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Clay Aiken Shreds 'Idol' -- Can't Stand the Posers

5/22/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay AikenYou're not a true ex-"American Idol" contestant unless you bash the show that made you famous.

Clay Aiken took to his personal website (available to view for the low, low price of $29.95/year) to rip "Idol" and its king of glam runner-up Adam Lambert. As Gawker pointed out, despite only hearing Lambert sing once, Aiken claimed he thought his "ears would bleed" when he belted out "Ring of Fire." Pot, perhaps you've met kettle?

Then Aiken played the "it was better back in my day" card and wrote, "The show was different then, and folks made it in seasons 1-3 because they were 'real' people who happened to sing/entertain well. But, somewhere along the way, AI stopped being about real people."

Note to Clay -- real people don't charge other real people $29.95/year to access their website.


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I love all the pagentry ... all those who scream liar about Clay Aiken waiting to come out. Ever been down that road yourself? It is a very difficult process. Adam certainly hasn't proclaimed it yet even though we can take an educated guess. Sorry, it is an individual right as to when and if one discloses this personal fact. Period.

Lots of experts in here saying what a has been Clay is and that he can't hold a candle to Adam. Clay was the top earning male Idol alum last year according to Forbes. He was just on 30 Rock with Elvis Costello, Mary J Blige, Sheryl Crow, Cindy Lauper, Michael McDonald, Norah Jones, Moby ... if that's washed up I'd love to see what success is.

I happen to like Adam but I did get tired of the over the top nature of some of his performances. We ALL have artists we love and blech. If you get over the "hatin' " long enough to read the facts, yeah, Clay's entitled to an opinion too. It just the tabloids look for any thing they can to blow it up into a Macy's Day balloon.

What's the scoop with Adam recording "We are the Champions" for Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew? Jordin Sparks had an inside connection too. This is not to take away from their talent, it's just that AI is far more commercial than it started out to be.

1915 days ago

rea rea    

I agree with him... people in the first few seasons had more talent and had to work harder to win... but it is lame that he charges to view his website...

1914 days ago


If Clay had seen and heard ALL of Adam's performances, he would rave about him. I actually didn't even know about Adam UNTIL I saw Ring of Fire performed, and it was so amazing, different, risky, sexy, that I loved it! I was hooked after that. Adam is uniquely talented and that cannot be denied. Anyone who disses him really doesn't GET IT and has no musical background. And, by the way, Gene Simmons did not say that he wasn't a rocker, he said he was great and said his voice was more in line with Queen than some other rock bands, but frankly, I think Adam is a chameleon that can become anything he wants to, and he is indeed a rock star.

1912 days ago


Oh poor Clay. If you were half the singer Adam is you may have beat Rueben. Ever since you were stupid enough to put your hand over Kelly Ripa;s mouth, no one has seen, heard or asked about you. You were ashamed of yourself and played the Im gay Im not too long. No one cared one way or the other. You are not big enough to charge 30.00 a month, once a year or for a 5 yr subscribtion. Get over yourself and leave Adam alone. You are digging yourself a bigger hole to crawl into.

1908 days ago


Well it looks like the ONLY way Clay can get back into the public eye is to make snide remarks about someone else. I have no use for someone like Clay that USED the Idol show to make a whole lot of money and the minute he walks off stage he turns his back on the very show that gave him fame. I guess you might have thought even negative news about you was better than none but guess what Clay Aiken? You just threw your whole career away or what WAS left of it. Blasting someone that you have only heard a partial of one song is inexcusable and shows how low you've sunk. Then to charge for your web site for you fans? OMG you have sunk to a new low!

1906 days ago


idk but aiken is lame-er than adam even tho i think they both suck i like adam better by like a percent

1898 days ago


Adam Lambert is the hottest, sexiest performer to ever set foot on the Idol stage. Clay Aiken's jealousy is showing! He can't hold a candle to Adam. Idol will never be the same after Adam - no one can ever outshine his amazing talent. ROCK GOD almost says it all!!

1896 days ago
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