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Cracks Up,

Eminem Walks Out

6/1/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was shades of Shaq last night at the MTV Movie Awards, when Sacha Baron Cohen gave Eminem a taste of "Bruno." The question -- was Eminem genuinely pissed or was it choreographed like a Britney concert?

Check out the vid -- then vote.


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Okay, so this is what I heard.
Dan Levy (Eugine Levy's son, and MTV Canada host)
sent out a twitter message at 11pm that said, "Just to update, the Eminem thing was real. He has now left. You'd think he'd have a sense of humour. Oh well"
Perez Hilton and Ryan Seacrest have both speculated that Sasha planned the thing with MTV, but not with Eminem.
Apparently Em and his crew never came back after they left... wonder if this is going to start a feud. :S

1948 days ago


His "fall" was staged, but I think Eminem's reaction was real. That guy doesn't have enough of a sense of humor to be able to make fun of himself like that.

1948 days ago


Oh yeah, and p.s. at least it was a cleanly bleached bum!
:) Funny stunt... a little over the top, but that's what Sasha is known for!

1948 days ago


Please. Anyone over the age of 30 remembers when Howard Stern and his Fartman character tried this stunt. MTV must be pretty desperate to pull that one out of their stunt closet in an attempt for ratings. Not to sound old and prudish, I just think it was stupid.

1948 days ago


"Perez Hilton and Ryan Seacrest have both speculated that Sasha planned the thing with MTV, but not with Eminem. "

OF COURSE Cohen had to plan it with MTV, how would he have been able to secretly install a fly-by-wire system??

The issue is that Eminem didn't move or push Cohen away until after they got into just the right position, you can even see the bodyguards laughing and "comically" holding their noses.

This was Eminem playing up his reputation but still going along with a gag, he practically stuck his head right where it needed to be for cryin' out loud. I can't believe anyone who watches this could think it was genuine.

1948 days ago


How very Howard Stern of him!

1948 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Triumph and now this guy--MnM is gonna think everyone is tryin' to poop on him. But it was a nasty stunt. Betcha next time he gets an aisle seat.

1948 days ago


I was sent this link by a friend, and although think TMZ is a low rag, I absolutely have to comment on this one. I watched the MTV Movie Awards in it's entirety for the first time in my life. I never watch the channel and think the downward spiral it has taken over the years into reality hell is pretty obvious by this point. With all that being said, here is my 2 cents......

I do like Eminem, I think he is one of the more gifted lyricists of our modern time. Yes he is a bully and has a habit of picking on the "smaller" guys. However, and anyone can correct me if I am wrong, he has never physically attacked any of the people he has bashed in his songs. For anyone to say he deserved having ass and balls shoved in his face for words really has a skewed way of looking at things. That is like saying if I call you a B*tch then you have the right to bloody my nose or break my legs. As someone posted in a comment before my own, what SBC did was a form of sexual abuse. If that had been a female celeb he had done that to, everyone would be singing a different tune today. Imagine him landing into the lap of Angelina Jolie with balls in her face? And I keep hearing people say, well he takes himself too seriously. What does that mean? If you aren't interested in getting someone's stinking dirty ass and balls in your face, then you take yourself too seriously?? How many of you would find it funny to have this done to you? I, personally, would have flipped out myself and I have a pretty good sense of humor.

Besides that I never found SBC to be funny whatsoever. I find his brand of comedy just completely "un-funny" for lack of a more educated term. I never jumped on the Borat or Ali G bandwagon or any of his other completely ridiculous characters. The whole skit was just really crass.

1948 days ago

Max is a HOTTIE!!!    

real or not... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha

who's the bad ass now? hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaahahaha

1948 days ago


E! Online (a REAL entertainment news site) is reporting that Eminem KNEW that Baron Cohen was going to fall into his lap... he just didn't know Sasha would be bareassed.... so his reaction was real, and that explains the good shots MTV had... Eminem didn't straight up leave, he went to his trailer and like a TRUE gangster, his people talked to MTV and Baron Cohen's people and they worked it all out... gangsta gangsta

1948 days ago


Fake or not it was tasteless and classless. I think it's real because I can't see Em doing something that would make him look disrespected or embarrassed.

1948 days ago


What was funny about it? Even if it was staged by both parties -

1948 days ago


some people need to get lives and stop being soo judgemental. Anyhow, I think that Sasha guy is disgusting for doing that, that seems to cross the line if you ask me but he seems to not care crossing the line in his movies. I think anyone would be mad if someone did that and even though I'm not Eminems biggest fan, I would have done the same thing by walking out. I dont think it was fake because I just dont think he would do something like that and it looked real unless hes a really good actor. Anyways who cares.

1948 days ago


This was so fake, why would Zack Effron win anything?

1948 days ago

Here 4 Beer    

MTV should have had Kim Kardashian's ass coming down on Eminem's face instead of Borat......It would have made for better tv. LOL

1948 days ago
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