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Carrie Prejean's Lawyer -- Fellow H8er

5/31/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanIt would make sense for Carrie Prejean -- the poster child for "traditional marriage" -- to hire a lawyer who shares her beliefs. And wouldn't you know it -- she picked one of the most famous ones of the bunch.

TMZ has learned Prejean has hired Charles Limandri, who acted as as general counsel to the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) when the group spearheaded the California ballot initiative to include the marriage definition in the constitution (aka Proposition 8).

We're told Prejean is trying to use Limandri to help her negotiate her contract with the Miss Universe Organization so she can make unauthorized public appearances with whomever she wants. (*cough cough NOM)

Prejean appears in an ad for NOM that is displayed prominently on their website -- despite the objections of the Miss Universe Organization.


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TMZ and other pro same sex marriage supporters can blame Perez Hilton. If he had kept his mouth shut after the pag. no one would even remember her name. Perez Hilton made her a star. Perez has hurt your fight as his hatred towards successful women have turned many against the fight . i voted FOR same sex marriage on my state ballot but I am AGAINST Perez Hilton's hatred. Women should be able to voice their opinion without being attacked by Perez. Her family was lied about and followed ,even her 90 plus year old grandmother. Hatred should not be allowed at all.

1941 days ago


I didn't know she was "anti-gay." She is simply in favor of keeping marriage between a man and a woman. You know...the kind of marriage that really makes sense? That even Obama favors? That the majority of Americans favor? Having an opinion does not make one a "hater," an overused word thrown by the left when they don't get their way or someone has the gumption to pose an opposing view.

1941 days ago


She is just a KNT. I would not both to acknowledge this POS even is she was to knock on my door asking for a drink of water. She has taken her "free speech" defense to such lows by defying her contractual obligations and mocking the entire system that has given her 15 minutes of fame. Donald Trump you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this little girl best you.

1941 days ago


You TMZ losers are truly pathetic. Get over it. Get over yourselves. Get over your hypocrisy. Free speech isn't just for those you agree with, There is also a way to disagree without behaving like morons. You aren't helping your cause. by the way. Keep it up.

1941 days ago


You should be ashamed of yourselves trying to make Carrie Prejean look like a numskull for opposing gay marriage. The Gallup Poll shows that most Americans (not just most Californians) oppose gay marriage. So STOP MAKING IT LOOK LIKE A FREAKISH THING TO DO!

1941 days ago


I love all of you losers who slam TMZ by posting comments on their web-site. If you truly did not give a crap about TMZ, you would not even be visiting the site. Your visiting and posting are driving the site-you are the reason they are here-without you, they go away - Don't you get it. LOL LOL LOL - fools.

1941 days ago


The "free speech" whiners are cracking me the F up! Do you even know what it is? It protects you from the GOVERNMENT from prohibiting your right to free speech. NOT other people. Also, you do realize that you are doing EXACTLY what you are complaining about by trying to stifle people who disagree with Prejean, don't you? Or does it only apply if it's what YOU want to hear? See how that works?

I couldn't care less about her views on gay marriage. However, being a public figure, she should know that taking on a contraversial subject RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE will get you....well....contraversy. Don't go on a media campaign about it, then whine when the other side wants to give THEIR point of view.

I think she's getting what she deserves, not for her views, but because she's a liar, a hypocrite, and her inability to keep the promises she made when she signed a contract. Her being a bit of a skank helps though.

1941 days ago


Hey, Real Deal, I'm just giving the TMZ freaks a taste of their own medicine.
Suck it, punk.

1941 days ago


please refer to obama as a fellow hater every time you mention him too since he shares prejean's opinion

1941 days ago


Well, Mr Brian, Carrie didn't just decide to "take on" an issue like gay marriage. It was Perez Hilton who asked her the question, remember? He was the one trying to get attention, not her.

1941 days ago


I use to be for gay marriage but after all the hate I've seen and read, that's been directed at this girl for giving her opinion I've changed my mind. I have never seen a more hate filled group of people in my life. The majority of people hold her same opinion and now I do too. It's not about being anti-gay as people like to spin it, it's about defining marriage. You lost in court you lost at the booths and now your losing in the court do public opinion ...keep up, keep alienating people. Liberals are so filled with hate it's amazing...

1941 days ago

give her a break    

Give her a break!!!!! She is entitled to her opinion. We all know that everyone else can speak their mind. If she is in favor of traditional marriage, then let her be. There should be more opinions voiced in favor of traditional marriage. Why is that now considered poitically incorrect now? That view is the majority even according to the CA courts. Why does the minority think they rule???

1941 days ago


Keep bashing the right for Christians and anyone else who opposes same-sex marriage and you'll do more harm than good for your cause. Carrie is entitled to her opinion, and she gave it without hate. Then, the biggest bigot of all, Perez Hilton, demonstrated "tolerance" is a one-way street. His definition of intolerance only applies to those he disagrees with. Truth is, more than two-thirds of all Americans are opposed to same-sex marriage according to numerous polls, and 30 of 30 states who provided an amendment to vote on the issue all supported traditional marriage. This is a democracy where the majority rules, so get over it. And, despite the fact that Hollywood knows the vast majority of Americans are repulsed by this lifestyle, they still flood the TV and movie screens with their pro-gay propaganda. SO, keep it up. Each time you bash those opposed to same-sex marriage, you encourage and embolden more and more people to side with traditional marriage and take up the cause to defeat the homosexual campaign. That's exactly what you forced Carrie to do. Had you admitted she has a right to her opinion, all of these projects and programs supporting traditional marriage that you are now hearing about would not have received the widespread publicity they are getting. As for you at TMZ, you have an amusing and entertaining website and TV program for the most part, but you are playing favorites to the homosexual bigots and that's harming your credibility. You should lay off on your Carrie attacks, stay neutral and just report both sides of the issue, good or bad, and then let the cards fall where they may.

1941 days ago



1941 days ago


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Trump is going to have Carrie on the next Celebrity Apprentice. He is just using her to generate interest in him and rekindle the Miss USA venture.

Sadly she will be laughing all the way to the bank.

1941 days ago
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