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Miss California -- Closet Glambert Fan

5/27/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here we thought "biblically correct" Carrie Prejean would swing more towards Christian cutie Kris Allen -- but when we asked her this morning which "American Idol" she was backing, she surprisingly said Adam Lambert ... you know, the theatrical one.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
In light of yesterday's Prop 8 ruling in California, Carrie Prejean patted herself on the back on this morning's "Fox & Friends" -- saying she's "not the bad guy" since the state's Supreme Court agreed with her.


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"15. ...let two people who love eachother have their basic rights....


Posted at 9:31AM on May 27th 2009 by Narrow-minded Americans"

Marriage isn't a 'right'. It's a mostly religious concept. So, good job, greg loving Eurotrash, you don't even know what your talking about. Next time your NOT speaking German, thank America!

1938 days ago


Furthermore, "equality" means no more minority status. no more cries of discrimination, no more preferential treatment...That means when you get fired for showing up to work in full drag, you cannot sue...That also means when a crime is committed against a member of the GLBT community, there won't be the extra "Hate Crime" bonus charge because you'll be hated "equally"...
Are they sure they want to go there?...

1938 days ago

ACLU member    

Why gays hate freedom of speech aka the First Amendment rights? They are so hypocritic and this is why I voted YES ON PROP 8!!!

1938 days ago


I'm sure the CA Supreme Court gathered and said: "Let's all listen to
what Carrie thinks! Let's agree with what she says! Yay me!" Prop 8
is about denying equal rights for all... Maybe one day there will be a
proposition that bans all stupid beauty contestants from opening
their ginormous mouths in public over and over again.

1938 days ago

Land Shark    

In the wise words of Matt and Trey on South Park: "Either it's all okay, or none of it is." If men and woman can marry, why must the same RIGHT be denied to our gay friends who want their love to be recognized and celebrated?
Carrie Prejean is an ignorant bitch, and she needs to go away. We don't want her in California spouting her hate into every camera that crosses her path.

1938 days ago

Lenn K.    

First thing I agree with #13 and that was put soooo very well. Secondly, for the 9000th time go after the blacks and hispanics who voted the same way that President Obama and Hillary Clinton believe. She is just a target to shoot and cry about. Bottomline the highest court of California upheld the peoples vote.

1938 days ago


will people just get a life already and stop being so judgemental and just leave this alone? I'm so sick of TMZ and all their bs and calling adam lambert (glambert) its soo childish and immature. Just because she doesnt want gay marriage which A LOT OF US DONT WANT, doesnt mean she hates gays people! give it a rest and hopefully you all can find happiness in your lifes so you stop wasting them on stupid things that shouldnt even matter, people are going to live their lifes the way they want to, and we shouldnt judge!

1938 days ago


I saw her co-hosting on Fox&Friends the other morning. She was pathetic!

1937 days ago


Adam is absolutely AWESOME and it has nothing to do with his sexuality .The thing I don't understand is why gays are so adamant about calling it a marriage. Why if marriage is defined as a man and a woman would gays want that title anyways? In my opinion everyone should have health insurance coverage, they should be able to dictate who their "family" is but why are they so centered on wanting to call it a marriage when by definition it isn't. That doesn't mean it isn't a union and just as meaningful ... although don't hold your breath when one out of every two marriages ends in divorce .....

It doesn't make me a bigot or prejudice because I don't think it should be called a marriage. - call it something else and move on fighting for the rights sought after.By damning other people who don't agree makes the likes or Perez Hilton and others who were Boo Hooing about the injustice just look really stupid. I would gladly help you fight for rights that ALL humans deserve but accusing me of being a bigot or less enlightened isn't going to help your cause much because it just makes people angry and those who are sympathetic to your cause ANNOYED.

1937 days ago


You guys...some one can oppose gay marrage and still love gay people! I personally disagree with gay marrage, but I have many gay friends and I'm not ashamed to have them. Christians shouldn't hate gay people! They should love them! but Christians should believe that it is a sin, and hate the sin. Please don't go around bashing Christians when you don't understand Christianity in the slightest!

1936 days ago
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