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Jon & Kate Plus Different States

6/2/2009 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While America's favorite reverse mullet wearing mother of eight Kate Gosselin ferried around Bald Head Island, North Carolina with her brood ...


... her estranged husband Jon rode around on an ATV at their Pennsylvania home on Monday.

Jon and Kate are separated ... by over 500 miles.


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Pennsylvania observer    

Everything with this creepy woman is a photo opp. She dresses in Payless heels and a tank top to go to a party supply store, and she makes the kids wear identical (freebie) clothing all the time -- even the two who are nearly nine. I feel sorry for these kids. This woman runs around to churches begging for "love offerings" from working-class people barely getting by, while she flits off to expensive vacations and gets free boob jobs and tummy tucks. Enough already. She is a classless leech on society who is living off her kids and ruining their childhoods so she can get Botox, free vacations and a McMansion . TLC must be deluded if they think anyone is going to watch this show during a recession.

1914 days ago


Ugh...there are Kate's gargantuan thighs again. Who could possibly blame Jon for cheating, if he did? Sleeping with Kate would be like having sex with a sack of potatoes. And aside from simply being unattractive, there is absolutely nothing interesting about her to make up for it. Jon should really take advantage of these "hard times" and get the heck out of there.

1914 days ago


If Jon wants out soooo bad then ok leave and get a job and then try supporting your family the right way. Are you kidding me they are tooo deep now. Hes disgusting to me look at the way he shows himself on that couch so whiney and crying that everyone is in his business OK then stop it, and move on if you dont like it. I LOVE this show and until now hes made it so sad to watch. I think Kate has tried really hard to make things better for her family yes she might be bitchy but geeeez who isnt at times.

1914 days ago


honestly a lot of married couples go through this... it just so happens that they are in the spot light with a ton of kids lol. they need to take a break from each other for a little while, also from the spotlight and then take a mini vacation for just the 2 of them. and they should only do like a check in show once a year to see how the kids are doing, kwim?

1914 days ago


School?? Its SUMMER there is no school! Duh.

1914 days ago


Kate's a bitch with an exhaustible appetite for control and money. She doesn't give a damn about her husband, her kids, or what you think of her. She only cares about having lots of money and being able to manipulate the people around her.

The real victims: Her poor kids.

1914 days ago

Elyssa Yankelov    

Why aren't the kids wearing life jackets? Someone's not doing a very good job parenting!

1914 days ago

not stupid    

why does she always have her hands on her face or in her hair?

1914 days ago


I'm had enough of this kum belching gutter sl#t.

1914 days ago

calling it like i see it    

Seriously, all the name calling etc. She found a way to make a living for her family. It has blown out of properation because Jon now decides it's too much for him. Put your big boy pants on finish what you started. These children are not working. They are being filmed playing and just being children. Her stupid brother and hag of a sister in law were paid for their cbs performance and only wanting their fifteen minutes of fame. Leave them alone, let them work this out. It was a good decision in the begining and has only recently blown up in their face due to Jon's questionable behavior. I don't think I could be married to a man that weak!!

1914 days ago


It's no accident that he's weak. That's just the way Kate likes them. It's just the way she needs real man is going to allow Kate to tell them how to sit, how to stand, how to wipe their behinds. A real man would knock her into next week. I'm sick of seeing this hag on the TV and the real victims here are her children, whom she obviously cares nothing about. I really, really hope the State of Pennsylvania decides to prosecute her.

1914 days ago

Psyclon Nyne    

Where's that tranny Clown Car? Kh8 is a "saint" next to her.


1914 days ago


Hey #30 -Duh, PA kids are still in school untill the 1st week in June.

1914 days ago


jon is lazy and stupid and without kate being controlling, they wouldve lost their kids by now.
leave them alone.
Posted at 10:16AM on Jun 2nd 2009 by candiceeden
how can one say outright that he's lazy & you live with them? do you know them personally? this is so judgemental!!! but one thing i totally agree is LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

1914 days ago


Is anyone making sure that these kids are getting any of this money that the Gosselins seem to be spending so freely? They need a financial guardian just to make sure their parents don't blow it all on themselves!

1914 days ago
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