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Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

5/28/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Top: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

On Bottom: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Jon and Kate

Dude was biggest flirt at his high school. We'll see how long he remains on top.


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I have watched the show since it started and have followed all the events in the past weeks. I am heart broken to see what has happened to this entire family. I totally understand why Kevin and Jodi did what they did they care about this family. I think Kates self esteem has risen with her new look, weight loss and popularity which is great but she left Jon behind and I feel right now he is just lost. I have been married 26 yrs been thru tough times. The only way they will stay together is if Kate turns her self around and takes a good long hard look at her husband and children and decides to get back to what is important her family. If she doesn't the marriage is over, the kids suffer and the show ends and she in the end looses everything she wanted to begin with. SO SAD

1973 days ago


WHERE IS JON'S BODYGUARD????????????????

1973 days ago


I just wanted to add that Kate was so into the organic stuff and save the earth and recycle,,,Did anyone notice on Mondays show she used STYROFOAM cups,,,,,what happened Kate???NO time to recycle??or to save the earth??

1973 days ago

kim j    

Lay off Jon for crying out loud!! Who do all of you think is taking care of those kids while Kate is off promoting her books??Jon spends a lot more time with the kids than Kate does, and if he wants to go out once in a while, what is the harm in that?? She gets a lot of alone time while she is off promoting herself, he is left at home with the kids. She insisted that he quit his job, she wanted to quit her job. Now she is so egotistical and acts like she thinks she is going to be the next hollywood star. Yes Jon may have made some mistakes, but Kate is also accused of having an affair with her bodyguard. There is no more proof that he did anything wrong than there is that she did.She takes every oppurtunity she can to be away from her beautiful kids. He has suggested that they give up the show to save their marriage, she will not do that. So who is more at fault?? Kate, the money hungry egotistical bitch. She doesn't like seeing her face and story on People, (she said that) or other papers or magazines, well then keep her mouth shut. She is just looking for any and all attention she can get and Joan and the kids are paying for it. And.....Maddie needs some punishment, she gets rewarded for bad behavior and Cara is such a good kid and she is kept in the background never in the limelight. Guess you have to be bad to get any attention in that family.

1973 days ago


Now that I am seeing more and more of Jon out and about with other women, I'm starting to not like him very much. I thought Kate got what she deserved, but now I am wondering. If he loved his kids as much as he says he does, then the holidays would be spent with them, not young girls. Anyway these girls are only ther because right now he is famous, but wait til that all dies down. He'll be the one all alone. Like another blogger said, who wants to be with someone with eight kids. It wouldn't last very long, especially after they had a taste of Mady and her attitude. I still do not feel too sorry for Kate, because she is not very nice to her husband or her kids. Where is the intervention from Child and Youth Services. Can't they do something. After all they all saw how her son had to sleep on the washroom floor because he was sick and threw up on his comforter. Poor baby. Jon grow up and take responsibility, and be the father to these children like you are supposed. Take charge and put your foot down, and stop the filming. What can she do, if you kick the film crew out of your house. It is your house too. Good Luck to both of you, you need marriage counceling.

1973 days ago


I think this is the saddest thing ever shown on realty tv, Watching those little babies wondering why their dad is not home and out of the house was very depressing to watch. I cried because I have come to love the family (except for kate at times but I do admire her skills) and was hoping to watch them grow up, Seeing her out without Jon was sickening. He left her with 8 kids!!!!
I would make sure he never gets a cent out of this and that show needs to be taken of the air now!!
I did not find it entertainibg watching the babies be upset,,,,,thats is exploitation of the lowest on the networks part.

