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Bethenny Frankel

Finally Cracks

5/26/2009 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, Bethenny Frankel's new book wasn't revealing enough ...

If there's one thing about those ladies from the "Real Housewives of New York" ... they always know how to keep things classy.


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Love how Beth criticizes Kelly for being late and not paying attention to her at a party 7 years ago but it's ok for her to flash her ass in public. hypocrisy at it's finest

1938 days ago


YUCK! Send her back to the fat farm.

1938 days ago

Philly Boy in SoCal    

This needs to be bumped back up to page one! That @ass is yummy fo' sho'!

1938 days ago


Bethenny is hot.
I would f*ck the sh!t out of her.
Love her personality and banging ass body.

1938 days ago

Ice Water    

Ouch! Poor thing. How tragic to be so insecure. No wonder she and Jill ZAAAArin are BFF's. Two of the most insecure and affected women I've ever seen. I watch the show to laugh at all of them. Betheny really showed her true colors this season, particularly during the melt down at Jill ZAArin's creaky joints flop. (they only raised $130,00...I've made more doing D-list fund raisers with farmers in Missouri.) Did you see it when she cried like a little girl. So terrfified of abandonment. Usually I'd feel sorry for someone like her, but her narcissicm cancels out any empathy I'd have for her.

1938 days ago


im so shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1938 days ago


I'm REALLY disappointed that she would do this, after showing so much class to Kelly's classless act.
She doesn't need this!
After learning how much money these women make, I'm done with watching them, anyway. But I did think
Bethany was above having to "strip" to get even more attention.

1938 days ago


I'm not sure which is her good side. Well, they're both so bad it doesn't matter. Another cheap trick from a cheap trick. Trash, pure trash. A toxic vessel surgically enhanced beyond anything fit for another human. Hazmat: Please come haul this away.

1938 days ago


Oh god, that is so bad I 'll have nightmares.
Tell you what, she is in the top 2 for being neurotic and childish on the "housewives" show. She's REALLY immature and if you see all the barking she did on the interview show you'll know what I mean. She simply could not restrain her mouth. The ones who did the most bitching on the interview show are OBVIOUSLY the ones with the most mental problems. It was pretty funny.

Kelly,who most all of the women are insanely jealous of, seemed the LEAST insane of them all. OF COURSE they all had a problem with her. Because they know she is basically happy and tries not to be petty. THEY were all fairly petty..especially Bethenny. And Bethenny has to resort to showing her ass to try to sell her book, obviously.

1938 days ago

Sexual Hairassment Harvey    

180. Actually, she doesn't have that many fans.Iit's believed that Bravo is protecting this ho to profit from her book/drink sales. In the message board over there, most posters are pro Betheny and if anybody isn't, are first abused by these so called pro Beth "posters", then are banned. So, I kindda believe that it must be true. It's the Bravo staff who are posing at the MB over there as pro Beth and deleting any negative posts of Betheney. Then the anti Beths disappear for good, they must have been banned.


On the Bravo MB, pro-Kelly fans have been abused and even drunkenly attacked, but not banned. They (and I) just stopped posting because it's so negative there? Who wants to be pressured for not hating who a bunch of strangers hate?

Where did you hear that Bravo staff are posing on the MB? I actually believe that could be true.

1937 days ago


Things you do to sell a book. She must have went through all the men in NY

1937 days ago


IS that the NY style now. Showing your crouch-YES very classy , that next , Eating a banana to show how big you mouth is. WHAT CLASS>

1937 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Hey Bethenny , 'YOU'RE down here , i'm up here." remember that one ? HHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHa


1937 days ago


Sorry, but she's worlds more likeable and real then Crazy-Eyes Ramona. LuAnn "I'm a Countess! I'm a Countess!", or nightmare-in-a-box Kelly. (Alex and Jill are cool, too.)

1937 days ago


Betheny, you're really making an "ass" of your self!!!

1937 days ago
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