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Jonas Bros. Redeem Themselves

5/26/2009 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone's favorite evangelical Christian dandy boy band, the Jonas Brothers, posed with their biggest fan ... Jesus Christ.


The purity ring clad trio visited the famous Christ the Redeemer statute in Rio this weekend.

Thou shalt not poke fun at the Jonai.


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Jesus lives down the street from me. He is a landscaper from Mexico, and I'm pretty sure he's never heard of the Jonas Brothers.

1939 days ago


Dido to #16

1939 days ago


PHONY SELL OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stinks of Disney phoniness to maximize profits ($$$$)! Please view them critically. Don't be an [A]SSHOLE!

1939 days ago

Bill Cosby    

There are no questions. Religion tries to make everyone believe that there is. Especially the biggie like; "why am I here". Well, I say, "THERE ARE NO QUESTIONS". I accept my existence and I am content with it by choosing why I THINK I'm here (nothing to do with "God"). We make our own lives and "God" has nothing to do with it. We are just another organism on this planet. It's 2009 folks, you should get familiar with something called science. No need to believe in a system that is based all on shame, humility and guilt. Morality and religion are NOT mutually exclusive you know. Unless you're a serial killer, then you may not have a natural sense of morality.
As far as the Jonas Brothers, I've never heard their music. I only know about the ring/virginity issue. People like to say that this means they're gay. Maybe that is a bit overboard however, psychological studies have shown that males in these situations (purity rings, no sex until marriage) often develop a fear of females and thus have trouble approaching them when it is finally time. The study concluded that as a result, these young males simply find it easier to form sexual relationships with fellow males, and/or transexual women.

1939 days ago


It is truly sad that those at TMZ chose to tear down everything that is right with America...I don't mean right vs. left, I mean right vs. wrong! Perhaps a Sunday Church service would be enlightening for all of you!

1939 days ago


#20 this story is NOT about your lack or FEAR of religion. Also I can tell you for a fact that your "female fear theroy" is CRAP. The boys simply have a little something called DIGNITY and Respect for themselves. I really CAN NOT understand why it is considered so immpossible to not have sex before you are married.

1939 days ago

Linda Mott    

Why is a nice Jewish boy like Harvey always poking fun at Christians and Jews? I guess they are fair game to Hollywood .... FOR NOW! When you meet the Lord, you may regret all you said about him.

1939 days ago


I think the Jesus statue started crying over the fact that these three losers are using his name to sell more records.

1939 days ago

London not England    


1939 days ago


Very Cool!

1939 days ago


I happened to be there at the same time.they was last sunday.. there were a bunch of screaming girls and a bunch of media also...I have to say they seemed very nice to all the people there...

1939 days ago

something smells    

it's nor religion idiots it's relationship you have with god. religion is man made. some of you atheist are so dumb. get your head out of your A$$

1939 days ago


ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUTOS

1939 days ago


20, chill out. the bible says that everyone will acknowledge He is Lord, whether it's too late for them or not. 21 22 23 are SO right on!!! #19, i don't care if its a money making gimic or not. the reality is that what they are saying and how they are living is what the kids who listen to them are seeing and hearing. i don't think arguing the legitimacy of their faith is the point, the point is they are publicly standing for something. and they're being torn down for it.

1939 days ago

College Gal    

I think it is wonderful that they are wanting to wait. In this day in age, sex is glorified. It's not something that is sacred. That's why people have so many STD's. These kids are showing self control. They are teaching your kids self-control and at the same time your kids find them cool. They are not gay for not having sex right away. Where did they say anywhere that they want other guys? Someone who assumes that waiting = gay is ignorant. All of you guys who say horrible things about these kids are just jealous of their position. They have money and a bunch of girls who fawn over them.

Why not have role models for kids that say hey.. it's ok to wait to have sex? Bravo guys!

1939 days ago
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