1973 days ago


I hate Kates brother and sister inlaw. I think they are the lowest of the low.
Does her brother not realize this will put a rift between him and the children for life. If I was kate and the kids I would never speak to them again. I have always found Jodi to be sickening with her sweet syrupy attitude, she is so fake it is like watching a evil person. I would not want her around my kids..
She only wanted money and fame too and is doing whatever she can to get it. She has always made me want to barf, now I know why,

1973 days ago


jon is such a douche bag

1973 days ago



1973 days ago


Cmon Now what did these two parents think when they decided to make there life public for all eyes too see. I think Kate got to big for her britches more interested in what she can rake in $$$$$ wise, while john took off trotting for fresh meat.To be honest Kate showed alot of papparazzi comments when the 5th birthday party aired HELLOOOOOOOOOO didnt seem to bother her to much kept telling the guest sorry the papparazzi ..HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if it truly bothered her why not speak out to them say a few freakin words!!! Thru out the whole darn beginning of this show they knew exactlly what was going on there not newbies to celebrity news and papparazzi. What did they expect when they took on the position of airing there life on tv and there kids. If u get right down too it, its the children that pay the price. The fame , notority and being all that and a bag of chips has gone to KATES head, while john steers away from it and tries to have a normal life , look at it this way if kate was to boss u around like ur a freakin 12 year old and always harping when things arent kates way wouldnt u seek SOMEONE ELSE. HELL YES!!!!

1973 days ago


Read the dates people. He was in NYC on Monday, Memorial Day. The pic of Kate with some of her kids was taken yesterday. Who's to say he wasn't there with the other kids? Oh, that's right. Poor Kate has to do this all by her wittle self :(

1973 days ago

penny green    

why has tmz decided to dog on jon and make it look like he is a jerk? if you have watched that show long enough you know that no matter what jon does it is not good enough for kate. she is constantly nagging,bitching, and instructing him on everything. she takes no resposibility in this disaster and is getting real good at playing the poor victim. she has always had things her way. going back over the past episodes you can see how she never really had it as bad as she makes out like she did. she would sleep in while jon got all the kids up and then bring her coffee to get her going, jon always bathed and put those kids to bed when and how he was instructed to do so. she had people who came in that folded, ironed, and even put away all the laundry. she always had lots of help, which are not around any more because she is such a controlling bitch that she ran them all off, even her own family members. she said just the other night that everything she has done she did for her kids. does that include running off all those people that the kids had grown to love and bonded with? how does she explain to them why they don't get to see them anymore? her vanity and self importance is more revelant to her than what this is all doing to her children. jon has acted in an immature way and made some mistakes, but i think he would just as soon turn off the cameras and call it quits for the good of his kids, but kate said on the show that ain't happening. their apperance told it all. while kate claims to shouldering everything all own her own, she looks pretty tan and rested and all done up and jon looked like hell. he is obviously angry and sad and just broken. this will play out in living rooms and we will all watch this family distruct, just like watching a train wreck and in the end the kids will pay. i hope miss kate is happy then with all her money and fame because she will have to answer some hard questions fromher kids one day. karma kate, is a real bitch

1973 days ago

Oh pleez    

I cried because I have come to love the family (except for kate at times but I do admire her skills) and was hoping to watch them grow up, Seeing her out without Jon was sickening. He left her with 8 kids!!!!

Seriously? You CRIED over Jon and Kate? You wanted to watch the kids grow up? You really, really need to get a life.

1973 days ago

Renee Okc    

You know what i am glad this picture is being seen, I said it before she takes care of the kids and he is just standing by, Its not her fault the man cant talk he needs to be out working instead of shopping for a new girlfriend i am done being on his side she treats him like a child because that is how he acts and now we know she probably only stays with him because it looks good on tv but he has better things to do than deal with his kids, most men i know when they get caught doing wrong they try to stay by there womans side until they feel the relationship is back on track and then later they go back to there old life and activities he just sucks she needs to expose the truth about this clown with his dumb ass . PERIOD KATE GET IT TOGETHER AND DITCH HIS BUTT IF ALL HE CAN DO IS DRINK AND HE KNOWS PEOPLE ARE WATCHING HIM THAT IS SAD ITS A SLAP TO HER FACE.....

1973 days ago


Kate is such an emasculating woman that it's no wonder she lost her husband, her father, her brother, her sister in law, her siblings... what more do you guys need to realize about how horrible a person SHE is. No wonder Jon longs for his youth! She took it away from him at 22 and made him look like a fool for ever after!

1973 days ago
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