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The Charlie Sheen Peace Accord

5/24/2009 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know Charlie Sheen used to have nightmares that looked just like this: his ex-wife Denise Richards having lunch in Brentwood with his current wife Brooke Mueller.


Charlie, Denise and Brooke have been playing nice for the sake of their kids.

Maybe there is hope for the Middle East.


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That little girl on the right in too old to be sucking her thumb.

1981 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Something is still wrong. the girls never smile. they are thumbsuckers. This is good pr,but it would be best if Charlie would have never badmouthed Denise and she not badmouthed him. It is would be best for all kids if they would just have their staff transport the girls,communicate through their lawyers and just live their own lives. I feel sorry for Brooke. This togehterness is not good.

1981 days ago


It wont work. Step kids are snotty little brats! Noexceptions!

1981 days ago


Looks like Denise peed her pants

1981 days ago


kudos to the women. All they are doing is benefitting the children. Which will help them grow up as healthy as the can.
He may be a jerk but he does seem to settle with good women.

1981 days ago


Oh yean, they all look so happy dont they? I wish I could join them. Hahaha! I think I would have more fun in a prison.

1981 days ago


Stick to what you know best TMZ... trashing the celebrities but PLEASE leave the Middle East out of it - they have enough problems to deal with!

1981 days ago


all of you are so judgemental..we don't know what really went on with all of them and i imagine they did have a good time and of course the paparazzi chooses the worst shot to sell..I imagine if your children were followed by paparazzi perhaps u wouldnt be so judgemental on sam's thumbsucking, its not like she has a bottle or pacifier in her mouth. I give them alot of credit for being mature women

1981 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I think they should be praised for their effort. I'm surprised Harvey isn't calling them Homophobic because there are no gays in the picture. Act like Mario Lavandeira much Harv.

1981 days ago

Just wondering...    

Look at Denise's'd think shes on a damn catwalk. This is nothing but a PR stunt. And yes, that little girl is too old to be sucking her thumb. Don't blame the fact that Denise is a famewhore as a reason she cant be a good parent and say, "stop sucking your thumb." She's also waaaaaaay to old for a bottle too.

1981 days ago


Why would Brooke want to subject herself to looking at how much more perfectly beautiful Denise is than her? It's bad enough she does not measure up to Denise in any way, but to be face to face with a woman you know is a hundred times better looking than you is just self punishment.

1981 days ago


Why do they HAVE to play nice? Denise shouldn't let what she perceives to be public opinion about her pressure her into such bs as playing nice with Brooke. For what. Denise unfortunately married the biggest loser in Hweird. So why play nice with anyone who's associated with him eg Brooke.

1981 days ago


Erie how similar they look.

1981 days ago


Interesting that the two women look alike. Sad that the older daughter is sucking her thumb.

1981 days ago


Denise is a news slut, I never like any mother who goes to the tabloids to make the father of her children look bad. They are both the children's parents, how can you make the father of you kids look bad, keep it inside. She is looking to make herself look better and Charlie came out looking the best, good for you Charlie and fight for your girls, cause she is just trying to make a buck on your kids back. She is a ditch pig.

1981 days ago
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