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Barack Obama -- The Price of Love

5/31/2009 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Want to do "date night" like the Obamas? Just get your hands on an unlimited budget, a private Gulfstream jet, and the United States Secret Service. Dinner and a movie is for suckers.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama
President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle hopped a jet to New York last night to see a Broadway play and then grabbed some dinner at a chic West Village restaurant.

Barack Obama -- launch photosThe only problem, Barack critics say, is that it's the American taxpayers who footed the bill for the private planes that shuttled the Obamas back and forth (Air Force One got the night off). Obama sprung for the theater tix out of his own pocket.

With the economy in the crapper, the Prez can't even enjoy a night on the town without it being a national issue.


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Those with common sense know the Obamas are not and probably have never read TMZ blogs. Many people. like myself, fnd this site interestingly amusing; there are many faceless bloggers who think their opinions matters, as evident by typing in all caps and overusage of exclamations points. Revelation: When this site moves to page 2+, no one will remember or care about your opinions. Relax, people. Regarding the president and first lady, I am sure, like all other public officials, the hate and criticism come with the position. They enter office quite aware the will be fairly and unfairly criticize; however, they seen to be enjoying themselves. Sadly the haters are not. They are probably having a good day and haters are sitting around dredging up the hate within. Sad way to spend a minute, hour, day................

1973 days ago


As a conservative Republican, I'm really embarrased that my fellow conservatives are making a big deal of this. Marriage comes before your job. I'm glad the President is taking is wife out on a date.

1973 days ago


That's it Obama, keep spending. Keep spending all of our money. Oh that's right, we don't have any money anymore. China now owns us. Thank you for that !

1973 days ago


All I have to say is it must be nice! I am one of the little people who would not know how nice it is. I just hope that someday he will get things back on track. As of right now he has not shown me a thing. I don't thing that the public enjoys looking at this photo. There are so many out there that are just keeping their heads above water. Date nights they can not afford. Enjoy your selves while all the rest of us pay for it.

1973 days ago


Hope they enjoyed my money!

1973 days ago


I agree with #70. he does all of these other things while the country is suffering
hes supposed to fix it
thats why america spend all that money on the voting registration process and everything that follows it so he could be sworn in as president
we should have let Palin in office she was passionate about fixing something
i also agree with #71 i bet they know by now that this is too much of a job for Obama to handle, and he knows he wont make it past his first semester so they want to soak up all the luxury while they can

1973 days ago


Vicky, not every Republican is a hick. Should I stereotype the president the way you are stereotyping a political party? Anyway, I'm not opposed to Barack having a night out with his wife, just not on the taxpayers dime for such an extravagant night out in the middle of this bad economy. He spends a bit too freely with other people's money. I agree with the other person who suggested he wait until he is NY for some other purpose.

Sheryl, you might also want to work on your spelling. Before you post, figure out when to use "their" or "they're."

1973 days ago


LOL..He looks so frail and skinny next to her . I bet she could snap him like a twig just by sitting on him..LOL..

1973 days ago


This is ridiculous on so many levels. He IS the President of the United States. He CANNOT travel without the Secret Service or on a COMMERCIAL flight. We are paying for a security detail regardless of whether he stays in or not.

Some idiot stated he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, but didn't he bow for Queen Elizabeth as well, I guess he's whatever religion she is.

Wasn't Bush in Florida reading to school children when planes hit the World Trade Center, I wonder how much that trip cost the American public? I am sure we paid a pretty penny for W to sit and read a book in a classroom.

He's actually helping the economy and keeping people, at least on Broadway, employed. Now with all of this publicity, this may get others to go and see a play. The people who rented the plane are also in business for another day.

1973 days ago

Mama Kin    

I love him!!!!! Michelle is a very lucky woman!!!!!

1973 days ago


Good for them, they deserve it. And they look gorgeous too.

1973 days ago

Emma K    

They need to stay in DC, there are plenty of restaurants and theatre's here. Stop spending our money there is none left due to your careless spending.

1973 days ago


What would the American public say if President George Bush took his wife Laura Bush to New York on a date?? Its a whole different ball game with Nobama. WAKE UP AMERICA

1973 days ago


who's running the country when he's out spending OUR tax $$$$ on himself and his wife????

Wait til the 4 yrs. is up. GW NEVER spent our $$$ lik Obama has in 100 days.

1973 days ago


First of all he can't fly anything else but on a private plane. He has no Birth Certificate. My sister who is a flight attendant has had to go through more background checks then Obama has. Now whats up with that??!!!

1973 days ago
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