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Mel Gibson

Yep, She's Knocked Up

5/26/2009 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was on "The Tonight Show" to talk about his two latest projects -- his divorce from wife Robyn, and the pregnancy of his new GF, Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel Gibson: Click to watch
While talking to Jay Leno, the conservative Catholic actually took the blame for his split from his wife of 28 years, saying "I did a pretty good hatchet job on my marriage myself ... put it here."

His kid with Grigorieva will make 8 for Gibson -- prompting him to call himself "Octo-Mel."

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What's the deal with TMZ always bringing up a persons religion(especailly if they're Christians)? Does TMZ always mention every Jew or athiest in the same condescending way? I don't think so. Tmz is always giving Miss California, The Jonas Brothers and Mel gibson a hard time because of whom they chose to worship. It's ridiculous. Last time I checked I live in America, and so for in this administration, I still have the right (and so do above mentioned) to to enjoy my FREEDOM of religion and speech. THE ONES WHO SCREAM THE LOUDEST ABOUT INTOLERANCE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE THE MOST INTOLERANT!!!!!!! The freedoms you and I enjoy, go BOTH ways. I should not be judged of mine just like you should not be judged of yours.

1945 days ago


I agree with the previous comment -- TMZ does go after Christians in a bigoted, hateful way. Mel Gibson may claim to be Catholic, but he's never claimed to be a saint. In fact, he's always publcally stated he is far from it. Just because you fail to live up to your standards, doesn't mean you're a hypocrite., it means you're human. And of course, the people screaming "hypocrite" have never failed to live up to their standards .... oh yeah, I forgot, they can't be hypocrites because they have no standards to live up to.

1945 days ago


Mel's religion is always brought up because HE always brings it up, apparently not realizing what a hypocrite he is being. I USED to admire the man, but now see that his family and religion were just something to hide behind. I hope he loses his money AND his career. Losing the bimbo is just a matter of time.

1945 days ago

Jomica Man    

I doubt very much they will have any long lasting relationship. Mr. King of Malibu Mel will be paying in the millions over the course of 18 years for child support. He is not only a dumb ass alcoholic, but an idiot as well to have unprotected sex. This episode in his life will be just another minor bump in the road for someone so full of himself. His soon to be ex wife made the best decision for herself and children to divorce Mel. The woman bearing his child seems to be the type, much like the women who bore John Edwards child. For the time being, they both deserve each other.

1945 days ago


DUDE... you got played like a piano... no pun intended!

1945 days ago


DAM..8 kids... Wonder how many different Mom's all these kids have. I hope his ex get's it all.. Mel is a hazbeen and certinaly is not Mr.Playboy.
Men that think they are all that, make me sick.. He is proud to have destroyed his marriage.. Sounds like he needs to learn to keep it in his pants, or take some of the millions he has made to buy a case of condoms.

1945 days ago


I am sorry that you get your religious information from Mel Gibson, now I see why it matters so much to you. So, what if he brings it up, so what if he 'tells you to jump off a bridge' He is just a guy, whose job happens to be ACTING, not religious studies, not political, not marriage advise So besides you I can't see why it matters.

1945 days ago


I stand corrected and apologize to Oksana K. Thanks for pointing that out, #43. -- seems many others also made that mistake. You know what they say.... "Any publicity..........."

I will go to the Polo Lounge and put a tip in her glass.

Doesn't change the fact that the other Oksana and whatshisface deserve each other.

1945 days ago


Geez people...When did Mel ever claim he was perfect?...
The sanctimonious comments from folks who weren't inside their marriage are pathetic...
I don't necessarily agree with everything Mel does, but he is human and entitled to make the same mistakes as everyone else...
Stop acting as though he should be held to standards that go overlooked in Hollywood everyday...

1945 days ago


I hope Mel read this: Mel, you are a wasted, foolish, lying, jerk, a-hole! Your career is GONE! I hope your real family milks you for all they can and then kicks your disgusting, washed-up, UGLY a*s to the curb and ignores you. You are a cheat and a pig! And this, Mel, is coming from a FORMER fan! Go to hell Mel. Go to hell.

1945 days ago


58. you are a sad person! Surely u are making it up to be that upset with an Actor? If that's the case --pity for the people you really know and or care about. Too funny, sure it was a joke? if so, hehe hehe. If not.... he he, he he (weirdo)

1945 days ago


Idiots. Both of them. Doesn't anyone in Hollywood use birth control? No shame whatsoever. She sounds like a bedhopper to me. He should get a paternity test to make sure the kid is his.

1945 days ago


Why do so many people assume that Mel wants to/is going to marry O-skank-a? His reputation is already ruined, so having a child out of wedlock is no big deal. O-skank-a isn't his first mistress and won't be his last. Men don't usually marry their mistresses (then they'd be wives and all the fun would be gone!) Mel was perfectly content to remain married to Robyn while pursuing extracurricular activites for many years. Experienced maneater O-skank-a understood this, which is why she "forgot" to use birth control and got pregnant. At age 39 she doesn't have much time left to use this "oldest trick in the book." As long as she gets to spend Mel's money she won't care whether or not there's a ring on her finger. And Mel has nothing to gain by remarrying. Once his divorce is final he'll be a free it stands now he no longer has to pretend to be a devout Catholic and devoted family man!

1945 days ago


I'll tell you how long this new woman will last......just about as long as her relationship did with the James Bond actor. She had a child with him, and the boy, now 11 is approaching 18 rather quickly. Only 7 more years of child support. Sooooooo, she did it again. I think it is very obvious to see wonder about her past. Judgmental...perhaps...but what did they think would happen when this was announced. Her past isn't exactly that of a real faith based woman. Her past speaks for herself. She wanted everything she went after in HOLLYWOOD. I feel bad for Mel....sorry folks, but he was taken to the cleaners. Will the relationship last? Oh, MG. Have any of you ever been involved in something even a little similar? It sucks. By the time everyone is through hating you, your kids, your x-wife and in Mel's case most of America....they won't have one bit of their passion or relationship left. In the end, he will believe she got pregnant on purpose and hate her too. It is just the way sin, yes, that is the word, in works. He will miss his wife a plenty and hate the respect he has lost from his kids. Sorry for him and his family. This Oksana woman needs to be deported back to dear ole' Mom in Russia. She isn't doint anything else but milking the American men, just like so many other foreign women are doing.

1945 days ago


Yipes, this was embarrassing to watch. Leno pretending to do a serious interview. Two old fart men. Old guys who try to do raunchy humor are creepy and sad, especially when it's not even funny. Gibson is a pathetic cliche. When he was young he could get away with it, but now it's just sad.

1945 days ago
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