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Heidi & Spencer Threaten to Head for 'The Hills'

6/1/2009 2:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi and Spencer are barely celebrities, but they definitely want outta here!

Spencer and Heidi

A source on the production of NBC's "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" tells TMZ the reality duo is not enjoying their stay in the jungles of Costa Rica. In fact, we're told they've already quit the show -- TWICE -- but each time they had a change of heart. Oh ... and they're only on their second day of shooting.

Bitch fights with LC and Brody never looked so good.


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Larry Fuller    

Spencer and Heidi are THE most obnoxious trash-talking phony people who have EVER been on television!!!! Who is the brainiac who put them on The Hills in the first place???? I hope they are gone immediately!!! Spencer makes me think of a 2-year-old child throwing a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his own way! Sanjaya needs to fill out a little bit if he is going to run around shirtless!!!! LOL

1916 days ago


are these 2 for real?

1916 days ago


Heck, how did it loose my comment?? I likeHeidi , she was brave enough to try scorpions!!

1916 days ago



1916 days ago


This quote just shows what a snot nosed cry baby of a brat this pansy really is. News sources need to 86 these dipwads and let them see what nobodys they really are. Stop giving them a paycheck. This is direct from the executive producer of the show, Paul Telegdy, posted on the CNN website.


"I think Spencer thought he was about to arrive in some jungle-top Four Seasons (hotel), not a camp in the middle of the jungle... He does make much of the fact that he's very pampered. He said to me, 'I can't do this; I eat five times a day and everyone of those meals costs at least $40.' I said, 'Well Spencer, everybody else is doing fine on rice and beans."

1916 days ago

Sandy Schimitis    

I am watching that celeb. Jungle show I never see anything about that Heidi and Spencer ? Or what ever his name is like it matters anyway. She was crying over lables torn off her shampoo. He was an abusive looser. The way he was in these womens faces, he acted women beater, All these men and only the women stood up to him. why is chanel 12 allowing them to remain. It's not funny. Why don't they get education, help people in need. Stop crying and wanting to beat women over shampoo lables. Theyre not even interesting enough to me to even make me sick, Boring, I wont watching. I have a life were I help grouphome people who cant even feed themselves, or have been abused, They don't care about there shampoo lables.

1916 days ago

Cali Snark    

These two are so beyond obnoxious! Where are crocodiles when you need them?

1916 days ago

I Remove Heads From Asses    

hey Spencer stop claiming your Christian you are really stopping people from coming in on sunday...and also your not king of anything trust me

1916 days ago

Me real is this show? It looks totally set up and fake. Please tell me that this show is on a set in a studio somewhere. Spencer and Heidi should be fired from whatever cesspool project they're part of. If I was the producers of "The Hills", I'd get them off the show because they are an embarrassment. Any man-child who knocked something out of my hand or showed that kind of disrespect would get knocked on his fancy backside. That those two are old enough to marry and possibly reproduce is a shame. I hope they don't make more little snots like them. And if this is a "reality" show, what the heck is up with the other men allowing that snot-faced boy get in people's faces like that?? Torrie should have body slammed him! This show has aggravated me from the first minute and I'm a reality junkie. I'll watch just about anything. But, one thing I can guarantee, if I see either Spencer or Heidi in anything else again, I'll know not to waste my time watching. Those two are monumentally irritating.

1916 days ago


Is this show really filmed n Costa Rician Jungle or some backlot of a studio? Something just ain't right to me, looks too fake and not a real jungle. The show sucked tonight.

1916 days ago

who cares    

OMG>>>Come on people PLEASE just let the douchbags go home....Whoever gave them a recharge on their 15 min of fame should be shot....LET THEM LEAVE, we dont care....

1916 days ago


These 2 are losers. I'm a celeb? really? The cast is horrible. Please TMZ no more!

Spencer is a loser.

1916 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Spencer is the biggest Douche Bag on earth!!!
Why are they popular? This guy has a flesh colored beard and he's a complete tool!
Please go away!!!

1916 days ago


I never watched the hills but I knew who the couple were. HE's a real tool. All that talk about christianity and slamming the female wrestler that she isn't a christian? HE is the reason christians get a bad name..... I hope he learns a lesson in all of this and is grateful for what he has. I hope she wakes up and leaves that mess behind.

1915 days ago


I think Spencer and Heidi are a bunch of lame ass tool bags who need to grow up and learn what it's like to live in the real world. No wonder they couldn't hack it on this show! NO ONE LIKES OR CARES ABOUT EITHER OF YOU, GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1915 days ago
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