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Courtney Love Endangers Economic Recovery

5/28/2009 8:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

FROM: American Express
TO: President Barack Obama
SUBJECT: Bailout money

Mr. President:

We are humbled to ask for immediate financial help. Courtney Love is driving us the way of Chrysler and G.M. She has three American Express credit cards and will not pay the balance on any of them.

Centurion Card Account: Ms. Love owes $279,079.68
Gold Card Account: Ms. Love owes $69,245.56
Platinum Card Account: Ms. Deadbeat owes $3,734.43.

We have been forced to file a lawsuit yesterday in L.A. Federal Court, asking for $352,659.67, plus a bunch of costs. We don't think she'll pay up, so dude, we need your help.




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1976 days ago


haha screw AMEX they deserve it give someone that high a credit limit thats what you get spend the tax payers dollar courtney they asked for it

1976 days ago


Courtney Love has been informing anyone who'll listen that she was ripped off...MAYBE she really was and is indeed broke. More likely, she's just not facing up to her financial responsibilities and thinks the credit card companies will forget her overdue balances. It's about time she grows up and starts behaving like an adult...

1976 days ago


Dear AmEx;
That is what you get for giving a drug addict so much credit. You had better fire someone for not at LEAST reading up on her on TMZ before issuing the cards.

1976 days ago



1976 days ago


American Express BY FAR is THE WORST credit card company on the planet .
They have cut so many balances on people who are paying their payments on time . I'm talking 10,000.00 dollars cut from people's balances , people who paid two to three times the minimum monthly payment and have never had a single late ...

They just laid off 4000 of their employees last week .
They continue to tack on interest charges in a way that is highly unethical .
To illustrate: Let's say your bill is due June 5th , and your payment is 150.00 and you have 5000 dollars in available credit , do you know that up until the day you make that payment , that your available credit limit will continue to go down due to their constant daily interest charges????

I would LOVE to see them crumble . The financial services sector is at 41% in profits, why do these jack asses give the illusion that they are sinking?

I have several credit cards and I refuse Amex , even their black card ...word to the wise - DO NOT GET AMERICAN EXPRESS , perhaps their traveler's Checks , but that is where one should draw the line , they are modern day thieves!

1976 days ago


HahahahaAhahaHAH......How much did she owed her pimp?!

1976 days ago


I've had Amex since 2003, never missed a payment, was charging $35,000++ a month on card (business), so out of blue cut me to $15,000 credit limit, then $12,000, now $9,000 - that doesn't hardly cover 1 order, so i'm having to make payments online every 3 to 5 days - killing me, as I have to order parts, build system, deliver, wait 15-30 days for payment. Meanwhile I have to pay Amex in 3 days, no sense in having the card any more. Why are they punishing good customers?

1976 days ago


"We have been forced to file a lawsuit yesterday in L.A. Federal Court, asking for $352,659.67, plus a bunch of costs."

Ugh...who proofs this stuff?

"We WERE forced..." is correct if you insist on passive voice.

1976 days ago

go figure    

Since Obama is flushing our economy down the crapper with billions spent on his no-new-employment projects, what's another $350,000?

1976 days ago


amex is the best credit card co. on the planet. i get so many benefits using my platinum card i wouldn't give it up for anything. the best is that i get to fly first class using amex points everytime i fly. i'm not someone who would EVER pay for first class. their point system is incredible. the people with gripes must be the ones strapped for cash and don't pay their bills on time. like courtney.

1976 days ago


No.#9 you are very accurate in that presumption. He hasn't done one da-mn thing for this economy. All he is is a pack of promises and spending. Why not give AMEX the money! Let Courtney Love fall threw the cracks and fall with her crack!

1976 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

Dear Harvey,

Why don't you expose your little balls like you do everyone else's? I think the only difference would be the level of income. LD

1976 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

TMZ never said it was a quote nor a lol fact.

1976 days ago


I am kinda thinking that it ain't know one's business but her own. Has she lost all rights to her privacy by having been married to Kurt Cobain?

1976 days ago
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