clay! From what I've read on the internet, there are more people who agree with you about American Idol than disagree. Some just have to twist it to meet their own agenda.

1944 days ago


Adam Lambert makes my ears bleed and I watched the entire season. He's right, AI is now about who they can market better and no longer about finding undiscovered talent.

1944 days ago


Come on TMZ you only mentioned part of his blog here to fit your agenda. How come only Clay Aikens opinion matters anyway. Have you even bothered to look at who else is saying the same thing he did. Why don't you take a look at what newsweek, ameicanidoltracker and nydailynews, just to name a few, are saying. A lot of people felt the same way about Adams screechy singing, including me. And yes other fan sites charge for membership. Clay thank you for your honesty.

1944 days ago


The truth hurts doesn't it - no wonder American Idol ratings were as low as they were that night - no one wanted to watch the "chosen one Adam of the year" be crowned king - BORING!

1944 days ago


He's just pissed because now he's not the biggest "shoulda' won" 2nd runner up Idol contestant anymore. Now Adam's the one who might as well have won the show, just like Clay was way way back in the second season... that was a long time ago. He needs to get over it! And BTW, you can't get more "regular person" than Kris Allen, so where does he get off using a 100% one-of-a-kind talent like Adam as an example of the general type of person who competes on "today's AI?" And shouldn't he be supporting another member of the gay community for ALMOST winning? At least Adam embraced his sexuality (while still remaining Idol-PC) instead of pathetically failing at putting on an act in front of the entire nation - now that takes balls and the only balls Clay Aiken will ever have are the ones flying toward his face *wink*

1944 days ago


By the way, Gene Simmons doesn't think Adam Lambert is a rock singer either - you gonna make a news article on that as well?

1944 days ago


It's $19 to access his site, not $29. The article is incorrect.

1944 days ago


Good for Clay for speaking his opinion!! Too bad you you only published part of his blog so it would fit in your agenda. Clay said Adam was not his cup of what?? He NEVER said he sisn't like him. He was also honest about his feelings about AI. I think most people agree with him that something has to change on that show. THe numbers don't lie and the finale was low in viewership.

Go Clay.........

1944 days ago


Hahahahahahahahaha...that's a good one, Clay. I wouldn't pay a penny for any of Clay's albums, but I'll be waiting in line to buy Adam's. His "Ring of Fire" was HOT HOT HOT. I had to take a cold shower afterwards and I'm a 55 yr old grandma!!! Clay, you are soooo jealous!!

1944 days ago


Mr. Aiken is right on the money. American Idol is no longer about finding undiscovered talent, it is about locating and pimping an already polished performer in an attempt to anoint them as the "chosen one" and make lots and lots of money off of them! Anyone who does not realize that is under the age of 12, very innocent or brain dead.
And for what it is worth, I totally agree with Mr. Aiken's views on Adam Lambert. He made my ears bleed too!!! Often!!!
Someone needs to explain to Adam that it is called SINGING, not SCREECHING!! Someone should also explain to him that staying in key is a good idea, a little drama goes a long way and just because you can scream it long and loud does not mean it is a good idea to do so every single time freaking time! Less is more Adam.
Of course this is just MY opinion, which I have a right too, just like Clay Aiken has a right to his. Or is that not the case in TMZ land?
Yeah, I know, stupid question.

1944 days ago
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