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Jon's Lady Friends -- Just Chewin' the Fat

6/1/2009 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon GosselinJon Gosselin is channeling his inner Biz Markie -- claiming the girls he was kickin' it with on Memorial Day weekend (sans Kate) are nothing more than friends.

Jon told, "The two women with whom I've been photographed are family friends – Lauren Glassman and Lauren's daughter, Hailey.

"Lauren's husband, Dr. Larry Glassman, performed Kate's tummy tuck surgery, and since the surgery we've become friendly with the Glassmans."

Jon was out again with the twosome at the Riverside Square Mall in New Jersey this weekend -- where he went on a $2,000 on a mid-day shopping spree.

So where was Kate while Jon was playin' around with his lady friends? She was in North Carolina, showin' off Glassman's work.


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Actually jon and kate WERE in fact on welfare when they had their multiples.

1972 days ago

Make them go away!    

#11 no it is not..... sorry.

1972 days ago


#15 did you see the Life Time movie on them .she was a nurse and he worked (i dont know what he did) and they lived with her parents

1972 days ago

Mark Mac    

Yea, 'Something's not right' I want to know just how you know so much about genetics. What, you take intro to genetics in college? SCOFF! You need to know what you know, but more important, you need to know what you don't know...especially before you come out and make accusations about people you don't even know. Even if it is on a forum this useless and trivial (and yes I get the irony of myself posting that comment on this useless forum, so no need to point it out!). Genetics is a very complex concept, and human genetics even more so. Don't jump to conclusions.

1972 days ago


Looks like he is the one on vacation. She is at the beach with 8 kids and no husband to help. I'd be a b**ch to him too.

1972 days ago

Mark Mac    

these aren't peas we're talking about 'somethings...'. Human genetics is more complicated than plant genetics. I suggest you go beyond your highschool bio.

1972 days ago


Your going to need something a little more compelling than him chatting with a couple of people. I mean they don't even look cozy in this picture just laid back and chatting. Come on. And no they were not on welfare #15 she was a nurse and he is a software tech. Good grief

1972 days ago


Color contacts... hello. I have brown eyes and wear green contacts. Not everything is a conspiracy.

1972 days ago


I think that Jon is just tired of his life being filmed and possibly have to pretend to be enjoying it. Good for him for taking time off from the circus that is created by Kate!

Kate, however, wants the audience to think that she will do whatever it takes to give the kids what they need, even taking them on a luxury vacation by herself (along with nannies, bodyguards, and film and production crew). Of course the paparazzi was also there, so she had to make sure that she wore her teenie, weenie, itsy, bitsy bikini to attract even more media attention (e.g. covers on US, Star, Enquirier and tv exposure on Access Hollywood, the Insider, ET, TMZ, etc.)!!!

1972 days ago


#5 @ 1:25 Do your research....they DID have a website begging for freebies. They WERE getting a welfare nurse from PA. Go to readingeagle online newspaper, and read!! UGH Do some research before you type.

1972 days ago


Mrs #5 . when they first had the kids they where getting stuff from the church (she was being very selfish at what she could of used she wanted brand new stuff heard she was a real b.i.t.c.h then ) and yes they where blessed with a show for money and i do believe if we where given a show for money we would do it too

1972 days ago


Do you people think for a second that Kate is preventing him from seeing his children. Women more often get custody of the kids and that may be what she required of him. I am just saying it is a possibility. He does not seem like the kind of father that does care about his kids. Noone knows the whole story and I would not be so quick to take Kate's side AT ALL.

1972 days ago


Her tummy tuck doctor must have given her boobies a lift too! And now Jon is hanging out with the doc family! They are certainly making this confusing for us to follow acurately, Just gonna have to continue watching to just get the facts straight dah...Her handsome bodyguard was at the beach with all of them while filming, He is a hottie must be why Kate is getting the whole makeove, new boobs, tan, work out body, her own signature hairdo, and seems like she has a stylist dressing her now! The future shows should be called "Just Kate" and let's see who watches.

1972 days ago


At least Jon HAS FRIENDS !! He needs a HOT CHICK to be his bodyguard. One that LOOKS GREAT on a motorcycle,with him. She could be by HIS SIDE 24/7 - with or without the kids.

1972 days ago


Jon's dad was white, that's why he has blue eyes.

1972 days ago
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