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Cracks Up,

Eminem Walks Out

6/1/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was shades of Shaq last night at the MTV Movie Awards, when Sacha Baron Cohen gave Eminem a taste of "Bruno." The question -- was Eminem genuinely pissed or was it choreographed like a Britney concert?

Check out the vid -- then vote.


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I can't believe anyone thinks this is real...
What are the chances that Sacha would have landed
just like that with this legs around Eminem head?
Plus if Sacha had really fallen stage people would have been running
out to help him so he didn't hurt himself. The fact that he hung there and
even announced a winner hanging upside down is proof enough!
Eminem is in on this big time!

1969 days ago


I think his reaction is real Eminem is a little bitch he can dish it butt cant take it

1969 days ago


staged or not...that was pretty hilarious.
too bad he didnt land on paris hilton....THAT wouldve been hall of fame material

1969 days ago


Nice to have two bigs guys sitting beside you to help you out. Hmmm

1969 days ago


So Fake...At First Live I was like wHAT THE #($(#......BUT IF YOU LOOK mtv ACTUALLY zooms INTO eMINEM BEFORE sASHA MAKES HIS dESCENT.....Def. The Highlight of a very boring MTV AWARDS SHOW....

1969 days ago


Reminded me of a professional wrestling skit. Very cheesy and yes, fake as can be. Marshall is still a punk ass, little whiney bitch though and I would love the chance to kick his ass for real without the burly black guys to watch his back.

1969 days ago

erica stephens    

Em would never have agreed to that.He needs to find Cohen and punch him in the face....on camera!

1969 days ago

First whores!    

Remember Fraggle Rock? I loved that show!

1969 days ago


I think Eminem just got punked! ^^ I mean they have all prepared, but the only one, who didn't know was Eminem himself! 'Please, take your reserved seat, Mister Slim Shady!' XD

1969 days ago


Once again we see how sick the sodomites are and that they are in need of mental help. And nothing good can be said about MTV which has done everything possible to indoctrinate our young people. When America falls in the coming years we will look back and see liberalism was the cause of it.

1969 days ago


Half real. Half fake. I think the landing on Eminem was planned but I doubt he knew it was coming so I think his PO's reaction was totally real.

1969 days ago


I think this is totally staged! If it were real, don't you think Eminem or one of his body guards would've reacted differently than just pushing Bruno away?? These big guys are capable of more than just shoving him away, where were the fists flying?? FAKE

1969 days ago

Mike Hunt    

This should keep all you no life f@gs busy debating real or fake for days. What losers you all are. LOLOLOLOL

1969 days ago



1969 days ago


I agree with #8. I think that Sash Baron Cohen planned to land on Eminem. These shows pre-plan who is going to sit where in advance so SBC had time to practice and set the exact wire position where the stagehands would stop and lower SBC (it was probably even rehearsed beforehand). But anybody here who seriously thinks that Eminem would EVER agree to have SBC who is playing a flamboyantly gay man have that man's BARE ASS AND BALLS RIGHT IN HIS FACE in a 69 position on national t.v. (that will be replayed globally) is out of their mind. We saw how much he flipped out a few years ago just because of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Eminem takes himself wayyy too seriously. It's okay for him to diss everyone else but he can't take it with he's the one being made fun of. The only question is now is how long before he raps about SBC and does something back to him in a video. I bet he spent the whole ride back to his hotel screaming at his bodyguards for letting it happen in the first place, furiously plotting his revenge and wishing he could still reach for a "happy pill." I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes, LOL.

1969 days ago
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