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Brooke Shields

Good Genes or Good Docs?

5/24/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been over 30 years since she played a teen prostitute, but Brooke Shields is still a pretty baby.

Brooke Shields
Here's the 16-year-old back in 1981(left) -- and 28 years later, the 43-year-old version at an event in Hollywood this week (right).

Who wouldn't headbutt a fashion designer for her?!

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No Avatar


@ Jennifer

You're right, they might hook up with them but they sure as hell don't stay with them! ewww

1979 days ago


Brooke dahling, it's time: it's time to thin out the 80's brows my dear. It will give the appearance of wider eyes as they age (sans work).

1979 days ago


Umm, she already admitted in several magazines to having Botox injections. If she admits to that, I'm sure she's had other work done. At least, it looks like she had.

1979 days ago

to little    

Damn she is ugly. Now you know why she was known for her ass and not her looks. She looks like a poorly dressed tranny

1979 days ago


Well, Brooke is now pitching a doctor prescribed eye lash lengthener ... I' d be interested to kow if she is really using it as one side effect is turning your eye color more towards brown, and if they are already brown your eye color can become a darker brown. I doubt she is really using the product she be stupid to let her green eyes end up some odd color of brown.

1979 days ago


Lose the thick eyebrows. They have been your signature for decades; they've descended a good half and inch from your younger days... you'd look 10 years ++ younger if your eyebrows were thinned/higher.

1979 days ago

Ihma Khunt    

She has a MANS face. Even a lesbian would turn her away!

1979 days ago


That is a horrible picture of her. She honestly looks like a man dressed up like a woman in that photo. eee-gads those eyebrows!!!!

1979 days ago


You can see all of the stress of dieting, her depression, etc - she needs to add a few lbs and get happy for real.

1979 days ago


Some extra weight on her would soften her jawline. It's the jaw which makes her appear manly.

1979 days ago


Also, I think better coloring- for her skin- soften up the harshness. Soften eyes, and soften hair with curls and some sexy highlights. She looks best with a ebachy look. Bronzer is your friend. And when she a college student she never missed an event attending grammies with michael jackson and doing bob hope etc- she has an indp major- ahum. It was french and french cinema. Look, we are comparing her to when she peaked at 12 to 16. I am five yers younger and she was my role model for a while.

1979 days ago


She is beautiful but I don't think she looks young for her age, she is just right - I am the same age and look around the same as her and so do most of my friend. What does TMZ compare people age as -- the average of your staff members and judging from your show is 22 (except that creepy older man who runs the show) -- try looking to the real world and stop being amazed that someone who is in her late forties does't look like she should be ten feet under -- it's not good doc or good genes it just reality.

1978 days ago


She's had a nose job..look at the tip in the recent pic .. no round 'tip' like in the old pic...BTW person (Drew) with th #1 with the comment .. that's a racist statement!

1978 days ago


I don't think she's had any work done; if she has, she needs a refund. She looks OK, but the beauty of her youth is long gone.

1978 days ago

New York    

I'm 40 years old and my skin is NOTHING like hers - she is not aging well at all. Even when I smile widely, I don't have those deep lines and they're barely visible on my face. Ladies - STAY OUT OF THE SUN. Twenty years comes up in a flash and you WILL look like that if you don't stop with the sun worshipping and tanning beds.

1978 days ago
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