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Cheney -- Shock and In Awe ... of Susan Boyle

6/1/2009 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This morning in D.C., former Vice President Dick Cheney told us two surprising things: He supports Barack Obama's right to a date night on the taxpayers' dime ... and he's a Susan Boyle fan!

Dick Cheney: Click to watch


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First whores!    

Remember when Dudley was molested by the bike shop owner while play "Neptune King of the Sea"? Thankfully, Mr. Drummond came to the rescue before the old pervert molested Arnold. That was a great episode.

1971 days ago


Haven't we seen enough of this piece of Sh!t!!!!!!????

1971 days ago


Cheney is a great man. Kept America safe for 7 and half years.
You liberal idiots are so amusing.

Two words: Joe Biden


1971 days ago

I was hoping this article would be about Cheney blowing someone else's face off.

1971 days ago


Why not he has blwn TRILLIONS tax payers dollars already whats another few thousand? People claimed Bush was taking away rights & destroying this country, Bush did'nt have nothing on this guy & his mob.

1971 days ago

artie help    

hey HENTYTHECAT,you are my new favorite douche-bag. Now STFU.

1971 days ago


what's that beast doing out in the daylight?!?!?

for once, just show america some decency and slink back to the hole you came from---your time is over!! leave us all alone so we can fix the disastrous mess you and your party did over the past 8 years of deregulations and 'money before americans'!

i'd tell you to shut up, but your crazy nonsense and ugly personality are THE BEST thing for further destroying the republican party. so just keep spewing your lies and hatred, like you always did in office, fortunately fewer and fewer americans are falling the right-wing lies, hatred, and old-fashioned views. you cant go back in time, so you righties can just move to the middle east and live under sharia law---and leave our great country alone!!!

1971 days ago


Cheney should go ride back under his rock. In all the eight he was VP, I can count on one hand, how many times he was seen out in public. Go away Cheny. You and Bush should be on trial now, as war criminals.

1971 days ago


Just waiting for his next heart attack. Hope it's his last. PS: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity SUCK!!

1971 days ago


kim #23---I served in Iraq for 4 years. I am Republican. I love my country and when I see right wing people like you spewing your nonsense, I have to ask what have you done for your country? And who are you to tell me to leave the country that I fought for because I have a different view than you? The problem with people like you is that you sit on your computer insulting others and have not a clue as to what you are even talking about. I don't care if you are Democrat, but you have no business telling anyone to leave their country because you don't like what they say. I am the one that fought for everyones's freedom of speech, not just yours. You have no idea what hell is. Just be glad you can sit in your fluffy little world and enjoy freedoms.

1971 days ago

artie help    

#23 KIM, you are the reason people blow themselves up you senseless twit, brainwashed ignoramus

1971 days ago


To the douchebag asking the questions: LAY OFF THE's midday and you're effing incoherent and can't ask questions. "Mr. Vice Presiddennn, ugghh do you think Obammm should be goin dullladuh??" "Ugghhh do thinggg Obamaaa should be gooinnn to Broadddweyyy??" Jesus H Christ, finish up the GED, bro, and lay off the Cocoa Puffs.

1971 days ago


Thank you Michael R. Rosencranz for serving our country! Idiots like Kim are the ones who need to go live in the Middle East, since they love terrorists so much. God Bless America and the great people who serve in the armed forces! The very people that give you your freedoms and protect you!

1971 days ago


#12 our country was doing quite well for most of the Bush presidency. In fact, Bush bought us out of a ressesion that Clinton left us with. If you knew anything about finace you would realize that the economic crisis started way back in the late 90's when investors got too greedy and made terrible misktakes. Their mistakes led to what we are seeing now. No politician caused it. I love how people try to blame Bush for that... but I guess everyone wasnt educated with a major in finance!

1971 days ago

Granny Pants    

Wake up People, thank God Big Daddy was on the wall, y'all.

1971 days ago
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